19+ Manga Like Lookism (RANKED)


19+ Manga Like Lookism (RANKED)

19+ Manga Like Lookism (RANKED)

I realize this may sound absurd, but what if you wake up one day and your appearance is tall, adorable, and attractive Manga Like Lookism? It seems like you wish for something similar to happen to you! You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a narrative in which the main character has a whole transformation in looks!

The Lookism MC experienced the same situation. One day, he awoke to an entirely different person. Our main character, Daniel, was ugly before he woke up and assumed a new persona. How will his life at school change now that he’s not the same Daniel? Get inquisitive and read Lookism! However, if you’ve already read this Manga Like Lookism, we suggest some more books that are comparable!

20. Pounding Manga Like Lookism

These days, bullying is a very regular occurrence. Everybody should pick up some skills so they can defend themselves against bullies. What’s the point of being afraid? Show these folks that you are capable of taking them out. Naturally, I’m not advocating for violence—just self-defense!

The narrative of Pounding is about a child who was bullied all the time. He decided to give up because he was so sick of living. A stranger intervened to save him when he attempted suicide. The problem is, the newcomer turned into his deadliest adversary. The psychological effects of bullying are severe. We support anyone going through a similar circumstance. These manhwa are actually with you as well!

Bullying and the alluring idea surrounding it are similar. Thus, you would probably enjoy reading this one as well if you enjoyed reading Lookism!

19. Longtime Lovers

Everybody had their first love. While some of us are unlucky, others are fortunate enough to have a lasting relationship with them. Now dab at your tears with this tissue. This is life, therefore it’s alright. It just goes on. Not everybody will experience their first love. Well, enough about the sentimentality of this.

In this Manga Like Lookism List, the MC encountered the same circumstance. The protagonist of the tale is a girl who isn’t sure if she should stay in a relationship with her long-term partner.

Although lookism lacks romance, the dramatic idea is reminiscent of long-term love. This manhwa’s title sounds great, don’t you think? Please share your desire for a lifelong partner in the comments section below!

18. Facelift Game 

The world undoubtedly enjoys treating individuals unfairly based on certain criteria. It might be anything—your skin tone, height, or color. These folks are undoubtedly idle!

We now have a game called Facelift. This manhwa’s narrative centers on our MC, who faces discrimination from all sides. Because she always has such a bland appearance, she is teased. She comes upon an app that precisely replicates the face she modifies within it due to certain situations. It appears to be well suited for that purpose. Like, I don’t want technology! I would much prefer to adjust the loose screws in other people’s minds and live with my features!

If the app were a real thing, what would you change? To be quite honest, the app has a negative aspect. Our MC must perform several difficult activities if she wants to keep her appearance. You ought to read this tale if it piqued your interest!

Bullying as a concept and this manhwa’s psychological anguish is comparable to lookism. It’s disturbing how the app alters our MC’s face when she can’t do her mission.

17. For the Sake of Sita

What might a medical student do for Sita’s sake? He could, of course, go all in and settle down with a Nepali goddess. You did hear correctly! See what the tale has in store for us!

You can anticipate the same level of historical detail and dramatic flair from this Manga Like Lookism. The protagonist of this manhwa is the Nepali deity Sita. A medical student becomes enamored with this goddess and desires to battle for her at any cost. Does that not sound lovely? This manhwa’s story, in my opinion, is morally upright. It blends elements of the past with the present. I do not doubt that you will enjoy it!

16. Miunohri to Swan

Imagine if your granddad had the power to alter your appearance! OOF! I’ll tell you what I’m trying to express. I always adore powerful grandpas (in a non-sussy baka sense).

The main character of Miunohori to Swan is a girl who is often branded overweight and unattractive by everyone around her. She is forced to perform all the work by her friends or classmates. Not even her own family refers to her as the ugly duckling. Her life is therefore chaotic.

She makes the unusual decision to end her life one day. But her grandfather has her back. After saving her, he transforms her into a true beauty. That’s how her entire life completely changed! Isn’t that a highly captivating statement? You should read this manhwa if you’re interested in learning more about “the change” in her life.

The main character in this manhwa has similar character growth to that of the MC in Lookism, but he or she emerges triumphant. Thus, Lookism and Miunohri to Swan share certain parallels.

15. My Life As A Loser

Isn’t the title depressing? The narrative centers on our MC, who endured great hardship in high school as a result of bullying. He was not interested in ending his own life, though. Rather, he chose to switch places with him. He was successful in assuming his bully’s physical form. That’s how the roles were reversed. When someone bothers you a lot in high school and goes on to succeed in life while pretending as if nothing occurred, you know it’s sad. That’s what happened to our MC.

Adapting to his bully’s popular lifestyle is a lot like the MC in Lookism, who awoke to a whole new body!

14. Face Genius

In Face Genius, our MC is hit by lightning while participating in a game. That’s how he ends up being his favorite wealthy game character. Isn’t that what seems perfect? That works for me, anyhow! Imagine yourself as the wealthy and attractive gaming character you love! What will our MC do now that he’s in a whole other world? Go read Face Genius to find out!

Our MC is about to embark on a brand-new existence as a completely different person, and that’s the idea behind Lookism.

13. UnOrdinary 

The protagonist of UnOrdinary is a basic high school student who receives little attention. The folks at the top of the social scale run the school. But our MC has a shocking history that might ruin the social standing of the entire school! This essentially indicates that John (MC) has the power to decide the future of this school. How will he apply this ability? Similar to Lookism, our MC was a “nobody” until he was given authority.

