(2024) Hottest 15+ Fire Force Female Characters Ranked

Since its launch in 2015, the Fire Force manga series—illustrated by Atsushi Okubo—has delighted us with its animation, Thanks to David Productions. In keeping with the excitement around its recent release, we present to you a list of the Top 15 Hottest Fire Force Female Characters.

(2024) Hottest 15+ Fire Force Female Characters Ranked
(2024) Hottest 15+ Fire Force Female Characters Ranked

The adventure sci-fi series takes place on a planet that is recuperating after the Great Cataclysm, a catastrophic event. Years later, Amaterasu, a kind of energy, powers Tokyo.

After the demons start wreaking havoc, we meet Shinra, the main character, and a large cast of excellently written supporting characters. However, when massive government secrets come to light and additional meddling occurs, they are all increasingly concerned about the future of the land.

We strongly advise you to see the anime if you haven’t already since the Fire Force characters are quite captivating. It’s a delight since there is a lot of fan service for the female Fire Force characters scattered throughout.

Our goal in writing this essay is to identify and discuss the Hottest Female Fire Force Characters. We’ve also included some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Fire Force Characters at the conclusion.

Hottest 15+ Fire Force Female Characters Ranked 

15. Orochi (Fire Force) –

A third-generation pyrokinetic, Orochi is a member of the Knights of the Purple Smoke. This petite, voluptuous, blonde woman belongs to the White Clad. She comes out as dispassionate most of the time and is frequently seen as confident.

Still, she is cool under pressure and knows exactly what she can do. Because of the strength of her Ignition Ability, the Medusa Whip, she frequently exhibits egotism and self-centeredness.

14. Ritsu (Fire Force) –

A third-generation pyrokinetic, Orochi is a member of the Knights of the Purple Smoke. This petite, voluptuous, blonde woman belongs to the White Clad. She comes out as dispassionate most of the time and is frequently seen as confident.

Still, she is cool under pressure and knows exactly what she can do. Because of the strength of her Ignition Ability, the Medusa Whip, she frequently exhibits egotism and self-centeredness.

13. Puppeteer (Fire Force) –

The Puppeteer was first seen by us in the Hajima Industries Arc when she was a member of the talent development lab. She has black hair and lovely purple eyes. She is a happy, kind girl.

Her employment as a puppeteer guarantees that her intelligence is utilized. In addition, despite her evil opponents, she constantly aspires to develop herself and her puppets.

12. Haumea (Fire Force) –

Haumea is the 2nd Pillar and a third-generation pyrokinetic White Clad with the Adolla Burst. This blonde, rather deranged woman has a crown-shaped visor.

She wears a charming baggy onesie that shows off her playful and sadistic side. Though she might be moody, she is quite confident in her skills. She can also control brain waves by shocking them with electricity.

11. Inca Kasugatani (Fire Force) –

Inca, once the Fire Thief, became a member of the White Clad after being named the Fifth Pillar. She is undoubtedly an adrenaline addict who is always seeking the rush of risk and adventure.

Though she constantly seeks out danger and difficulties, her selfishness and self-centered behavior can have a certain allure, particularly when the freak with a pink motif pleasures herself like a maestro thanks to her igniting skill.

10. Arrow (Fire Force) –

Arrow’s blue eyes with arrow-shaped irises are her most remarkable features. She goes as The Sniper of the White Clad and excels in long-range strikes.

She is the Guardian of the Third Pillar, Sho, and a member of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. She is not only regarded as calm and serious, but she also has a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to blindly following Sho.

9. Kayoko Huang (Fire Force) –

The tall woman with boyish short black hair is the captain of Special Fire Force Company 6. She was the surgeon who was crucial in helping Shinra recover from Haume’s stabbing.

She is extremely competent at taking on projects and is meticulous and objective-focused. She does, however, keep to herself and exudes an air of mystery.

8. Mari Kusakabe (Fire Force) –

Shinra and Sho Kusakabe’s mother is a very lovely and compassionate lady. Her kid has inherited many of her endearing qualities, including her smile and empathy.

Furthermore, her selflessness was genuinely admirable, as seen by the circumstances surrounding the release of their Adolla Burst. And Shinra most likely learned the importance of protecting others from her.

