23+ Best Zombie Manhwa! (RANKED)


23+ Best Zombie Manhwa! (RANKED)
23+ Best Zombie Manhwa! (RANKED)

23+ Best Zombie Manhwa! (RANKED)

I’ve always found the idea of zombies to be fascinating, and given how common the cliché is, I’m quite sure I’m not alone. There is just too much excitement in the zombie series to be contained. It provides the most satisfying burst of adrenaline. The idea of zombies has “infected” not just films but also manhwa, manga, and anime.

You’re going to love it if you enjoy the idea of zombies and the drama that goes along with it! I’ll be discussing primarily Manhwa which has a lot of zombies in it today. In actuality, a few Kdramas that include zombies have been derived from Manhwa. Are you prepared for an exciting trip now? Now let’s move!

25. Chicken is Surprisingly Great

This manhwa’s title is quite funny. Do you all have the same thoughts about it? Comparing this manhwa to another zombie manhwa, it is distinct. In it, cats and hens attempt to escape the apocalyptic zombie outbreak. This manhwa also has distinctive artwork. If gore isn’t your thing, you might like this humorous artwork.

24. Ranger Dolls

As a zombie manhwa, this one is also rather distinctive. We see the arrival of “Ranger Dolls” to save humanity during a zombie pandemic. Nothing more than a collection of adorably cute creatures are the Ranger Dolls. This manhwa also has a lot of humor.

23. Polar Night

Antarctica is where this manhwa opens. Snow has blanketed the whole region. There are thick snowfalls that cover everything in sight in a layer of white powder. That area has an intriguing and unsettling quality because it is mostly at night there for half the year. A few researchers go there, but what they see completely unsettles them.

22. Psychopathic Hero

Kim Doha, a psychopath, is shown to us in Psychopathic Hero. He had an odd habit of taking down pigeons whenever he had the opportunity. He was walking home one day after murdering several pigeons when he was suddenly bitten by a zombie. There was a zombie outbreak, it seemed, over the entire city. He didn’t turn into a mindless zombie; instead, he became a half-zombie, keeping part of his humanity. In such a chaotic society, how will a half-zombie, half-psychopath, behave?

21. Zombie Wave

In this manhwa that blends horror and suspense, we follow Dongmin as he battles a zombie apocalypse. He needs to survive the end of the world. Additionally, this will awaken certain latent abilities in him. With his newfound abilities, will he be able to escape the zombie apocalypse?

20. Subway Line 1

In Underground Line 1, we are introduced to a world where an odd illness has spread throughout humanity, causing mayhem. They become the undead due to the infection. One man wants to meet the love of his life and protect her from the infection. Every step he makes will meet death on this arduous and protracted trip. There are considerably more horrors in the world around him than just the virus.

19. Rot and Ruin

In Rot and Ruin, we are introduced to a post-apocalyptic America. Benny Imura is one of the young people who must labor or face starvation. Because his elder brother is a zombie hunter, Benny Imura grudgingly agrees to train with him. He soon discovers the falsehood that had been told to him and the other shielded individuals. There are more creatures besides zombies that people should be wary of. Far worse things are in store for them.

18. Gagjaui Sigsa

This is the tale of a young guy and a zombie. That guy must coexist with the zombie. He awakens to find himself confined to a cage and made to consume vegetables. YET CRUEL? Is it possible for a zombie to eat vegetables? Since I can’t really! Many more weebs with somewhat varied interests will be satisfied by this manhwa. I’m hoping you understand!

17. City of the Hungry

This manhwa covers a wide range of topics, including action, humor, horror, and the paranormal. This manhwa’s inclusion of both vampires and zombies makes it intriguing. After a lengthy period, a vampire awakens and discovers a zombie. He is in a zombie-infested city that has been devastated.

16. The Last Zombie

In The Last Zombie, Dajeong—a zombie who lives with Dr. Lee—tells his narrative. He’s not allowed outside. All he can eat is raw meat. Additionally, Dr. Lee has to give him one shot each day. He was unique among zombies since Dr. Lee had experimented on him. Dajeong is unaware of his zombie status. He asks Dr. Lee about his condition often, but he never receives a suitable response. Things get difficult when Dr. Lee takes him outside.

15. All Rounder

This manhwa presents us with a world in which zombies have taken over every aspect of existence. However, the survivors there can learn from professionals. They’re even proficient with magic. Several themes in this one are absent from typical zombie manhwas. It features exquisite artwork as well. The action sequences are fantastic. In this one, our MC is also very attractive.

14. My Daughter is a Zombie

My Daughter is a Zombie begins in South Korea, a nation abandoned years ago due to a zombie pandemic. It’s officially zombie-free now. Jeonghwan, nevertheless, conceals his daughter. The reason for this is because of his zombie-loving daughter. There’s only her left. He can’t expose her to the outside world because people will undoubtedly want to murder her if they find out that she is a zombie. When her hunger is sated, she becomes tranquil. She might be able to lead a typical life once more. However, how is Jeonghwan going to keep his daughter a secret from the public?

13. Raiders

We are introduced to Irel Clark in Raiders as a professor’s assistant. He succeeded in finding the “Holy Grail.” Still, some people found his most recent finding intriguing. They intended to utilize it for additional illegal purposes in addition to their own. He drank it himself to keep it out of the hands of bad individuals. He became eternal as a result. He’s possibly the only person the zombies can’t damage, even if they eat to their fill, in this unexpected zombie outbreak.

