15 Most Popular Plus Size Anime Characters (Male & Female)

For you present 15 Most Popular Plus Size Anime Characters (Male & Female) At its foundation, anime is diverse. The target audience, genre, character design, and music all exhibit extreme variation. The list is endless. Although we joke about all Isekai protagonists looking like the carbon clone of Kirito, we have to give credit where credit’s due. Anime character designs are consistently among the greatest in the world and very creative.

15 Most Popular Plus Size Anime Characters (Male & Female)
15 Most Popular Plus Size Anime Characters (Male & Female)

We may even state that anime occasionally acts as an excellent example of representation because various anime contain characters with diverse attributes and archetypes.

Naturally, anime is also prone to unjust beauty standards. But there are those characters that defy convention amidst all the small-waisted, exquisitely sculpted bodies. Let’s discover which of the Top 15 Plus Size Anime Characters we can’t stop loving.

15 Most Popular Plus Size Anime Characters (Male & Female)

15. Rumi Hikada from Perfect Blue

In all honesty, Rumi is more notorious than famous (warning of spoilers). In Satoshi Kon’s psychological thriller anime film Perfect Blue, she is first shown as Mima’s manager and friend, but it quickly becomes clear that she is much more than that.

Because of a type of personality disorder, the key story twist reveals that Rumi was actually the one hiding behind the bogus Mima persona the entire time. She is the story’s primary adversary as a result.

Rumi is frequently spotted wearing a blouse and jeans and is pretty plump. In her Mima persona, she dresses in crimson and accessorizes her hair in red to mimic Mima’s idolized appearance.

14. Arita Haruyuki from Accel World

The primary character of the science fiction action series Accel World is Arita Harayuki. Because of the way he looked and how much weight he carried, he was ridiculed all his childhood and turned to video games for comfort.

It seems sense that he struggles with self-esteem, but once he becomes a Bust Linker, things start to change. The two became fairly close because it was Kuryokihime who gave him the Brain Burst software.

Arita is plump and short. He frequently appears in his uniform. The narrative notes that he was thinner before his parents’ divorce, and that’s when his weight began to rise. In Brain Burst, he has a silver metallic avatar.

13. Tetsudō “Poppo” Hisakawa from Anohana

Tetsudo is Super Peace Busters’ sunlight and a genuinely kind guy. Tetsudo Hirakawa, also known as Poppo in the anime, is a buddy of the main cast in Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. When Jinta tells him he can see Menma, he is the first to believe him, becoming giddy with anticipation.

Tetsudo is rather tall and muscular in nature. His happy-go-lucky demeanor is reflected in his frequent pairing of T-shirts with flowery Hawaiian designs.

12. Yoshinobu Kubota from Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

One of the characters in the comedic anime Haven’t You Heard? is Yoshinobu Kubota. Sakamoto is my name. Sakamoto saw him being tormented at the time. In typical Sakamoto fashion, he secured a job at McDonald’s alongside him in order to assist him in making money rather than provide direct assistance.

Fortunately, he was able to gain confidence as a result of this and confront his attackers. Later on, he makes friends with Sakamoto.

Due in part to his heavier size and shorter stature, Kubota was frequently the target of bullying. Naturally, he was considerably happier once he was able to regain his confidence.

11. Bertha from Darker Than Black

Despite having little on-screen time in the series, she had a significant influence. In the science fiction Bones’ original Darker Than Black, Bertha is one of the contractors. She is a Russian intelligence agent who traveled to Japan alongside Itzhak to spy on the Black Reaper. While the two abducted Yin, Hei murdered her.

Because of her remarkable beauty, Bertha is one of the Contractors that is difficult to forget. She wears a lot of makeup, has purple hair, and is plump—all likely effects of her former career as a singer.

10. Yukino Itou from Real Drive

Yukino Itou, a supporting character in the anime series RD Sennou Chousashitsu, also known as Real Drive, is close friends with Aoi Minamo and Sayma Mikomoto. There’s not much separating the three of them. As they spend time together and discover new places, they don’t give a damn about how they appear.

Yukino has black hair that she usually wears in a ponytail and is plump. She is a modest yet lovely character.

9. Chōji Akimichi from Naruto

In the Naruto series, Choji Akimichi is a well-known character who is a member of Team Asuma with Ino and Shikamaru. Because of his voracious desire, he is easily convinced to do anything in exchange for food.

Of course, he gets along well with both of his comrades, but he has a unique bond with Shikamaru that makes him willing to risk anything for him.

He belongs to the Akimichi clan, which uses body weight to turn into chakra, hence he is really large and fat. Even though he is quite muscular, he is kind and gentle, yet a little sensitive to being called “fat.”

