20+ Best Attack on Titan Pick Up Lines (2024)


Attack on titan pickup lines
Attack on titan pickup lines

20+ Best Attack on Titan Pick Up Lines (2024)

Let’s start with the fact that most of us weebs are probably dying alone due to our obsession with 2D characters.
We do, however, have you covered with our list of the Top 20 Attack on Titan Pick-Up Lines if you’re still attempting to impress someone.

We hope you have luck and that Season 3 of Historia is positive if you choose to give things a try.

Anime pick-up lines are a simple solution whether you want to irritate a friend, confound a normie, or impress another weeb.

Since its conclusion this year, Attack on Titan has been drawing in younger fans.

Furthermore, given that its new season will be out soon, the anime has lived up to the hype.

We intend to provide some gaming to Yeagerists and others, as well as update fans about the future of the Attack on Titan franchise.

We now have news about Season 4 Part 2 for you in addition to over twenty Attack on Titan pick-up lines.

Without further ado, let’s start discussing how to support you in your efforts to Pick up a significant other.

20+ Attack on Titan Pick Up Lines-

Will you give me the key to your basement if I allow you to adopt my titan form?
I would let you ohayo my Porco whenever you wanted to if you were Pieck Finger.
I don’t heinous, but I despise everyone.
Do you represent the Cart Titan? since you have a ride-worthy appearance?
Who will be my 3D ODM equipment? Since I couldn’t possibly exist without you.
Maybe we can go to Mikasa when I complete these Erens.
Are you the Titan of Colossus? Since you’re so attractive.

Swagger Swiggity You’ll shout Yeager at me.
Could you be my Erwin’s Levi? For I would die for you, too, and give up on my aspirations.
We can test if you can get your Armin my Jeans if I allow you in, Maria if you manage to tear down my wall.
I would give you my right arm if you were Erwin.
I’ll let you experiment on me if you’ll be my Swaney’s Zoe Hange.
Do you identify as Captain Levi? since you’ve won my Yeager heart.
Although I may not be Zeke Yeager, some have said that I’m a beast in bed because I resemble Zofia. Would you like to be the rock that holds me in place?

You may label me a Yeagerist as I’m going to lead a revolution in the linens.
Will you transport me to Paradise if I tell you that I’m the Warhammer Titan?
Would you please make it Reiner on me, or are you the Armoured Titan?
Even if I’m not Annie, I can still make you Leonhard.
I want to make you, Mikasa, since that is your name.
Do you go by Eren? Since I’m excited to learn more about you.

Carla Yeager, who are you? thus it appears that you want to be eaten, married, and taken out.
Even though I know you’re not the Jaw Titan, I’m curious as to what that mouth is capable of.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Release Date-

Attack on titan pickup lines
Attack on titan pickup lines

On April 9, 2021, the action-adventure manga series by Hajime Isayama came to an explosive conclusion.

Many people were inspired to read the manga by the cliffhanger that the anime series left us all on when it concluded in winter 2021.

The story that centers on Eren Yeager is a lovely, emotionally charged tale. Aside from having amazing characters, Wit Studio and MAPPA have both done a fantastic job in making sure the series succeeds.

Therefore, fans are eagerly awaiting word on when the next season will premiere. Regarding a firm release date, no formal announcements have been made.

On the other hand, the second part of Season 4 of the show is anticipated to premiere in the winter of 2022, most likely in January.

With just 22 chapters remaining in the series to be animated, 10–12 episodes should be included in this season.

It is anticipated by fans that the anime will be accessible on official websites such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.

On the other hand, the dubbed version ought to come out a bit after the subtitled version.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Plot: Once again, we’ve got you covered if you’re an anime-only fan hoping to catch a peek without giving anything away.

We have discussed the Season 4 Part 2 narrative of the show below without giving away any significant manga spoilers.

Fans were made aware of both sides of the narrative in Season 4. Regardless of whether Marleyan or Eldian, we learned about the goals, setbacks, and struggles experienced by either side.

Season 4 delivers on the promise Eren made at the end of Season 3 to wage war on his “enemies” across the sea.

Attack on titan pickup lines
Attack on Titan pickup lines

We got a peek at a Marleyan counterattack near the conclusion of season 4, when Eren carried out many acts of aggression.

Thus, the show will now move forward with season 4, part 2, which is the last and most awaited arc.

We shall return to the Shiganshina District, the starting point, in Part 2. Fans can anticipate a lot of action mixed with historical snippets in this scene.

Now the Yeager brothers’ motivation and the history of the Titans will become abundantly clear.

In addition, fans will have to be patient to discover what happens to their beloved characters.

And we hope you enjoy the forthcoming season, as we cannot guarantee anyone’s future.

This brings an end to our post on the 20+ Greatest Attack on Titan Pick-Up Lines.

We hope that our additions have been helpful to you in your endeavors and wish you luck in their potential success.

We have anything to maintain your dignity if they don’t end up working.

You may claim to have followed Captain Levi’s and Shinzou Wo Sasageyo’s paths to a brighter future.

You may be sure that the person who is an otaku or fan of Attack on Titan will appreciate these pick-up lines.

I hope you like the 20+ Best Attack on Titan Pick Up Lines

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