27+ Manga with Leveling System (RANKED)

27+ Manga with Leveling System (RANKED)
27+ Manga with Leveling System (RANKED)


27+ Manga with Leveling System(RANKED)

This subject is becoming quite fascinating. Manga with Leveling System is probably well-known to most of us here. I will give you some background information on them for those who are unaware. A Manhwa: What Is It? Manhwa are colored manga from South Korea. They come in a variety of genres.

Simply because they are South Korean, most people don’t give them a chance. However, I’m telling you that such people are losing out. The Manga with Leveling System is the most popular genre. In stories of this type, the main character gains experience points by eliminating obstacles or bossing through dungeons. Manga with Leveling System Manhwa in this genre.

For many of us, climbing stairs or ladders may be excruciating. We love hearing about those who overcame adversity to achieve their desired position, even though we detest the thought of having to climb the steps of intense competition in our everyday lives. It’s not that we don’t want to rise beyond our ranks; it’s simply that most of us prefer simplicity, as in the idea of winning the trophy without having to work for it.

It would be difficult to discover someone reaching the pinnacle without exerting themselves or going above and beyond. However, there are many tales in manga and manhua about main characters rising to great positions in their worlds. That’s why we’ve created a list of programs that feature Manga with Leveling System, even as we appreciate the narrative.

So let’s get started with the list without further ado.

28. Imaginator

I assume that the majority of people in this room are aware of Manga with Leveling System. It has a sizable fan base and is among the most well-liked Manhwa available.

Alright! Solo Levelling is a duplicate of this Manhwa. The narrative of Tae Min Park is the focus of this manhwa. Tae’s world transforms when creatures begin to emerge and a meteor passes close to Earth. Despite the pandemonium, Tae decided to aid humanity. He believed that these occurrences needed to have a valid explanation.

Okay! How do you feel? Does it not resemble Solo Levelling too much? But the primary difference between it and SL is that firearms are used instead of magical abilities.

27. Warble

These are the ones for you if you’re searching for an underappreciated Manhwa. Jude Park is the protagonist of Warble, which tells his story. Whoa! I should briefly describe Jude’s world to you all. The demons are housed in the underworld in this manhwa’s setting, while humanity lives in the overworld. The Warble is the portal that connects these two realms.

As the novel progresses, Jude still aspires to be King of Grimoires, but a powerful creature alters his destiny, sending him on a mission to rescue the planet.

This show’s MC is awesome. I take it that you enjoy OP MCs. Additionally, the art style is rather good. I’m positive you’ll adore it.

26. The Player That Can’t Level Up

On this list, we have another manhwa that is intriguing. Everybody has witnessed MCs start weak before progressively leveling up and becoming strong. The host of this show, though, is very different. No matter how hard he tries, Kim Gi-Gyu, the MC, is unable to advance in his level. He is unable to proceed past stage 1. Is it even feasible? Hahahaha!

I believe it to be a bug of some type. What are your thoughts, guys? You must be interested in finding out what happens next, am I right? How is he going to level up? To learn the answers, though, you’ll need to read the manhwa.

25. The Gamer

The Gamer’s tale is incredibly original and captivating. I will share a personal story with you. I love unique Manga/Manhwa so much. And that’s exactly what this manhwa is.

It concerns Han Jee Han, a gamer. His reality is transformed from the actual world into a video game. He plays video games all day long. But when he learns how to superimpose virtual figures into the actual world, everything changes. When he discovered this talent, he was truly taken aback. It has a distinct vibe, yet it would make me think of SAO. There’s a humorous aspect to the narrative as well. The narrative highlights problems from real life in the game’s setting.

The manga is beautifully colored, with intricate details. The majority of the scenes in the simple artwork lack backdrops, however, this doesn’t take away from how amazing the pictures are. Occasionally, the scenes’ simplicity comes through.

Han Jee Han, the primary character, had a special talent known as the Abyss, and he was well-written. The character possesses morality and ethics. His special skills and level-ups are revealed to us as the plot develops.

24. DICE

Many individuals don’t like the DICE tale, and many others don’t get into it. However, even though it got off to a terrific start, at times it grew a little clumsy, but ultimately the plot is starting to unravel into a compelling one. The manhwa’s characters may first seem quite alike, yet they grow into amazing people over time.

Dongtae, the main character, has changed greatly throughout his adventure while maintaining his original attitude. Even in the absence of his abilities, he would follow through on his plan to defend the people because of his strong resolve. There’s also a good balance between romance and action.

The manhwa’s artwork is excellent. It’s not only mediocre to say something is just plain good. Both stationary and fighting situations deserve special recognition for their unique genius. The artwork demonstrates the incredible effort that was made.

23. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

The narrative centers on a man by the name of Desir Arman. Arman inhabits a nearly ruined Earth with just six humans remaining. All of this is due to a calamity known as the “Shadow World.”