8. Nikuko from Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

Nikuko takes down everyone who equates a big physique with a sloth on her own. Please tell me, one of the characters in the comic slice-of-life! One of Galko-chan’s classmates is Nikuko.

She goes as Sonic Meat, and she’s a really athletic female with quick reflexes. When they witness her in action, everyone who dared to underestimate her is left stunned.

Nikuko wears glasses and has greenish-black hair that she usually wears in two ponytails. She is among the most adorable plump anime girls.

7. Fat Gum from My Hero Academia

The name is rather descriptive. One of the professional heroes in the Shounen action anime My Hero Academia is Taishiro Toyomitsu, also known by his hero moniker, Fat Gum. In order to assist and demonstrate his abilities as a professional, Shie Hassaikai enlisted Tamaki and Kirishima during the Endeavor Agency storyline.

There is just one way to characterize their group dynamic: chaotic good. His ability to absorb fat deceives people and apprehend crooks.

He has an orange hood with a zipper that covers his entire head when he transforms into a hero. Though impetuous at times, he is energetic and driven.

6. Muta from The Cat Returns

No, including a cat among all the humans is not cheating. Renaldo Moon, better known as Muta, is a charming yet grouchy supporting character in the Ghibli film The Cat Returns.

He appears in The Whisper of the Heart, just like Baron Humbert. Toto frequently targets him for criticism because of his voracious appetite, to which he responds with a witty retort.

Large and white, Muta has a brown patch on one ear. He is one of Baron’s friends, and despite his initial sarcasm toward Haru, he eventually becomes friendlier with her.

5. Charmy Pappitson from Black Clover

Next up is a character that might spark some discussion because of how much her weight changes during the series. In the fantasy action-adventure anime Black Clover, Charmy Pappiston is a member of the Black Bull group. She is without a doubt the most adorable in the series and is a human-dwarf mix. She eats a lot and frequently puts food first before anything else.

Charmy has the ability to control her body’s appearance thanks to her culinary magic. She generally has plump cheeks and is a little, petite girl, but when she eats more food (or mana), she gets considerably larger.

4. Risley Law from Fairy Tale

We shall always adhere to the saying, “Don’t look down on the chubby!” In the Shounen fantasy anime series Fairy Tail, Risley Law is one of the wizards of the Mermaid Heel Guild. She exudes motherly qualities and is resolute and composed.

Most of the time, Risley is a plump and tanned woman, but she has the ability to change how she looks with her power, Gravity Change. Her Grand Gamers Arc debut was in it. Despite losing to the Fairy Tail, she demonstrated her bravery and ability, proving she is more than just a pretty face.

3. Dadan from One Piece

Oda can certainly connect to the question “Where’s the fun in drawing conventional character designs?” rather well. There are many characters in One Piece who meet the requirements for this list, but Curly Dadan deserves special attention.

She is a criminal, but she is also Garp’s buddy and Sabo, Ace, and Luffy’s foster mother. Yes, her parents were probably strict. Ultimately, as a bandit, she had no idea what the hell she was doing. But she reared the boys with love and support when required.

Dadan is a middle-aged woman who is fairly large and tall. In the episodes, she is frequently spotted smoking a cigarette. Her signature outfit consists of high-heeled boots and green checkered slacks.

2. Howl’s Moving Castle’s Witch of the Waste

Howl’s Moving Castle, a Ghibli film, once had Witch of the Waste as its secondary adversary. Howl even dated her when she first showed up as a highly attractive, gifted witch, but he broke up with her after learning that she had tricked him by hiding her true age and hideous nature using magic. She became envious and cursed Sophie as a result.

Madam Sullivan returns to her true age and looks after using up all of her magic abilities. After that, she sheds her evilness, which was originally brought on by the falling star she grabbed, and turns into something of a heroine.

1. Itaru Hashida (Daru) from Steins;Gate

Finally, we have our exceptionally gifted hacker and computer whiz. Daru, also known as Itaru Hashida, is a member of the primary cast of Steins; Gate and a close friend of Okabe. He is member 003 of the Future Gadget Lab. He was the one who broke into SERN to get control over their circumstances and played a major role in the creation of the PhoneWave (name subject to change).

When necessary, Daru is one of the ones who can bring Okabe back to earth. He is simultaneously sardonic and kind. Quite possibly one of the greatest chubby anime characters ever made.

We have now reached the conclusion of our list. I hope you now have a greater appreciation for this underrepresented minority. I hope you like the 15 Most Popular Plus Size Anime Characters (Male & Female) Follow Us

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