Anime Studios With The Best Anime Openings, Ranked

Anime Studios with the best anime openings

Anime Studios With The Best Anime Openings, Ranked

The music that goes with anime is one of its most amazing features. It significantly improves the viewing experience by including not just our eyes but also our ears in what we’re witnessing. Although a strong beginning can improve an anime, a weak one can still make it worse. We’ll order the five studios based on which of their Best Anime openings songs is the finest throughout all of the anime they’ve created.

5. David Productions

David Productions, one of the greatest companies out there, is responsible for producing one of the most well-known best anime opening themes. I think you would immediately recognize it as coming from the first three seconds of hearing it. Yes, that is Fire Force’s Opening 1. Its 75M YouTube views make it one of the greatest and most watched openers ever.

The beginnings of Jojo’s series were also created by David Productions. The beginning of 2.43, Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu, is one of my favorites.

4. The Best Anime Openings Wit Studio

Wit Studios, one of the more recent anime studios, was established in 2012 but has already made a lasting impact on the field. Although they are well renowned for their stunning visual and animation quality, their collection of opening songs is a little-known fact.

The production team of Attack on Titan reported that the show’s entrances had received more than 105 million views on YouTube, with millions more views appearing on unauthorized channels. In addition to AOT, Vinland Saga’s debut had roughly 19M views.

Wit has a history of routinely releasing songs, thus they are no strangers to creating banger openers.

3. Mappa

In recent years, Mappa has dominated, choosing several comics to adapt and finding great success. Their illustrious reign since 2020 is still going strong, and more anime and films have been announced.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to claim that Mappa has produced the finest openers, as many admirers claim.

80 million people saw Chainsaw Man’s most recent trailer, which was quite popular. They also oversaw the popular songs AOT Opening 6, Hell’s Paradise Opening, and Eve’s Jujutsu Kaisen Opening One. Fans were enthralled by all of them, and we can expect to see much more of that in their next endeavors.

2. Bones Inc.

How many amazing openers this studio has produced is difficult to quantify. Each of their acclaimed animated series is backed by some of the finest music in the whole anime canon.

We could write a whole post on all of their popular openings, but for now, we’ll focus on just a handful.

All of the My Hero Academia openers have received over 200 million views in total, with Kenshi Yonezu’s Peace Sign receiving the most attention with 270 million views. In addition, Sid’s Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening 5 and 33M-view Soul Eater Opening 1 are among the countless others. There is a very high likelihood that if you choose a Bones opener at random, it will end up on your playlist.

1. Best Anime Openings Studio Pierrot

When it comes to openings, Pierrot, the oldest studio of all three, is unrivaled. Here are some of the most well-known opening songs, including the Tokyo Ghoul and Naruto Shippuden Opening 16 themes.

Pierrot’s openers have their own playlist on YouTube, which you should definitely check out. There are too many Black Clover openers to count in addition to the abundance of fantastic music in the Naruto franchise. Amazing openers abound in all three series: Bleach, Boruto, and Kingdom. It will take years to remove Pierrot from this list since it rightfully deserves to be at the top.

These five studios—David Productions, Wit Studio, Mappa, Bones Inc., and Studio Pierrot—have succeeded in this area, establishing new benchmarks for the anime industry and solidifying their status as real masters of their trade. The skill of creating outstanding opening music is still a crucial element that propels anime to new artistic heights as the medium develops.

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