32+ BEST Revenge Manhwa (RANKED)

32+ BEST Revenge Manhwa (RANKED)
32+ BEST Revenge Manhwa (RANKED)

32+ BEST Revenge Manhwa (RANKED)

Have you returned for another set of recommendations? Keep your notepads close at hand because you’re about to discover a Korean revenge manhwa with these honorable individuals seeking some retribution for being betrayed for your after-school reading.

An excellent manhwa is often endearing, entertaining, and dramatic. We’ll be poring over Korean comics and webtoons that still have all those elements. And the MCs’ romantic relationships, familial relationships, or the school bully twist their knickers, which culminates in a vengeance tale.

You don’t need to search much farther if you’ve been seeking fresh Revenge Manhwa to read. For your benefit, we’ve gathered a good number and meticulously ranked them. Shall we begin the countdown now?

33. The Villain’s Savior

Born into a life of sheer tragedy and misery, the main character, Aspen Randell, in this finished Korean Webtoon of little over eighty chapters, is destined to become a villain.

That is until a young woman named Elzay Tiathe approaches him and claims she can save him from a life of emptiness that may end up becoming a cruel vengeance tale. Will Elzay be pulled down with him, or will she be able to save him?

32. Iris: The Main Character and Her Smartphone

This young Iris, who was killed by her husband and family, is desperate to live out her vengeance tale. Even the life the MC led in the present era seems to fly before her eyes! Iris determines it’s time to get revenge after finding a way to go back in time before the catastrophes.

Duke Valenciaga is the most eligible bachelor, so she asks him for assistance. All he asked was that she accept a date. Iris has to determine if she can get her revenge on the fools who deceived her without his love bug getting in the way of her plans, or if one date is worth it to get his assistance.

31. Shadow Queen

This Korean Webtoon centers on Elena, a poor farmer’s daughter who was chosen to take the place of Grand Duke France’s biological daughter when the latter died of a fever. She was surrounded by wealth, wed a prince, admired by other ladies, and pursued by men.

Elena never realized why the Duke had extended his hand to her, but after Veronica’s resurrected body, she abdicated herself and her child. Elena realizes what’s occurred, but it’s too late—she was killed.

Elena is sent back to her sixteen-year-old self before all of the mayhem started, as fate would have it. To get retribution for what that did to her, she must now utilize what knowledge she has to foil the Duke and his daughter’s schemes.

30.  Queen of Medicine: The Title of Divine Doctor

The MC yells a different melody in this Korean webtoon, though. Shang was formerly the prime minister’s daughter, but a string of unfortunate circumstances left her eating slop with the pigs as though she were a dirty low person.

She must believe that her spouse will arrive to save her from this terrible situation, don’t you? Nope, instead, once her brother, who would have been the only other person to stop this, passes away, he flees flocking about with her sister as a new bride.

Shang is reincarnated as herself four years earlier, right before she is killed by persecution. She also promises to defend her departed loved ones and to get revenge on those who have harmed her by using her medical, martial arts, and acting expertise!

29. Cinderella Wasn’t Me

This Korean webtoon centers on Terryl, a young lady from modest beginnings who married a French aristocrat who bade her goodbye, earning her the moniker Cinderella.

Terryl’s grief at her husband’s treachery is short-lived when the Duke of Rihan shows up and claims to be her father, whom she had assumed had passed away. Suddenly elevated to a noble status, she strives to earn the right to succeed him.

After three years, the young heir starts to exact revenge on her former spouse for betraying her. Terryl has been waiting and planning carefully for this day to take his title of Marquis and give it to his oldest son! Will her scheme succeed or fail, though?

28. Ultimate Outcast

This manhwa has around seventy excellent chapters and is a respectably long read. This Korean webcomic centers on the unconventional misfit Kang Haneul.

Outcasts are often picked out based on their behavior or appearance, not Kang. With his mysterious new abilities and his intense desire for vengeance after witnessing a close friend suffer at an extraordinary event, Kang is a formidable opponent for anybody who tries to stand in his path.

27. The Wicked Little Princess 

A fiery sorceress, Liona is more than three centuries old. She lived a lonely existence until she met Prince Rakus of the Carrell Kingdom, who tragically deceived her and ultimately led to her death.

As fate would have it, she is reborn as a young princess into a brutal royal dynasty rather than living out her life in the spiritual realm as she had previously believed. When you’re planning your retaliation, what better family to be born into?

Her cunning plan begins with that plot, but before she can take the kingdom, she needs to use her powers, make allies, and vanquish all of her siblings!

26. There’s No Use Hanging On

In the Korean webcomic Kiara, her day simply keeps getting worse—it’s the day that her dearest Rakan gets crowned emperor! Such grandeur as Kiara was destined to experience as an empress, having been promised the throne by her romantic partner.