With these last remnants of humanity failing to rebuild the Earth, all hope was lost. But since this is a manhwa, something must be there. Arman finds himself transported back in time one day. He was propelled 13 years into the past. He’s able to avert this disaster now. Is he capable of it? Is it appropriate for him to inform everyone? That is not, in my opinion, a smart idea.

This manga is just “Amazing,” if you were to sum it up in one word.

22. Tower of God

The artwork on the Tower of God is what draws the eye initially. The author himself provided the illustrations, and he did a fantastic job. The tale took the stage over the artwork. All the credit goes to the tale for being an entertaining manhwa.

Twenty-fifth Bam is the name of the youngster at the center of the tale. Although the moniker sounds a little odd for an MC, it means Chestnut or Twenty-fifth Night in Korean. He had lived under an odd tower all of his life. He was there with Rachel, his sole companion, despite the tower’s enormous size.

To prevent spoilers, let’s not delve too much into the storylines. All I want to recommend is that you should be patient with it. Even if the plot starts a little sluggish, it becomes better as it goes on.

21. Dungeon Reset

I think Dungeon Reset is another underappreciated treasure. The protagonist of this manhwa is a person who is transferred to another planet. Isekai? Indeed!

This new planet is located in a dungeon-like environment. The MC discovers that he can get experience points and level up. In addition, he discovers that he possesses the ability to restart the dungeon. He is therefore the only individual capable of escaping this jail. Interesting, huh?

This manhwa features excellent comedy, a respectable art style, and a fair pace. You’re going to adore this manhwa.

20. OriginS

One of the hidden treasures of the world. Origins has a good chance of being the best when it receives more critical assessments. It mostly has elements of the action-adventure genre. I thought the manhwa was well-paced and poignant.

The narrative centers on Suijin, a bandit. He was expelled from the Geisha Walls and thrust into a terrifying realm teeming with creatures. He needs to make it through that world with his two pals at his side. We get to see their agonizing fights with soldiers from the Geisha Walls and beasts.

19. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

According to Lee Hyun’s account, he became a loan shark because of his financial hardships. He didn’t take out the loan to benefit himself. He owed it to his younger sister and grandma. Because of their huge debt, even with his hard labor, he doesn’t make enough money.

Lee believed that by selling his MMORPG character for more than 3 billion won, he would be able to withstand the sharks. However, the sharks cruelly interfered with the scheme once they learned about the money. They robbed him of everything and gave him five years to recoup the $3 billion.

He finds out about a game where you can win money one day. Royal Road is the name of the game.

To get money, he enters this VR game. He puts in a lot of work inside the game. He exerted every effort to hone his abilities and make an avatar. The destiny of his family will be determined by this avatar. Is he capable of it? Could he support his family? The manhwa has the answers. You must read it, man. I will not provide all the details to you.

18. I Am The Sorcerer King

An additional manhwa that resembles Solo Levelling quite a bit. The main character of the story is Lee Sung Hoo, a typical adolescent girl. Dungeons sprang out of nowhere on his planet and posed a danger to human survival. In reaction, mankind vowed to fight back as certain supernatural talents also surfaced in them.

Among the weakest hunters was Sung. But as he began to remember his former existence as the Sorcerer King, everything changed. Can he preserve mankind with this newfound power?

Is the narrative not almost the same as Solo Levelling? Alright! Indeed, hehe!

Several factors vary from Solo Levelling, so don’t worry.

17. Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good for Nothing

Oh my! Another lengthy title. These titles aren’t your typical ones.

The narrative of this manhwa centers on a man named Yuseong. Yuseong aspires to live a typical life and works as an office worker. All of that, though, is altered when he is transported to a different reality. Alright! This show’s MC is not him. He is only a dull supporting figure. But he wants to work hard and change his life. Is he capable of it? No, I don’t believe so!

16. Limitless Abyss

The narrative of Endless Abyss is both distinct and gloomy. Among the lesser-known ones. The show’s artwork is genuinely superior to your average manhwa. Though it appears to have been degraded in the most recent chapters, the artwork is still nice enough.

As the narrative progresses, a post-apocalyptic scene emerges. Apocalypse or chaos descended upon the planet, causing several gates to descend from the sky. There are monster-filled dungeons beyond the gates. An F-ranked hunter is the main character. We get to see his battles in the dungeons and his determination to keep the people he cares about safe.

15. Solo Auto Hunting

An additional manhwa that resembles Solo Levelling quite a bit. Funny how similar the titles are even!

The protagonist of Solo Auto Hunting is a man by the name of Oh Yunsung. Oh, before these enigmatic talents awoke inside him, worked at a meat market. Alright! There are many unusual beasts in the land where he dwells. Humans known as “Hunters” vanquish these creatures. Oh gained significant value as a valuable asset to hunters worldwide thanks to its unique talent.

