14+ Best Kingdom Building Manga/Manhwa Where The MC Builds A Kingdom


Kingdom Building Manga/Manhwa
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14+ Best Kingdom Building Manga/Manhwa Where The MC Builds A Kingdom

For those who are not actual weebs and are unaware of what Manhwa and Manhua are, let me begin by defining them. In essence, manhwa is a manga that is created, produced, and published in Korea. And some Manhwa even have their anime, did you know that? Take the Tower of God, for example!

One of the finest manhwa available is the Tower of God! Man, it would be so cool if Solo Levelling got its anime! In any case, Manhua is the same. Although they are manga, manhua were created or written by Chinese authors. Quick question. Isn’t it wonderful when an OP MC creates his kingdom?

Awaited! Tell me you don’t, please. My partner! I promise you that if you don’t, you are missing out on a lot in life. Let’s get started with today’s topic, which is the Top 15 Best Kingdom Building Manga/Manhua Where MC Builds a Kingdom. I got a little carried away, lol.

15. Kingdom Building Manga Bug Player

Imagine yourself for a second, you are teleported into your favorite game and the greatest thing is, you know all the hacks and flaws that can help you move through the world 100x faster. That would be ideal!

The plot of Bug Player is centered around our MC, Taepung Shin. Taepung Shin was an average person like usual until one day he found himself in Paradiso, his favorite video game.

He took on the persona of Jared, one of the game’s least consequential characters. However! We’re talking about our MC’s favorite game here. He is quite knowledgeable about the game, particularly BUGS. We’re all probably aware of how OP bugs may appear in games!

14. Seoul Station’s Necromancer

A typical adolescent named Kang Woojin was unexplainably transported into another universe one day. The name of this new world was Alphen. He must now avoid any risk to survive on this planet at all costs.

Why? If he doesn’t, he’ll just end up dead like a fly. Don’t worry, though; he quickly discovers his true strength and that he is eternal. Indeed! He attained immortality. He finally establishes his empire on that planet as a result.

However, just when he felt that everything in his life had finally improved, he was returned to Earth and left powerless. Worse, he is being pursued by some of his opponents. It is now Kang Woojin’s turn to figure out how to survive on Earth.

13. Doomed To Be A King

Who doesn’t enjoy going back in time? Time travel is simply so awesome, you know! I don’t think you are a genuine weeb if you don’t love to travel back in time!

The plot of Doomed To Be A King centers on our time-traveling main character. You are aware that the main characters are often expected to be courageous and strong? To be honest, this manhwa’s MC lacked bravery and was weak.

He decides to ascend a whole mountain one day. You may argue it’s risky, but believe me when I say that the MC’s mountain climbing genuinely transformed his life! Now that he was at the top, he named himself.

“King Of The Mountain,” and he gradually began to establish his realm. His kingdom began to grow in population as time went on, and before long it was among the greatest and most developed nations in our MC’s globe.

12. Trash Of The Count’s Family

The main character in Trash Of The Count’s Family is Kim Rok Soo, our MC. He is reading a book called “The Birth of a Hero” when all of a sudden he finds himself within the book.

He ought to be born a hero because the book he was reading was about a hero’s birth! Correct? Alright, no. Cale, the character in question, was one of the WORST characters in the book from birth.

But this planet isn’t like other worlds; Rok Soo will have to battle creatures here, and magic will undoubtedly be needed. Choi Chan, a different person who was taken into this world, beat up this Cale persona right before Rok Soo was brought into this one.

11. Dawn Empire

If one day you wake up and discover in your room a mysterious gateway that allows you to go to another universe, what would you do? Something like our MC, perhaps.

Dawn Empire tells the tale of Jiang Cheng, our main character, a university student who was struggling to make ends meet and support his family. Jiang discovers a doorway of sorts in his room one day.

He steps inside and is transported to another realm. Jiang Cheng had an idea: what if he used his contemporary knowledge to make money in this new world so that he could support his family back home?

10. Max Level Hero Has Returned

This one has to be on the list, of course! The main character in Max Level Hero Has Returned is our MC, Davey. The prince of some sort of country, Davey, is said to be quite feeble. As a result, everyone disregards his nation and believes it to be an impediment.

Our MC, Davey, unexpectedly enters a coma one day. His spirit journeyed to a location that resembled an ancient temple while he was in a coma. This temple is anything but ordinary; in fact, it was once the training ground for the souls of real heroes.

Indeed! those heroes who defend the planet against malevolent creatures. Davey began his training there and stayed for the next millennium. He soon emerged from his profound coma. He is incredibly strong this time and intends to reconstruct his dominion.

Why? To exact revenge on those who disparaged the value of his realm!

9. Duke Pendragon

The manhwa’s MC is Raven Varte. To put it mildly, Raven Varte wasn’t leading a happy existence. He was first assigned to the Demon Corps as a scout after being wrongly suspected of engaging in some sort of insurrection. Unfortunately for him, some rumors say just a year or so survive for everyone in the demon corps.

However, Raven Varte managed to endure there for ten years, not just one or two. That is absurd! After that, he joined the Pendragon Household as a guard. Just when he believed that things might get better, they became worse.

8. Reborn As An Emperor

Betrayal is awful, isn’t it? It’s horrible to be deceived by someone you know, but what if it was your very own partner? That would be awful!

Zhao Dongting, our MC, passed away suddenly and tragically. One day, he was unexpectedly betrayed by none other than his sweetheart. Yes, he was deceived by his sweetheart. He felt simultaneously sad and saddened.

