Best 15 Anime Characters with Short Black Hair (Male & Female) 2023


Best 15 Anime Characters with Short Black Hair (Male & Female) 2023

Best 15 Anime Characters with Short Black Hair (Male & Female) 2023

Best 15 Anime Characters with Short Black Hair (Male & Female) 2023

Let’s Read about the Best 15 anime characters with short black hair There are many anime characters with black hair. Some would contend that, at least in Japan, Asia, and anime, black hair is the most typical and natural hair color. Characters with black hair are usually thought to be enigmatic, elegant, conventional, strong, and merciless. However, there is nothing more endearing or intriguing in the anime world than a character with black hair, and they are all endearing.

Here is a list of some of your favorite black-haired anime characters that are short.

1) Mei Misaki is the sexiest anime characters with short black hair (Another)

Mei Misaki, the anime heroine of Another and a short black haired girl, comes first on the list. She’s a third-year Yomiyama North Middle School girl whose left eye is hidden by an eye patch, and she appears unusual and reserved. The girl who has the unexplained presence is always drawing by herself and is referred to as someone who “doesn’t exist.”

Mei has a light complexion, and short, jet-black hair that is thick, and she is one of the smallest girls in her class. Her left eye is artificial, a doll’s eye that sees things better left unseen, according to Mei, which explains why her irises are not matched. Her eyes were red once. When Mei was four years old, a sickness caused damage to her real eye, so her mother made the glass eye.

2) Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Roy Mustang, also known as “Flame Alchemist,” has total control of flame and fire thanks to alchemy. Roy is a dark-eyed, well-groomed man with clean features. Roy has short, dark black hair, which would go with his personality.

Despite his manipulative and haughty exterior, Mustang is a brilliant guy who is frequently one step ahead of his competitors and enjoys feeling in control of the situation. He works as a supervisor for Edward Elric. He appears to be little more than a ladies’ man in the military who is looking for notoriety and promotions.

3) Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)

Ash Ketchum serves as the primary protagonist in the Pokémon anime. He is a 10-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town in the Kanto region, and his goal has always been to become the world’s greatest Pokémon Master.

He gets a Pikachu as his first Pokémon after arriving late to Professor Oak’s lab. Alongside him on his travels around the Pokémon universe are some close companions. Ash is a small, thin young man with dark black hair, a slightly tanned complexion, and brown eyes with two distinct markings under each that resemble lightning bolts.

Ash has a strong personality, bravery in combat, and a deep love for Pokémon, which he uses to help and form bonds with them along his protracted journey.

4) Maple (BOFURI: I’ll Maximise My Defence Because I Don’t Want to Get Hurt)

Kaede Honjou, who goes by Maple on NewWorld Online, is the protagonist of BOFURI: I’ll Boost My Defence Because I Don’t Want to Get Hurt. Kaede accepted Risa Shiramine, her closest friend in real life when she suggested that she play the computer game NewWorld Online.

She’s an inquisitive, nerdy girl who, via a series of unfortunate circumstances, unexpectedly gains superhuman skills. Her main tool of choice is the huge shield. Kaede is a sincere individual. Her zeal and innocence, however, are what make her unique. She typically plays only for her amusement and isn’t competitive.

She, on the other hand, views practically everyone as a possible friend and has no ill will towards anyone. Kaede has short cowlick-lock black hair that falls a bit below her chin and a glossy black complexion. Her eyes are a shade of grey. She has the same demeanor in games as she has in real life.

5) Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Each of them is incredibly close to Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, who cherishes their relationship beyond all else. Luffy doesn’t appear to be very intelligent at first; he typically has a naïve perspective and is readily astonished by the little things.

But because of his limited perspective, he is sometimes the only one who can look past the immediate situation and determine what has to be done. Not only is he a master fighter, but he is also the captain of the infamous and formidable Straw Hat Pirates. His ultimate goal is to take the renowned riches that the late Gol D. Roger left behind to become the Pirate King.

He believes that having the most freedom in the world is a prerequisite for becoming the Pirate King. Luffy is a powerful, slender man with large, wide black eyes and short, shaggy black hair. He is recognizable due to his trademark straw hat.

6) Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

The protagonist of the well-known Code Geass is Lelouch vi Britannia, an anime series. He is the Holy Britannian Empire’s eleventh prince. Lelouch is a handsome young guy who has violet eyes and black hair like his mother. His gloomy attitude is well-recognized.

Given that his desire to protect Nunnally and exact revenge for his mother’s apparent murder are the driving forces for his attempts to alter the universe, Lelouch comes out as completely narcissistic.

Over time, though, he realizes that this goal applies to the entire globe, not just them. He is a crafty and cold-blooded fighter, yet behind the surface he is a kind buddy. He is Suzaku’s devoted buddy and Nunnally’s loving elder brother.

7) Shiina Mayuri (Steins; Gate) 

Mayuri is a little girl with light-blue eyes, thick brows, and short black hair that sweeps to each side. In Steins; Gate and Steins; Gate 0, Mayuri Shiina, also known by her nickname Mayushii, serves as the protagonist.

She is the second member of Future Gadget Laboratory and the childhood friend of Rintarou Okabe. She’s a kind, innocent child with occasional flashes of extraordinary intelligence, but she doesn’t fully understand the lab’s time travel experiments. She is upbeat. Though she finds complicated ideas tough to comprehend, she doesn’t mind as long as it’s enjoyable.