This manhwa has a quite good visual style, and the narrative flows naturally.

14. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

One more incredible Manga with Leveling System. I adore stories when the main character suddenly loses strength and makes a concerted effort to regain it. The plot of this manhwa is similar.

In Hardcore Levelling Warrior, the game Lucid Dreams is important to the plot. Hardcore Levelling Warrior is a character in the game. As the best player in that particular game, he wins the title.

The day the Hardcore Levelling Warrior is murdered by an unidentified individual marks the true beginning of the narrative. He regains his starting point after losing all of his abilities. He is now committed to tracking down that unidentified player and getting back to his previous level. Is he capable of it? But it’s incredibly challenging.

13. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon

One more distinct manhwa on this incredible collection. Haha! This list is incredible, isn’t it?

Alright! This manhwa’s name is a little strange and deceptive. It tells the tale of a skeleton that a necromancer resurrected. A necromancer is what? Mages that command the dead are known as necromancers. They have the power to resuscitate individuals.

But there in front of him, this skeleton loses everything. His master was missing. And you are aware of what occurs next, I believe? GET BACK!

The skeleton decides to exact revenge on his boss. Is he capable of it?

12. 990k EX Life Hunter

990k EX Life Hunter has excellent narrative and art. An enthusiastic fandom has high expectations for the manhwa because of the well-written characters, well-paced plot, and character development.

The narrative centers on the hardships faced by F-rank Hunter Kang Hyeonjun. In a world of dungeons where you may earn money by finishing them and killing monsters, he barely ever makes any.

He was a burden for the other party members and was always put to the test by them. He was so continuously tormented. The unfortunate guy’s girlfriend also broke up with him on their first anniversary, beyond everything else.

On the day of his breakup, while he is sleeping, a guy gives him power, and that’s when his adventure starts. with the little modification of including a mention of “No pain, no gain.” Enjoying his travels and exploits against the beasts and those who betrayed him is our privilege.

11. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

One another unappreciated treasure. Alright! Though it was previously underappreciated, this manhwa is currently receiving a lot of attention.

The narrative of a man named Kim Dokja is followed in this manhwa. An online book called “Three Ways To Survive The Apocalypse” is read-only by Kim. You all have a question for me. If your most beloved manhwa were to suddenly come true, how would you feel? Amazing, huh? With Dokja, the same thing occurred.

The story he was reading came to life as he was on the train. As the only one who has read it, he is also aware of what will happen. Oh my gosh!

The incredible world-building and narrative of this manhwa are what I adore about it. It’s simply too excellent.

10. Seoul Station Druid

Readers are treated to another post-catastrophic narrative. The mayhem that occurred transported Suho Park to a different reality. He gets used to the new environment and picks up the enemy’s fighting techniques. Suho Park understands that life on Earth is permanently gone after he adjusts to this new environment. We get to see his fights with the creatures threatening Earth’s survival as well as his return to his native land.

09. FFF-Class Trashero

Now, I think this one is rather fascinating. Here, I am speaking of the storyline.

The plot of this manhwa centers around a man by the name of Kang Han So. After being sent to another planet, Kang was meant to vanquish the demon ruler. After much effort, he was able to vanquish the demon ruler. But as soon as he got his report card from the gods, everything was different. Hahahaha! A report card?

His report card stated that he needed to relive his life because of his F personality rating. In essence, he was given another opportunity in life, which he completely rejected. How is he going to act? Can he avoid making the same mistakes he did in the past?

08. The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing

My favorite manhwa is the following one on this list. The protagonist of this manhwa is a man by the name of Erun Steelguard. This manhwa has a somewhat complicated plot. Dimensional Trading is a reality in the world where the novel is set.

The show’s MC put in a lot of work in his previous life. But he was cruelly misled and lost his life. However, this is not the end of the story. He’s given another shot at life. And he’s not letting anyone take his money from him this time. Since he was already aware of their techniques, he became an opponent of all traders.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? In addition to the intriguing storyline, this manhwa has stunning artwork. I’m positive you’ll adore it.

07. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Another unique Manga with Leveling System. This manhwa follows the story of a hunter. Well! Most of the leveling manhwa are about dungeons, heroes, and monsters.

The most interesting thing about this hunter is that he wanted to become an S-class hunter. However, he lacks the skill to become one. But, there is another way. You can gain S-class skills if you die. Wait a minute!!! What is the point if you die? Well! You’ll find all the answers when you read the manhwa. I won’t spoil everything for you here. Gotta make things interesting, right

06. Second Life Ranker

I’ve already said to you all how much I like original manhwa. That also applies to this manhwa.