Zhao Dongting sought to grow strong enough so that no one else could betray him when he reincarnated into a different realm. Choosing to establish his realm, he quickly rose to the position of Supreme Emperor.

7. Record of the Mightiest Lord

The mastermind behind this work of art is named Richard!

Richard possesses an extremely strong and bizarre talent that enables his spirit to inhabit several bodies. He lives in a kingdom that is always under siege from goblins and other creatures, putting it in grave peril.

With the use of his abilities and current information, our MC makes contact with the Dwarves. He requests minerals and other items from the Dwarves so that he can fortify the realm. We are all aware of the excellent workmanship possessed by Dwarves. After that, Richard sets out on a mission to become one of the BEST LORDS alive!

6. Hail The King

The plot of Hail The King is quite captivating! The narrative of our MC, Sun Fie, is continued in this manhwa. Sun Fie was an ordinary adolescent who was inexplicably transported to another planet one day. Then, in a little, growing nation, he rose to the position of king.

After that, Sun Fie was dubbed Alexander, and he began to reconstruct the kingdom with his contemporary knowledge!

5. Release The Witch

I would want to know what you think about witches. Most people would probably claim that they are malevolent entities who just care about destruction and power. I suppose both, in my opinion. They have the potential to wreak massive damage as well as occasional usefulness.

Let Go The Witch tells the tale of Cheng Ya, our main character, who is taken to another world where he is treated like a prince in his realm rather than as an ordinary person or a farmer. He was known as Roland.

Witches are also considered bad creatures in this country who only seek devastation and are of no service. However! That was not our MC’s perspective on the witches. You see, there is magic in this planet that our MC was transferred to.

It also makes it logical that witches are exceptionally skilled in magic. He then decided to employ the witches’ assistance to advance and fortify his realm, drawing on his wisdom from a past life.

4. The Greatest Estate Builder

This one is amazing, I assure you! The narrative of our MC, Kim Suho, is followed in The Greatest Estate Builder. One day, Suho unexpectedly finds himself in another universe where he was born into the Frontera family and was a nobleman. Specifically, he was continuing with the name Baron Lloyed Frontera.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find noble names to be a little strange at times. In any case, don’t you believe our MC is fortunate? I mean! He came from a wealthy, aristocratic family from birth, isn’t that right?

Alright! Lloyd Frontera is an excessive drinker and debtor—and by excess, I mean A LOT! Although he does own an estate, it isn’t exactly doing well. To put it plainly, his estate was a time and labor wasteland.

With Lloyd’s body now in his possession, our MC is forced to utilize his engineering prowess to establish his kingdom to preserve his new family. And speaking of good fortune, our MC is not traveling alone. He received his companions, a hamster, and a warrior!

This hamster is enormous—he’s not your typical one!

3. It Starts With A Mountain

If you are playing your favorite game as normal and all of a sudden you pass out and end yourself in the game, what would you do? I would go crazy!

The plot of It Begins With A Mountain centers around 18-year-old Cheng Li Dae, who is engrossed in a game called Hearts Of The Mountain Bandit. He somehow passes out while playing the game and wakes up in a strange location.

He abruptly finds himself within the game he was playing only seconds before for any reason. Even though he was the head of a sort of bandit gang, the majority of his followers decided to go as they believed Cheng Li was too young to be in charge.

Cheng Li began pleading with the two surviving members to stay as they were ready to go. They stayed as they were left with no other option. Cheng Li grew more powerful over time and even began to establish his own country!

2. Return of The Mount Hua Sect is the second Kingdom Building Manga

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect tells the tale of our MC, a member of one of the world’s biggest sects, Mount Hua. One of the best swordsmen in the world, our MC was named Chun Myung.

In addition, Chun Myung adopted the alias Plum Blossom Sword Master, inspiring dread in the hearts of other sects until his life abruptly altered when he succumbed to an intruder and fell asleep. One hundred years later, he awakens to discover that he is living in another person’s body—that of the Beggars Union Sect, to be exact.

With haste, Chun Myung approaches another beggar and inquires about the Mount Hua Sect. The second panhandler claimed to have never heard of this sect. The beggar is informed by Chun Myung that his group is regarded as one of the greatest.

Sadly, Chun Myung was informed by the beggar that this sect was nonexistent and not even among the most prominent sects. Now, our MC is setting out to bring the Mount Hua Sect back to life to earn back his moniker, Plum Blossom Sword Master.

1. Dungeon Reset is My No. 1 Kingdom Building Manga

The main character of this manhwa is Jeong Dawoon, a regular adolescent who one day finds himself in another universe. To live, our MC must battle the deadly monsters that lurk in the dungeons of this planet. A rabbit greeted him upon his arrival in this realm and gave him an explanation of all the regulations. Oh! I nearly forgot to say, that this so-called bunny is not fluffy at all. And not the adorable bunny that we all desired to own.

Given his lack of experience and extreme weakness, Jeong Dawoon had an idea! Instead, why not just form a powerful team with them? Yes, he did, but in the end, he was abandoned to perish.

A fault in the system just as he was about to die gave him incredible strength and abilities. He grew so powerful that he decided to establish his kingdom—inside the prison, not on the outside!

Conclusion about Kingdom Building Manga

I understand that some of you are agitated and wondering, “Is this guy trying to say that this manhwa is better than the other?” You are incorrect if that is what you are stating! Every manhwa/manhua on this list is great in its own right!

I hope you have a fantastic day! 😀

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