25+ Best Vampire Manhwa (RANKED)


25+ Best Vampire Manhwa (RANKED)
25+ Best Vampire Manhwa (RANKED)

25+ Best Vampire Manhwa (RANKED)

Vampires Manhwa are amazing, are they not? Oh? Do you not enjoy vampires? Alright! Although there isn’t much I can do about it, I promise you that vampires are awesome!

All right, so the subject for today is 26 Greatest Vampire Manhwa. Indeed! those individuals who consume human blood and have pointed teeth. For now, let’s use Seraph of the End as an illustration. The anime pits humans against vampires.

Whoa! And I nearly forgot! This is a manhwa list, not an anime or manga. Manhwa are manga but Korean. Don’t mix it with manhua; although they sound similar and are sometimes confused, manhua is Chinese and manhwa is Korean.

Well, we’ve wasted a lot of time, let’s get started on the subject of today!

26. Delicious Blood

Choi Yoo Jung discovered that she owed 100 million yen. That is absurd, and to cap it all off. She is an ordinary adolescent in high school. She was required to deliver the money to Delicious Blood, a bistro.

Choi Yoo Jung gets asked to work at a café one day by a dashing man named Daniel to pay off her debt. Without any other option, Choi would have ultimately taken part-time work.

How else, after all, is she going to pay off her debt? However, Daniel keeps a secret from everyone.

25. Untouchable

Sia Lee has an amazing ability from birth that allowed her to absorb energy from any type of being just by touching them. Whoa! I think she’s pretty strong.

In any case, there’s this man named Jiho who recently moved into Sia’s neighborhood. Ever since that day, she has grown enamored with him. She’d like to reach out and absorb his energy, but he’s afraid of germs. Untouchable is a vampire romance manhwa.

To get what she wants, she has to assist him in overcoming his fear.

23. Bloody Sweet

She gets harassed by her peers all the time, but not because she is overweight or anything else; rather, it is because her family is kind of a witch family.

When other females show up and lock our MC into a room, the girl’s field trip, which was supposed to be fun and all, becomes a complete nightmare. While trying to flee, she sustains injuries.

Then, out of nowhere, a vampire by the name of Fetechou shows up there, and they instantly click.

22. Blood Link

Blood Link is a vampire romance manhwa Hwa Gok is a typical university student who was having a typical day when a very strange occurrence occurred.

Hwa witnesses a girl being assaulted by a vamp. Whoa! Lee Bin is the name of the vampire who is assaulting the girl. Hwa rushes to assist him without realizing that this will permanently alter his entire existence.

Lee Bin bites Hwa while attempting to save the girl. However! As it happens, Hwa is a vampire in his own right. At that point, Lee Bin and Hwa Gok’s romance begins. They currently have a connection known as the Blood Link. If you’re looking for some BL vampire manhwa, this is a pretty fantastic manhwa. Then you should have this one!

21. Vampire of the East

After her family suddenly passed away, Yangsun was left alone and began selling books to make ends meet while keeping her true identity a secret.

She noticed a handsome professor one day while delivering some books. She discovers a sinister secret the professor never wanted anybody to know—that he is, in fact, a vampire—as she grows enamored with him!

Indeed! He is an undercover vampire. However, they are not compatible. Do you want to know why? The reason for this is that Yangsun is a human and the professor is a VAMPIRE.

20. Beautiful Legends

Beautiful Legends is a vampire romance The plot of Beautiful Legends is Humanity vs. Vampires. Not all vampires, just the evil ones that have blood on their minds only I would like to know what you would do if you woke up one day and walked outdoors to discover vampires.

Would you feel afraid? Or are you going to fight them? Before you take on a real vampire, you should prepare yourself. Fighting them with just your hands is not a smart idea!

In any case, there was a renowned group of individuals that battled these vampires to save mankind. This squad included a girl who was IMMORTAL as well. Curious about how she attained immortality? How did she become immortal? Through art, perhaps?

19. Orange Marmalade

Blood is necessary for vampires to thrive, but Orange Marmalade doesn’t truly provide that.

The plot of Orange Marmalade centers on vampires who have decided to stop using human blood in favor of leading regular lives as humans. In essence, they have posed as people to avoid being recognized by members of the human race.

They still think blood tastes good even if they don’t need it to survive, but they make the decision never to drink human blood again. A vampire girl who enrolled in high school met an extremely attractive male there. You can guess what will happen next: she bites his neck by mistake!

18. Runaway Bridge Of The Vampire Duke

Duke Edwards William ruled over an enormous and exquisite palace! Are you curious about Edwards’s secret? Alright! He was meant to die roughly 100 years ago, yet he is somehow still alive.