Rakan said her cousin Vienna’s name just as she believed he was going to call her name! When Kiara finds out that Rakan and Vienna have been scheming treachery all along, she is even more shocked and shocked.

Fortunately, destiny had other ideas because Kiara gets a second chance at retaliation and gets to go back to being eighteen, the age when she first spoke up to support the traitor in assuming the throne. Kiara gets the opportunity to dance to a different beat and even discover love with a man she disregarded.

25. Dark Mortal

Nam was once considered a weirdo, but because he has a floating black blob for his closest friend, bullying doesn’t bother him! After an explosion that renders Nam orphaned, injured, and nearly blind, life only becomes more difficult.

After the accident, Nam is bullied even more, but luckily, Inky is still by his side to support him through the onslaught of children. When Nam eventually transfers to a different school, everything returns to normal since the bullies have left and the bandages have disappeared.

Until our boy Wonder finds out that Inky has left. When Nam searches for his companion, will he lose it and take a personal vendetta against the children who have mistreated him? Or will he quietly set out to find his one and only friend?

24. The Way that Knight Lives as a Lady

In her manga, Estelle, a knight in the Kingdom of Ersha, is betrayed by a close friend who dares to pierce her flesh. She awakens to find herself transformed from her former self into the corrupt Princess Lucifela Aydin of a count in the Jansgar Empire.

She is devastated to learn that Jansgar has conquered her nation and that she is engaged to Zedekiah Heint, the prince of that nation. To determine who deserves her retribution, she must now navigate her life as Luifela and discover the truth behind her death.

23. Aidin

The noble daughter of a grand duke, MC Aidin, is the inspiration for the title of this Korean webtoon. She is Emperor Raymond’s assassin and the head of his covert assassination group, the Owl.

Aidin discovers that people will always betray you, no of how much loyalty you offer them. Although her Lord Raymond had given her death by guillotine sentence, resentment is a powerful emotion to hold onto, and as a result, Aidin finds herself back as a seventeen-year-old.

With a fresh start, the MC decides to get revenge and begins her plans by demolishing Ferdi’s former nation, which the emperor cherished. However, that is merely the start of this manhwa, when the tale of Aidin’s retaliation starts.

22. The Devil’s Boy

You will truly like this Korean webtoon if you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul. Jungho is a little youngster who is bullied so badly that he thinks of hurting himself. Fortunately, Mephisto, an archdemon, steps in to save him.

Her offer of magic in return for Jungho’s soul is accepted. With his skills enabling him to exact retribution and bring the bullies to their knees, Jungho has no reservations about this heavy transaction. What could be worse than his current situation, anyway?

The angels, devils, and even exorcists want this MC to participate in their games to maybe win their continuing struggle, but sadly, he has no idea what he’s getting into with his Manwah.

21. Justice for the Villainess

In yet another Korean webcomic, we have a damsel who is harmed by the lowest of the low, her former boyfriend! And to think she got away with killing Prince Albert, and now he stabs her in the back and charges her with the gravest of all crimes—treason!

Therefore, after seeing the treachery, Charlotte naturally welcomes the chance to exact revenge when Count Kaitel asks her five years later whether she would assassinate Prince Albert! Is Kaitel planning something else, or is this just fate?

20.  Can We Become a Family?

There is a villain in this Korean manga who has an unmatched desire for vengeance. Upon being adopted by a wealthy Duke, whose devotion she strives to earn at all means, Navia suffers the ultimate betrayal.

Sadly, Navia is utilized as a stand-in for Vivan, the Duke’s sick daughter who vowed to marry the crown prince. Following the nuptials, Vivan miraculously recovers and steps into Navia’s shoes before she is killed.

Navia’s desire for vengeance is evident even in death. Could this be the cause of her reverting to her eighteenth birthday? Whatever the case, Navia’s main intention is to make use of her extra time to exact revenge on those who abandoned her while she was in need.

19. The Demonic Contract

Since she is the daughter of a demon king, Yurisina has always desired to make her first contract with a human and become a fully-fledged demon.

When Princess Marianne calls her from her Pedin Kingdom quarters, demanding that she get revenge on the evil Queen Orphelius who poisoned her, it’s as if fate knew it would have a role in this Revenge Manhwa.

Princess Marianne goes on to encourage Yurisina to move in with her as she knows she will eventually meet her unavoidable end. Yurisina immediately accepts the offer as a form of retaliation!

18. Villain to Kill

The MC in this continuing  Revenge Manhwa is a bit of a hothead, but don’t worry, he also has a sweet side. Cassian Lee lives in a universe where evildoers are motivated by their perverse desires and where psykers fight to bring these bad guys to justice.