12. Re: Survival

Regarding: The zombie apocalypse that opens Survival Anarchy ensued because it was too much for any of the governments on the planet to handle. Without any laws or governing bodies, there was anarchy and devastation all around. There were also fights between the people. The two factions engaged in combat.

Our MC, Yohan, lost his group to the other group. Closing his eyes, he accepted his fate. But when he opened his eyes, he discovered that the zombie pandemic had not occurred six months before. The only person aware of the impending zombie pandemic is him.

11. The Witch and Her Zombie Son

This manhwa has an extremely intriguing idea. We are introduced to a solitary sorceress who resides in her castle with her lone undead kid. Yes, the witch’s son is a zombie. This situation has a mystery to it. To learn more about it, you will need to read this manhwa.

10. Misiryeong

We are introduced to our MC by Misiryeong, who is an archery club member. He’s going on a field trip with a group of others. Upon arriving at the summit, they witness a horde of zombies consuming humans.

Our MC was about to get bitten by a zombie, but his best friend stopped him. It’s a game of survival and deft maneuvers to escape a grisly end. This one is worth checking out because it has an intriguing plot!

9. The Ethiopian Pilgrimage

In 2028, the Ethiopian Pilgrimage will begin. Rain-borne viruses are causing humanity to go extinct. A group of survivors who are presently residing in a subterranean metropolis are visible.

But during a zombie epidemic, our main heroes must flee the protected city and attempt to live. Will the flesh-hungry, violent zombies be able to save themselves?

8. Deadline

We are introduced to Seong Hun, a zombie bite victim. He didn’t know if he had turned into a zombie or not. He was still able to reason. But then he became a little slower and developed an appetite for people. However, he also recalls the majority of his life’s events.

Seong Hun wanted to defend his buddies from the zombies, but the other zombies didn’t seem to give a damn. Their brains were not as developed as Seong Hun’s, therefore they continued to devour humans. Will Seong Hun be able to keep his buddies safe and control his desire to devour other people?


TACIT takes place shortly in which zombies are causing humans to die extinct. There is an odd crystal that is the source of the zombie virus. Our MC, Ruby, resides in the Amina Safe Zone alongside her father and a few other survivors.

Ruby encounters Arvan, a guy with pale skin and no heartbeat, one day. After that, everything for Ruby and her father changed.

The characters are extremely good-looking. I find it impossible not to fall in love with Arvan. If you read this manhwa, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with him too. I suggest you to read TACIT.

6. Wake Up Deadman

Awaken Deadman narrates the tale of Sahu, who loses his life while attempting to save his crush from being struck by a car. He now has another opportunity in life. He can only survive as a zombie, though.

He now has to survive in a stone jungle where he has found himself. How is he going to stop himself from devouring other people’s flesh and cope with the remaining zombies? They will undoubtedly tempt him.

5. Lost in Zombie City

The zombie apocalypse seen in the opening scene of Lost in the Zombie City has spread over the whole planet. The options available to those who haven’t yet turned into zombies are to either fight to the very end or transform into zombies.

The martial arts motif is also included in this manhwa, which adds to its readability and intrigue.

4. Dead Days

There is an epidemic of zombies in Dead Days. The zombie outbreak survivors are making every effort to protect themselves from the flesh-eating monsters. Some, however, are too self-centered to cooperate with others.

In the end, it will be they who are unable to live. Dead Days is also highly recommended as it has a truly compelling tale.

3. Hive

Hive views the zombie apocalypse from a somewhat different perspective. We are introduced to Eun Sung Lee in this manhwa, who is your average office guy. He had a typical day until he learned that enormous insects were infecting Seoul.

People who get this infection from these insects become mindless zombie-like beings. Eun Sung Lee, along with his coworker, Ji Eun Seong, and an old man, Eun Sun, journey to find Eun Sung Lee’s family to keep them safe.

2. All of Us Are Dead

In the novel All of Us is Dead, a teacher at Hyosan High School conducted experiments on a virus-infected mouse. When a pupil encounters the mouse, it bites him. At that point, she transforms into a zombie.

She is restrained and cuffed in a room, but she manages to get out. When she bites a pupil, the majority of the students in the school transform into zombies. Now, the remaining pupils are confined within the school. Can they get out of this situation?

This manhwa’s Netflix version debuted in January 2022 and quickly gained popularity among fans worldwide. Without a doubt, you should look into that as well!

1. This is my final zombie manhwa The Housekeeper

When the narrative begins, Androids and humans are collaborating shortly. All of a sudden, the majority of mankind was afflicted with a zombie outbreak. When humans were transformed into zombies, the androids who worked with them lost the ability to recognize them.

The only person who stays with her youthful owner, Neville, is Hasty. She believes she can treat this illness in him. She’s prepared to battle everyone. To put a stop to the apocalypse once and for all, she swears to eradicate every last zombie.


And with that, our exciting zombie-filled suggestion blog has finally come to an end. Was this list useful to you? Please inform us in the comments. Additionally, please let us know of any zombie manhwa that we may be missing from the list. See you in the upcoming blog post. Goodbye!

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