7. Amaterasu (Fire Force) –

The first pillar and Great Cataclysm survivor is Amaterasu. She powers all of Tokyo with her Adolla Burst.

The light blonde is a near clone of Iris in appearance. She does, however, come across as manipulative and has a rather insane smile, which is why she is here.

6. Asako Hague (Fire Force) –

In the anime, Asako is a second-generation pyrokinetic who works as a Lieutenant for Special Fire Force Company 6. She is known for her medicinal pyrokinetic specialty and is distinguished by her pink hair and glasses. Asako is the granddaughter of Soichiro Hague and bears a striking resemblance to him.

5. Lisa Isaribi (Fire Force) –

These days, this redhead works as a technician at Special Fire Force Company 8. It was Vulcan who first introduced her to us. She has a fierce attitude and is frequently perceived as sardonic and aggressive.

She is gorgeous, but she also has a humorous, honest, and caring side. She can also hold her own since she possesses the capacity to ignite flames that form octopus-like shapes.

4. Iris (Fire Force) –

Sister Iris is a nun from the Temple of the Holy Sol. She subsequently reveals herself to be the eighth pillar, wears a habit, and is an extremely devout individual. She is polite, nice, and a little reserved in the 8th Company, yet she is bold enough to stand up for anyone.

She has a childlike side and is a complete darling, as well as being incredibly sensitive to others. She is, nonetheless, occasionally the focus of fan service in the show.

3. Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force) –

Tamaki enlisted in the fire department concurrently with Shinra. Nekomata, her ignite ability, is derived from third-generation pyrokinetic technology. Because she possesses the Lucky Lecher Lure, she is the major subject of fan service.

The twin-tailed girl, on the other hand, is a tsundere dork who frequently makes herself look cute. She is without a doubt one of the most attractive Fire Force anime characters since she is very observant, kind, and diligent.

2. Hibana (Fire Force) –

Third-generation pyrokinetic Princes Hibana serves as Special Fire Force Company 5’s captain. She is a very beautiful woman who is cruel to the men that she commands as well as to infernals.

She has an attractive figure, but she also exudes a domineering appeal that is frequently on display when she is seen trampling on her boyfriends. In addition, she is incredibly intelligent, kind, and gifted in both her pyrokinesis and her infernal studies.

Hottest Fire Force Female Character– 

1. Maki Oze (Fire Force) –

Maki is a member of Special Fire Force Company 8 and a second-generation pyrokinetic. She goes by the name Witch Queen and has a highly endearing ability to ignite things.

This lovely woman has strong principles in addition to her muscular build. She brings a humorous element to the program and is a pleasant, competent combatant. She will, however, criticize anyone who uses the term “Gorilla Cyclops” since she has a serious issue with it.

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This brings an end to our ranking of the top 15 Fire Force female characters. You must agree that the looks and eccentricities of the Fire Force characters make them admirable.

Fans are eager for season 3 to premiere, even though the second season was only released in December 2020. Fans may surely anticipate a third season given the show’s outstanding ratings and rising manga sales. So this top (2024) Hottest 15+ Fire Force Female Characters Ranked

Few FAQs About (2023) Hottest 15+ Fire Force Female Characters Ranked:

Q1: Which Fire Force chick is the best?

Answer: Maki Oze is without a doubt the best female in the Fire Force. On the other hand, a lot of fans also view the Benimaru twins, Hinata and Hikage, as their wildest best friends.

Q2: Who is Shinra dating?

Answer: Shinra doesn’t currently have a girlfriend, although he does harbor a few subtly suggestive crushes. Tamaki Kotatsu is the person he is most likely to end up with.

Q3: In Fire Force, who is a Gemini?

The Joker, who was born on June 14th, is the only Gemini in the series.

Q4: Which Fire Force character is the most well-liked?

Answer: According to the 1368 votes cast in the Character Popularity Polls, Shinra Kusakabe is the most beloved character in Fire Force.

Q5: Who is smitten with Shinra?

Answer: Hibana and Tamaki Kotatsu are the two persons who are now crushing on Shinra.

Q6: In the Fire Force, who is the strongest fire soldier?

The captain of Special Fire Force Company 7, Shinmon Benimaru, is the most formidable fire soldier in the Fire Force.

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