Cassian is the second one; following an accident, while visiting a buddy in Greece, he inadvertently switches bodies with a high school student from Korea who has recently turned evil. This sets up a fascinating vengeance plot for this MC after all that transpired in Greece.

17. Dungeons and Artifacts

In this Korean webtoon, Stretch Atelier, a dungeon explorer, is hired by a prince to lead him and his companions on a tour of a dungeon. When the prince dupes everyone into unleashing a deadly curse, the performance goes south.

Stretch is supposed to die, but a sentient artifact makes a bargain with him in return for helping him get revenge on the prince, causing him to come back to life. This transaction becomes an adventure including monster hunting, dungeon raiding, making enemies, and developing friendships.

16. I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away

Charlize Ronan’s sole goal in life was to become a knight to make her family and nation proud of her. The little damsel quickly loses her dreams as she turns into a sword!

Not just any sword, though; she has been given a 400-year sentence to serve as the empire’s weapon, murdering innocent people and men for as long as the emperors thought fit. Charlize becomes her old self again and prays for justice!

Ultimately, Charlize intends to usurp the dreadful empire by appointing young Prince Dylan to the throne. As a despot, not as a just leader making sure that what happened to her doesn’t happen to anybody else. What finer tale of retaliation could one lady conjure up?

15. I Shall Master This Family

This continuing manga is very remarkable! You will follow young Firentia, a member of the Lombardi family and the daughter of nobility as well as commoners, who lived through the fall of the empire in this Korean webtoon! No, she fell with it, and that too at the hands of her ruthless cousins.

Firentia has returned as her seven-year-old self, for whatever reason! The little doll has now decided that, by whatever means necessary, she will exact retribution to uphold her family’s honor, get her grandfather’s approval, keep her father alive, and take charge of the household!

14. Rooftop Sword Master

This MC spent nine months in a coma after eight of his middle school classmates severely abused him! after finding out that his father had self-immolated to obtain justice for his son. This Revenge manhwa was undoubtedly intended to be a vengeance narrative.

Sitting in his house, Neung Kwang was filled with dread and wrath against the world that had wronged him. He doesn’t enter the world he’s been cut off from until he hears an odd sound and discovers a sword etched with the words “Fighting Sword” on his ceiling, calling him to battle!

13. To Not Die

Dajiun gets bullied daily, and one day he decides to take extreme measures since he has had enough. Dajiun thinks it’s time for a change after realizing that the bullies who have harassed him day after day should die, not him.

This MC gets his chance when he finds himself having to defend himself in a brawl after school; he views it as the ideal occasion to get revenge on them for all they have done to him wrong. But when he discovers new power in this Revenge Manhwa, bullying at school won’t be his only challenge.

12. Gosu

You will follow Gosu, a martial arts apprentice who would stop at nothing to exact sweet justice in the memory of his instructor who passed away, in this Korean comic book.

But this isn’t just any justice—Gosu intends to get his retribution on everyone who has mistreated his Sensei, fist by fist and kick by kick. Thankfully, there are funny and well-written battle sequences in an otherwise somber manhwa!

11.  The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

How would you feel about a Revenge Manhwa in which the strongest hero was killed by your own hands? Most likely not very well, and these folks in particular don’t either when they wonder how Lee Geon managed to live.

Gion was informed that he would die, but he dismissed the warning since, despite being the Thirteenth Saint, he was judged to be more powerful and remarkable than others who had supposedly been sent forth by the Twelve gods. Nevertheless, he wants to get revenge on those who wished him dead.

10. Nano Machine

We follow Cheon Yeo-Woon, a helpless and illegitimate royal in this Revenge Manhwa, as he fights to keep himself from being killed by other princes. He is fortunate because his ancestors can go back in time and offer him nanotechnology.

With this cutting-edge technology, he can anticipate combat strategies found in textbooks and recover from injuries more quickly. Cheon rejoins the Demon Cult and starts training to become stronger with his new powerful physique to add a little intrigue to his narrative.

9.  Kill the Hero

Having been murdered by the most dependable guild head, Woojin feels betrayed more than anything! After being granted the gift of reincarnation, the main character chooses not to play the obedient subject who kills monsters and defends the defenseless to save the world.

No, Woojin is content to be the bad guy and is determined to get retribution in remembrance of his former existence. His superior methods of eliminating monsters make him stand out, leading the other quest participants to question whose side he is on.

Woojin in this Korean comic knows he can play the game to win, and he will do whatever it takes to defeat the hero and get retribution for being deceived like a criminal.

8. God of Blackfield

This Korean Webtoon centers on Kang Chan, a French Foreign Legion soldier. His foes referred to him as the “God of Blackfield” during the African War because of his valiant actions.

