10 Most Popular Fat Black Characters in Cartoon


Fat Black Characters
Fat black characters

10 Most Popular Fat Black Characters in Cartoon

The variety of fat black characters designs found in cartoons is one of its greatest features. There are cartoon characters with different physique shapes, as well as different racial and cultural backgrounds. The two main traits of cartoon characters that we will discuss in this essay are obesity and African-American ethnicity. These are the top ten overweight black cartoon characters in popularity.

10 Most Popular Fat Black Characters in Cartoon

1) Fat Albert Robertson

Fat Albert
Fat Albert 

The popular Fat Black characters Albert from the 1972 animated series The Adventure of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids will kick off this list.

He is a compassionate, intelligent, and fat black man who serves as the Junkyard Gang’s voice of reason—just as his name very obviously indicates.

In addition, he leads the Junkyard Band and plays bagpipes and accordion. Even while Fat Albert has always been well-liked, in the years that have passed, it has emerged as a fan favorite.

He’s one of the most well-liked obese black cartoon characters, so we had to add him.

2) Jerome McElroy / Chef

Jerome McElroy
Jerome McElroy
  • Series/Movie: South Park

Jerome McElroy is very popular fat black characters, well-known as Chef from South Park, is up next. He is an obese African-American guy who works as a cook at the cafeteria at South Park Elementary School.

The lads in the school like Chef, and they seek him out for guidance and other things. He sings improper songs to the lads, which is a terrible habit of his.

In addition, Chef has a history of causing a lot of controversy. He has been known to kill people, get out of jail, and even approach young children after brainwashing them with Super Adventure Club propaganda.

3) Cleveland Brown

Cleveland brown
Cleveland Brown

In Family Guy, Cleveland Brown made his debut in a supporting role. The Cleveland Show, his spin-off series, debuted in 2008.

Cleveland lives next door to the Gryphons in Quahog and runs a deli. Cleveland Brown Jr. is the son he had with his first wife, Loretta Brown.

Cleveland is separated from Loretta when she cheats on him, and he marries Donna Tubbs, bringing Roberta and Rallo into the family. He moves to a new neighborhood with his new family in The Cleveland Show.

4) Charlette Proud / Suga Mama

Charlette Proud
Charlette Proud

Charlette Proud, often known as Suga Mama, is a popular chubby black cartoon character from the Proud Family, ranking fourth in popularity. The titular family’s matriarch is outspoken and humorous at the same time.

Suga Mama never fails to make us laugh, whether it’s by always making snarky jokes for her son Oscar or acting like a classy grandmother to her granddaughter Penny. Suga Mama has had a colorful career that includes working as a mechanic and a professional wrestler.

5) Uncle Ruckus is a famous fat black character

Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus

Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks is another popular big black cartoon character who is disliked and deplorable. Despite his ancestry, this fat black man with a single large glass eye vehemently despises all African Americans.

His transgressions include advocating for a society that is exclusively white and endorsing slavery. Uncle Ruckus’s moniker is aptly fitting given his misdemeanors since he too causes trouble for society.

6) Dr. Julius Michael Hibbert

Dr. Julius Michael Hibbert
Dr. Julius Hibbert

The most endearing personalities frequently turn out to be the most well-liked ones. One excellent illustration of such is Dr. Julius Hibbert.

This well-known physician from Springfield constantly finds something to chuckle about, even in very inappropriate circumstances like breaking bad news to his patients.

He charges a lot for his services since he’s the greatest doctor in the city and he doesn’t feel bad about it. However, he also gives his patients the greatest treatment possible and is exceedingly friendly. One thing that sticks out about Dr. Hibbert is his big, happy laugh.

7) Mama Odie

Mama Odie
mama odie

This list of the most well-liked obese black cartoon characters would be incomplete without Mama Odie, the incredible and beloved figure.

She is witty, astute, and fierce. In the Disney film The Princess and the Frog, Mama Odie is a voodoo priestess who resides in Louisiana’s marshes.

Mama Odie is 197 years old, blind, and has little trouble employing her magical abilities. She’s got natural magic and voodoo skills, but she can also talk to animals. Her greatest asset, though, is the all-knowing insight with which she counsels Naveen and Tiana.

8) Cobra Bubbles

Cobra Bubbles
cobra bubbles

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch will always rank among its most charming productions. The film, which debuted in 2002, was a welcome change of pace from all of Disney’s princess films.

One of the most well-known obese black cartoon characters is Cobra Bubbles, who is part of the amazing Lilo & Stitch group.

Before leaving the force and entering the field of social work, Cobra Bubbles was a CIA operative. Despite his harsh exterior and grumpiness, his true motivation was to do what was right for Lilo. Though he’s not morbidly obese like the other characters on this list, Cobra Bubbles is a very large man.

9) Cleveland Brown Jr.

Cleveland Brown Jr.
cleveland brown jr

Cleveland Brown Jr., sometimes known as Cleveland Junior, is the son of Cleveland and Loretta Brown. He and his family may be seen on Family Guy as well as its spin-off series The Cleveland Show.

Cleveland Jr. was a nice-natured but rather sluggish preteen child in the original series. And he was quite little.

His whole demeanor and look altered on The Cleveland Show. He developed from a little child into an overweight adolescent with a deep voice. He also developed a coarser, louder personality.

10) Wade


Not to mention, Wade from Kim Possible is among the most well-known obese Black cartoon characters. Having completed both high school and college at the young age of ten, he is very brilliant. Ron and Kim are close friends of Wade’s.

He is the creator of the Kimmunicator, Kim’s go-to support device. Wade gives technological assistance to the spy and her sidekick, even though he never leaves the house and participates actively in conflicts.

This brings an end to our ranking of the top ten obese Black cartoon characters. After you’re done admiring these obese African-American characters, check out Otakus’ Notes for more amusing material. I hope you enjoy this article 10 Most Popular Fat Black Characters in Cartoon.

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