The brother of Yeon-Woo decided to ascend the Sun God Tower. Yeon-woo’s twin brother vanished in an incident five years ago. But Yeon-woo found his brother’s pocket watch after all these years. A hidden journal was contained inside the watch.

There are several galaxies and a sky with various planets and planetary systems within the Tower of the Sun God. It is known as Obelisk. After climbing the Obelisk, Yeon-woo’s brother was betrayed. Yeon-woo chose to exact revenge on his sibling. And so the voyage starts.

05. Return of the Frozen Player

Seo Jun-Ho, also known as Spectre, was frozen for 25 years after vanquishing the frost queen. Then the ice thawed and he found himself alone in a museum. He realized how much the world had changed while he was frozen when he encountered his friend, who went on to become the leader of the hero association.

He desired to revert to being a rookie and work his way up to his former title of “Spectre” after coming to all of these realizations. We get to watch him ascend once more on his trip.

04. The Beginning After the End

Despite not being able to top the list, it’s one of those webtoons that ends up being a particular favorite. The narrative is a fantasy adventure. The artwork and narrative are excellent.

It tells the late King Grey’s tale. In the martial arts world, he had all one could ask for. But deep inside, he was shattered. He lacked drive. Arthur Leywin was his reincarnation after a strange death. He wants to make up for the mistakes he committed in the Dicathen world during his previous incarnation. Arthur’s key goal are to learn and develop into a courageous, kind, and determined ruler.

03. Kill The Hero

One another manhwa with a somewhat deceptive title. Why are these the names of most Manhwa books?

Kim is a member of the party of the Hero. Se Jun is the name of the hero. He is well-liked by everybody and seen as the one who can bring about world peace. But his motives are very different. Kim unintentionally discovers his true intentions, leading to Se Jun’s death. However, he was reborn as his former self. This time he resolves to exact retribution and not make the same mistakes he did before.

Everything revolves around Kim Woo-Jin’s desire for retribution against his former guild members for betraying and killing him. He was sent back in time, allowing him to exact revenge.

The event is taking place in a dungeon-filled setting with other players and creatures. The guy who was supposed to save the world from its problems turned out to be the problem. Kim wants to protect everyone from the betrayer, who rose to become the head of that guild and now rules this planet.

02. Tomb Raider King

What sets the novel apart is how masterfully mythology is incorporated into the narrative. There aren’t any breathtaking cliffhangers or incredibly detailed details. Simply said, character development in tale construction is at its finest. Oh my goodness! I adore this manhwa so much. The Tomb Raider is a person whose narrative is told in this manhwa. His mission is to locate the pilfered artifacts. Tomb? Artifacts? I will briefly describe the story to you.

Raider of the Tombs The setting of King’s tale is a country where relics are created, ruled by deities, and endowed with extraordinary abilities. The alluring powers of the relics lure everyone from power-seekers and emperors to treasure hunters. People found out that they may get magical abilities by using these relics. After gaining the capacity to wield these relics, humanity began to subjugate other people.

Once upon a time, the main character was an expert at seeking antiquities and knowing where to locate them. However, he is reincarnated as the man he was ten years before. If only he hadn’t been reincarnated as a deity and had not learned about all the relics, then everything would have been as it was. Tomb Raider decided to gather these pilfered artifacts and improve the planet. Is he capable of it? I’m rather certain he can. This manhwa has a nice art style.

01. Solo Leveling is no, 1 in Manga with Leveling System

Oh my goodness! You would think that this manhwa would make the list. One of the most well-known Manga with Leveling System. The light book Only I Level Up served as the inspiration for the Solo Levelling plot. Enough polish and sheen have been added to the plot for fans to appreciate. Hence, the overwhelming success with the majority of readers. The tale was told quite well, and the main character’s outstanding design pops.

The narrative centers on hunters and magically gifted people. To prevent the extinction of the human species, those with such abilities must utilize them to vanquish monsters. Sung Jinwoo, a hunter of lower rank, appears in this realm of trials. It comes after Sung Jin Woo. Another name for Sung is the weakest hunter. In his universe, humans too acquired unique powers, and dungeons materialized out of nowhere.

Everything changes, though, as Sung Jin Woo becomes trapped in an odd dungeon that arises. It was in that dungeon that he was slain. However, an odd event occurred, and he lived. Upon awakening, he found that completing tasks had granted him the ability to level up. As a result, the “System” granted him the ability to increase his stats indefinitely. Additionally, this helped the protagonist employ his strength against all evil even more effectively.

To what extent is he capable of going?

Conclusion Manga with Leveling System

We have now concluded the Manga with Leveling System. Not only do manhwas exist, but also some incredible manga and manhua concerning leveling up ranks or tiers. The purpose of this list is not to rank or tier manhwas worldwide. Some people may disagree with the list’s statistics. There may be opposing views on it, or we may have overlooked some very outstanding ones. Still, share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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