He was shot in the back while fighting a terrorist organization’s mastermind, and as he was losing consciousness, Kang witnessed the deaths of his thirteen combat companions. Three years later, miraculously, he awoke in Korea as a frail schoolboy!

Although getting vengeance wasn’t Kang’s first intention, when he learns what transpired on his first death day, it quickly becomes the narrative of his new existence.

7. Neon Revenge

Of course, nobody expects your traditional geek to ever be so powerful that he can unleash violence and disaster on bad youngsters, would they? That’s the main focus of this Revenge Manhwa, after all.

Seongbin Cha, popularly known as the Neon Mask, is an influencer who spends his days putting bullies in their place. He utilizes ViewTube, a platform, to demonstrate how he employs force to keep these miscreants in check.

Seogbin wants to make sure that every one of them is in its proper place. Is he going to be able to pull it off with the support of his bodyguards, or will the criminals exact their retribution and humiliate him?

6. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

Aria Roscente is the daughter of a prostitute, and because her mother married into the Count Roscente family, she is expected to live a luxurious lifestyle. Aria may be wealthy and well-dressed, but when her tranquility is threatened, materialism shrinks to nothing.

Mielle, her stepsister, has been scheming against her, tricking her into establishing a terrible reputation to have Aria put to death. And it succeeds!

She spots an hourglass that reverses time by ten years just as she is about to fall into the grip of death. Aria’s quest for vengeance against her stepsister and her supporters for their part in her planned treachery starts at this point.

5. Your Throne

This Revenge manhwa, which is still in progress, is about Lady Medea Solon, who has unluckily lost her spot beside Crown Prince Eros. Despite being ignored, Lady Medea has decided to do everything it takes to reclaim her proper position as an heiress with Eros.

Under what seems to be a peaceful empire called Vasilios—which is governed by both the Imperial Family and the Temple—tensions are mounting on all fronts. If Lady Medea is to get her fairytale’s happy ending, this is just the beginning.

This Korean comic is a psychological thriller that will have you turning the pages till the very end. It’s not another one where a little girl is wronged and becomes the villain out for retribution.

4. Second Life Ranker

Yeonwoo is currently searching for the truth behind his brother’s passing after losing him years ago. He receives a pocket watch while he is learning how to cope, and it takes him on a journey where he finds out that his brother was deceived in a game called Tower of the Sun God.

You follow Yeonwoo in this Korean comic as he becomes stronger and more determined to vanquish his brother’s previous opponents to get revenge for his primitive demise and win the Tower of the Sun God.

3. The Return of the 8th Class Magician

Emperor Ragnar of the Greenriver Empire is Ian Paige’s greatest buddy and the leader of a high-ranking mage team. No, it would be too simple. Ian does more for Ragnar than simply cast spells and tricks. In the name of his best buddy, he has killed a great deal of innocent people.

Ragnar poisons his confidant because he believes Ian poses a threat despite his allegiance, but Ian outwits him. The magician travels thirty years back in time to become a youngster. Ian resolves to do things differently this time around and joins a select order of wizards to sharpen his skills.

2. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Sadly, in this Revenge Manga, the apprentice and heir of the so-called Spear Master Sect were set up to study a prohibited demonic skill and executed as a result. The apprentice was revived right before he took his last breath!

Unlike his earlier works, he is now referred to as the 900 trainee of the Demonic Gold, having previously gone by the moniker Unseong. This benefits Unseong since his primary motivation is to get revenge on the gang that deceived him in the first place.

This time, his goal is to exact revenge on the so-called close buddy who deceived him in his Korean comedy, not to play a pawn in any king’s royal army.

1. Revenge Manhwa Legend of Northern Blade

In this Korean comic, the world has once again been plunged into darkness—this time, by the sinister Silent Night organization. Fortunately, a group of fighters who were prepared to unite and become the Northern Heavenly Sect existed.

Allegations have been made against the Northern Heavenly Sect’s fourth-generation leader, who is said to have plotted with their enemies to disband and end his own life to protect his non-martial artist son, Moowon.

following a miserable existence spent under constant observation by his father’s accusers. He manages to flee to the mountains one night during a Silent Night attack, where he trains in martial arts to exact revenge on those who killed his father and vanquish the Silent Night.


Numerous Korean comics and webtoons were well-known for their formulaic storylines, which included characters desiring a little revenge in retaliation for the loss of their master or feeling deceived by friends and family. Whoa! Not to mention the one with the surprise OP Saint out to get retribution with the people who betray him.

We hope that, regardless of where you are on the reading list, you were able to locate at least one worthwhile manhwa to read or suggest to a friend!

As usual, please let us know if there is anything you feel we missed. We hope you enjoyed the list of recommendations! We’d love to hear your opinions on your favorites or whether you’d want to read any! And till then, have fun with a fantastic Revenge Manhwa!

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