She finds it irritating when people fight, and when things aren’t going her way, she gets unhappy. She wants to help in these kinds of circumstances, but her ability to read between the lines isn’t very good.

She would go with her grandma to see the stars on her back regularly. She then developed the habit of occasionally extending her arm towards the sky, leading Rintaro to dub her “Stardust Shakehand.”

Her job at Faris Nyannyan’s maid café is part-time. She loves to knit costumes for cosplay, and she usually forces Ruka Urushibara to wear them. The storyline centers on Okabe’s efforts to prevent Mayuri from dying as a result of the D-mail’s effects.

8) Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Naturally, Levi will be on our list of black-haired anime characters that are short! Levi is regarded as the strongest soldier in human history. Professionally, Levi Ackerman was sometimes referred to as Captain Levi. He is the Scouting Legion division’s captain. In addition, Levi is the leader of the Special Operations Squad, a top-tier group he put together just to guard Eren Yeager.

Levi has a youthful face, tiny, menacing, gloomy grey eyes with dark bags under them, and short, straight black hair cropped short in an undercut curtain. Despite his reputation for being gruff and distant, he values order and discipline. There are rumors that, before enlisting in the military, he was a criminal.

People who have personally known Levi characterize him as a “clean freak” because of his early upbringing. He seems chilly since he rarely shows emotion despite his fixation with cleanliness.

His humor is crude and gloomy. All of this makes him unpleasant to many people. Despite his often nasty appearance, he truly cares about his teammates and has never discounted the value of human life.

9) L Lawliet (Death Note) 

One of the most beloved characters in Death Note, L Lawliet, is a renowned detective who takes on the mission of apprehending Kira, the serial murderer. L is a tall, slender man with dark eyes and messy neck-length black hair. One of the things that makes him most identifiable is the shadow that sleeplessness casts under each of his eyes.

L lacks social skills and frequently engages in or displays actions that are seen to be disagreeable and inappropriate. Despite his untidy appearance and peculiar habits, L is incredibly smart and matches Light Yagami, the main character, in intelligence.

L lacks social skills, yet he makes use of his analytical understanding and grasp of human nature to his opponents’ detriment.

10) Kurome (Akame Ga Kill) 

Kurome is the younger member of Jaegers and the younger sister of Akame. Kurome looks a lot like her sister. Her eyes are dark, and her short black hair is wrapped in a twin tail.

While her sister and Kurome have many commonalities, such as a voracious hunger and a lack of social graces, Kurome is much more aloof and seems to exhibit darker sides of herself when it comes to taking out her adversaries.

11) Daisuke Kambe (Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited)  

One of the primary characters in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited is Daisuke Kambe. He works with the Detective Division of the Metropolitan Police Department at the moment.

A member of the Kambe family, who are billionaires, is Daisuke Kambe. He uses vast financial resources and cutting-edge technologies to solve several issues.

Daisuke is a young man of ordinary build. He has short, slicked-back black hair, heavy eyebrows, and dull blue-gray eyes. When his hair is down, it falls carelessly across his face and reaches past his eyebrows.

12) Seishuu Handa (Barakamon) 

The male lead in Barakamon is Seishuu Handa. Seishuu is a tall, slim, and handsome young man with powerful features, black hair that splits in two, and black eyes that are described as occasionally disagreeable.

After causing a stir by assaulting a well-known art critic, Seishuu is compelled to relocate to one of Japan’s outer islands. Seishuu wants to focus more on his calligraphy in Goto while taking his time to learn about himself and what he loves to do.

After some time, though, he starts to relax and become a fun guy to be around. When he is motivated to make a piece, he becomes so engrossed in it that he feels alone and exhausted.

13) Nana Osaki (Nana) 

Without Nana Osaki, the list of anime characters with short black hair would be lacking. The lead vocalist for the well-known punk group Black Stones is Nana Osaki. Slender and with short black hair falling to each side of her head, Osaki is a young woman.

Despite her tough exterior as a Grunge musician, Nana is a devoted friend with a loving heart. After being falsely accused of prostitution, Nana—who had been raised by her grandmother after her mother abandoned her—was expelled from high school.

Notwithstanding these challenges, Nana works hard to fulfill her dreams and is dedicated to becoming Blast’s lead vocalist.

14) Shinya Kogami (Psycho Pass) 

The main character of the anime series Psycho-Pass is Shinya Kogami. Kogami has a tall, athletic physique, short, messy black hair, grey eyes, and a fair complexion.

Kogami was an enforcer and a very skilled detective. He is a fantastic asset because of his quick case solving. When working, Kogami never lets his emotions cloud his judgment and always keeps an objective mind.

His handling of situations often leaves even the best Enforcers in disbelief, since he often employs reckless tactics to resolve them.

15) Sonohara Anri (Durarara!!) 

Anri Sonohara, a glasses-wearing high school girl, goes to Raira Academy with her close pals Masaomi Kida and Mikado Ryuugamine.

Though she tends to isolate herself from people and has a humble and quiet manner, she is intelligent, informed, and resourceful. Anri is a petite adolescent with light skin, short black hair, and spectacles. She seemed to be rather cooperative despite the harassment.

Her fear stems largely from the hurt and sadness she experienced after her parents died, which also made her believe she was unfit to love.

For some anime viewers, anime characters with short black hair are just what they want. I hope this list of some of your favorite short black-haired anime characters made you smile. We’ll return with other articles. I know you like the Best 15 anime characters with short black hair.

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