In any case, Ilana was an ordinary girl who happened to find herself in the castle and seemed to be trapped there. The Duke gave her the command to marry him as she was going about! Whoa! That is absurd.

How is Ilana going to respond? Will she be forced inside the palace or will she accept? To find out, you’ll have to read the manhwa itself! Oh, and it turns out that the Duke is a vampire!

17. The Tarot Cafe

Pamela, our MC, has a typical-looking café. She works in a very serious field; no, it doesn’t involve murdering or anything like that.

Her role is to assist the otherworldly entities that inhabit this planet. Yes! That is her major job. She is adamant about helping these beings, regardless of their characteristics or species. However, why? As usual… TO FIND OUT, GO READ THE MANHWA AGAIN!!

16. Savior

Blood is vital to vampire survival. They will perish if there is none.

Lebens Ku was a bloodthirsty vampire. However, getting a reliable blood donor when Wohn was a youngster was difficult. Thus, Seyeon, a girl, decided to provide Wohn with blood constantly.

After several years, they are currently enrolled in college. When Wohn first meets Juyi, he learns of Juyi’s father. Seyeon was upset to see that they were becoming closer and friends, and she didn’t like it.

She decides to sour Wohn and Juyi’s bond.

15. Vampire Next Door

Nana Jeong, who has just shifted into a new flat..

Her grandmother, who was regarded as a Shaman, could communicate with nearby spirits and other supernatural beings. Unfortunately, Nana Jeong wasn’t a competent Shaman and wasn’t able to perform the same.

As she moved into a flat. She was simply your typical adolescent girl, wanting to spend out with cute, youthful guys. Luckily, there was a wonderfully attractive kid named Cheolsu who lived next door.

After falling in love, she was startled to learn that Cholsu was a vampire.

14. The Flower of Vampires

Who doesn’t like an exciting story with a hint of drama and some amazing action sequences? Alright! This is the manhwa for you if you enjoy vampire-themed adventure-action drama!

The plot of The Flower of Vampires centers around a strange and notorious vampire flower. Some claim that this may have a great deal of power. Thus, to locate this flower, a vampire by the name of Louvre sets out on a quest alongside a human framer.

They both begin to feel something for each other as they go further!

13. Crepuscule

People will bully someone differently in today’s culture.

Crepuscule tells the tale of Lark, our main character, who endured constant bullying. Whenever he was anywhere, he was the target of bullying. Are you curious as to why? only because of his ruby eyes. It is a bit excessive, in my opinion, to tease someone because of the color of their eyes.

Setz, a vampire that Lark eventually encounters. Setz was one of the few individuals who refrained from calling Lark a monster or taunting him because of his eyes. Before long, Lark was experiencing an increasing number of negative events. That’s why Setz chose to have Lark over to his house.

12. The Blood Of Madam Giselle

Giselle was a married lady going through a difficult period due to her spouse. I mean, it’s sort of sad to watch! She must have been ecstatic to meet her husband, but she must have been devastated to learn that he is truly struggling mentally.

She noticed a creepy child who appeared to be in a cage as she was strolling down the street. The youngster was imprisoned. She soon begins to see the child every day, but why? The manhwa must be read to find out!

11. Bite Me

Humans and vampires falling in love is a common sight, but have you ever witnessed a vampire and a human falling in love? Indeed! A person! Seeing the vampire in this manga fall in love with his own blood source is sort of strange.

The plot of Bite Me centers on a vampire who gradually begins to feel something for Jo Eun-jo. Bite Me is a must-try for everyone who enjoys seeing a ruthless vampire fall in love with a human female!

10. My Vampire System

Humanity is in serious peril. Humanity has little hope of winning the conflict that has just broken out between them and Dalki. Dalki is simply too strong for them to handle. But mankind will not stop here.

Many came forward one day. You may be thinking, what makes these folks so exceptional? Alright! They can battle Dalki with the use of their skills and talents.

Quinn, our MC, lost it all. Everything he held dear, including his family and house, was lost. Quinn owned an intriguing book, but he couldn’t seem to open it. He managed to open the book one day. TASKS were given to him so that he might get stronger. He had to drink human blood as his final duty!

9. A Vampire’s First Love

A Vampire’s First Love is a vampire romance manhwa. Although vampires live lengthy lives, they gradually deteriorate until they pass away. Our MC didn’t choose to have a family or anything like that, unlike many other vampires.

Inside an abandoned chapel was a coffin containing our MC, a vampire. A human girl entered the room one day and unlocked the casket. Are you curious about her reaction upon seeing the vampire? She passed away!