12. The Queen

The focus of The Queen is Stew Shin, the lone victim of bullying among the students. Even girls have teased him. This person rises to the top and gets stronger than ever as the narrative goes on! Stew Shin returns with a bang, much like Park Hyung Shik from Lookism! Let’s see how he handles the issues at his school!

11. The Devil’s Boy 

Imagine if everyone thinks you’re a weakling and looks down on you. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? Similar circumstances arose for our MC, who was tormented by everyone to the verge of suicide but was instead granted magical abilities! The roles have now reversed! That is correct, isn’t it? Everything changes when an underdog turns into an overwhelming force. Will our MC return to exact revenge? Read “The Devil’s Boy” to discover out. There are similarities between Lookism and The Devil’s Boy’s character development! You will thus definitely like this manhwa!

10. Reweakened Man 

Hwan Seok is merely a man who finds injustice intolerable. He is a kind man who once joined a gang of individuals who were attempting to harm Yerin, his neighbor. It cost him his life in this instance. How? He was, you know, killed. However, it’s not over yet! When he awoke, he was perfectly well and alive. After three days, he discovered that he could travel back in time! Our son was fortunate. Like Lookism, Hwang Seok began a new life after discovering a new talent within.

9. Dr. Frost Manga Like Lookism

The idea of leading two different lives is what makes Lookism and Dr. Frost comparable. By night, a professor works as a barman. Assume you are his pupil, and one day you feel so down that you want to take a drink. You unexpectedly find yourself in your professor’s bar. OOF! The uncomfortable quiet. Dr. Frost’s psychological taste is similar to Lookism’s in that it will teach us about human psychology.

8. Viral Hit 

Hobin Yoo, a negligent high school student, aspires to create a YouTube channel. Fighting is the main focus of his YouTube channel. He takes the guidance of a fellow YouTuber who takes on even greater opponents! Isn’t this manhwa’s battle idea exciting? It makes me feel energized. However, don’t beat up innocent people pointlessly! Lookism and beating someone till they bleed are related concepts.

7. Weak Hero

Among the most well-known manhwa that mimics lookism is Weak Hero. It relates the tale of a weakling to us. Though little, he is calculating. You won’t be able to stop laughing at this clash between the MC and the school bullies! Read Weak Hero to get the whole narrative if you’re interested. This manhwa raises awareness about bullying in a similar way to Lookism. Our MC’s character development feels a lot like that of Lookism’s MC.

6. DICE 

Regarding appearance or grades, our MC is at the bottom of the pack. He can alter his way of life because of Taebin, a modest but well-liked child. The world of Dice is presented to Dong Tae (MC). Rolling the dice might result in your entire life changing in front of you! I would like to have such a chance in real life! I need these dice! I want to use these dice to gamble for eternity. In case you’re wondering how this manhwa and DICE are related, it’s because they both deal with the idea of beginning anew.

5. The Breaker

The protagonist of the tale is Shinwoo Yi, a martial artist who is at odds with a covert organization and who enrolls as Chun Woo Han’s pupil. The adventure of Shiwoo Yoo and Chunwoo Han against the Murim Organisation is recounted in The Breaker. Particularly for those who are interested in martial arts, the plot of this manhwa is quite captivating.

Shadowy streets and covert organizations are my life. This sounds extremely badass, I know. That is correct, isn’t it? In The Breaker manga, what kind of organization is classified as super-secret? Once more, the idea of abusing children and bringing attention to social problems is similar to lookism.

4. Supernova

Supernova’s tale touches people’s hearts. It informs us of the prejudice experienced by the underprivileged. Contrarily, impoverished individuals are weak, while those who are wealthy are powerful. Yushin, our youngster, picks up life lessons from all of the crazy things that go on around him. You will be moved by how they depict this idea! Therefore, read it to discover out what occurs in a Supernova! Reading this manga will make you think about Lookism because of its dramatic atmosphere and bullying themes.

3. True Beauty 

I believe we’ve all heard of this manhwa. It narrates the tale of Joo Kyung, who is teased by her peers at school because of her appearance. She gets criticized all the time. It lowers her sense of self-worth. She so stumbled into a beauty site one day where she was shown various cosmetic items. When she initially attempted cosmetics, she didn’t succeed.

As the narrative goes on, she succeeds, and as a result, she begins a new life at a new school where she would never remove her makeup and no one would ever find out who she was. A similar idea that appears in Manga Like Lookism is living various lives or living life as a different person. Thus, I do not doubt that you will like reading True Beauty as well.

2. Greatest Outcast

Another manhwa that feels like Lookism till our MC gets better is called Greatest Outcast. It centers on our MC, who found it intolerable to be an outsider. As a result, Kang Haneul decides to intensify his efforts and get revenge on those who choose to expose him.

1. Save Me

In terms of being bullied by others, Save Me is another manhwa that has elements of Lookism. It centers on Hyeongoh, who is paralyzed from the waist down. He is essentially immobile. The world is so mean to him for making fun of him and mistreating him. Thus, Save Me teaches us important lessons about empathy.

Conclusion Manga Like Lookism

That concludes the lookalike Manga Like Lookism. I hope this list was useful to you in finding your next Lookism-like manhwa. Please share your ideas in the comments section below! Remember to share it with your friends who enjoy manhwas as well!

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