After waking up, our MC resolves to bring her to his dimension. Thus, he acted. When she woke up, our MC begged the girl for a favor. He asked if she could teach him how to love a human. I hope you like this vampire romance manhwa.

8. Blood Type Love

While vampires from the Middle Ages are fascinating, let’s discuss vampires from the present era instead.

Vampires no longer have to go on blood hunts because blood is now readily available to them. However, the vampires also held a sinister secret. They were creating a kind of vine. Indeed! a vine

A new regulation states that those with delectable and uncommon blood can now sell it for actual money. And there’s this girl whose blood type is the rarest in the world; naturally, all vampires are after her and her blood; after all, who would want to pass up such a delicious treat?

7. Vampire Academy

Paloma was a typical high school student traveling. Trips are a lot of fun, don’t they? I mean! We may look at new stuff and like it. Paloma was looking forward to this vacation. However, the vacation ended up being a complete bust.

There is only one moon that is visible from Earth, as everyone is aware. Paloma, however, awakens unexpectedly in the middle of the night and discovers TWO MOONS! How on earth is it even feasible? In any case, the moons weren’t the main problem here.

The main problem here was that bloodthirsty vampires encircled her. Can you guess why? The vampires considered her to be a divinity!

6. My Fiancee is a Vampire Hunter

We’ve always witnessed vampires going on murdering sprees and taking countless human lives, right? Alright! My Fiancee is a Vampire Hunter doesn’t say this.

A lot of the story’s meaning is already conveyed by the title, but for those who are still confused, let me reiterate. Louis, our MC, was on the verge of death at the hands of Maxie, then an odd event happened. Whoa! Furthermore, Maxie is a vampire hunter—a very vicious one.

Despite having trouble remembering things, Maxie chooses to wed Louis. Whoah! This became a whole new experience! Just keep in mind that, as I mentioned before, her recollections are jumbled, right? Since she can regain her memories at any moment, Louis needs to get ready for what’s about to happen!

5. Vampire Chef

Do you know anything about Vampire Chefs? Not at all? Alright! I haven’t either, lol!

The plot of Vampire Chef centers on Hong Ki Joon. He was a vampire mixed half-human. This is because his father was human and his mother was a vampire. Hong boasts one of the top dining establishments.

He only has one dream, and it’s a strange one. Funny enough, he wants to swallow his own childhood friend’s blood! When his boyhood buddy visited the restaurant one day, he was unable to intervene.

How is he going to act? Can he sip the blood of his childhood buddy? Alright! This manhwa is perfect if you’re interested in cooking vampire manhwa!

4. The Maid and the Vampire

Before being involved in an automobile accident and ending up in another universe, our MC, Areum, was leading a happy life.

Solter is the name of this planet. There is only one vampire in this universe. Because Areum’s hair color matched that of the sole vampire in existence, people were misled into believing that she was a vampire.

Although she was sold to the Duke, she was unaware that the Duke was truly a vampire! Serving the Duke was her only option since, on her own, she would not be able to live in this strange and uncharted environment.

3. Vampire Library

Yu Mano, a young man who was having trouble finding work, doesn’t want attention from strangers; all he wants is a quiet area where he can work and get money without being scrutinized like a freak.

In any case, he decides to work at a library after looking around for a time. I mean! He would be at the ideal spot because it is quiet and there aren’t many people who would gaze at him. The library held a MASSIVE secret.

You are aware of librarians, correct? Alright! Would you believe me if I told you that every librarian at the library is a vampire? Indeed! That is absurd. Furthermore, they are Otaku Vampires, not just any old vampires!

2. The Unquenchable Mr.Kim

Kim Doyoon is your ordinary employee who has been working at a location for the previous 5 years. It implies that he has extensive knowledge of the area.

Do you want to know the secret that he cannot reveal to anyone? Alright! In reality, he is Half human, half vampire! Whoah! If he is a vampire, then this one doesn’t require blood to survive. He won’t even come into contact with blood.

1. White Blood

The birth of vampires has put the planet in great jeopardy. If no one does anything, mankind is done for it.

The vampire Ha-yan wished no harm upon any human. She only wanted to live a regular life in this world, but she had no choice but to hide since so many people—I mean, SO many people—were after her.

She had no choice but to join the group of people known as the Violent Community to hide.


Yes, I am aware of this. There are undoubtedly those of you who are upset and asking themselves, “Is this guy telling me that this manhwa is better than this one?” Alright! That is exactly incorrect if that is what you are suggesting.

Every single manhwa on this list is excellent! I love manhwa, vampire manhwa in particular. You should give some of these a try; I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!

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