Chainsaw Man Season 2 Announcement Anticipation Peaks as Jump Festa 2024 Approaches

Chainsaw Man Season 2
Chainsaw Man Season 2

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Announcement Anticipation Peaks as Jump Festa 2024 Approaches

In the rapidly growing anime community, news regarding the highly anticipated “Chainsaw Man” second season is avidly awaited. Since the first season’s triumphant autumn 2022 premiere more than a year ago, fans have been waiting impatiently for an official announcement on the show’s renewal. Even after Chainsaw Man Season 1 garnered a lot of attention and positive reviews, many were shocked that Season 2 wasn’t authorized right away.

The first season hardly touched on the source material, with only 38 chapters from the ongoing manga (which now has 148 chapters). This wealth of original content raises the prospect of a third season in addition to suggesting the possibility of a second.

The production firm behind the anime, Mappa, has been quite busy this year working on several projects, including “Hell’s Paradise,” “Vinland Saga Season 2,” “Attack on Titan,” and “Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2.”Because of the tight schedule, there are rumors that the studio is taking its time to guarantee the best production quality possible for the forthcoming “Scream” season.”Chainsaw Man.”

official announcement of Chainsaw Man Season 2

Fans are hoping for an official announcement of Chainsaw Man Season 2 soon since most of their main initiatives for the year are now over. The main emphasis of Jump Festa 2024, which is scheduled for December 16 and 17, is the highly anticipated Chainsaw Man Red Super stage.

It is expected that important details on the future of the series will be disclosed at the event, which is scheduled for December 17 from 3:30 to 4:10 PM Japanese Standard Time. There were reports early in the year that “Chainsaw Man” was working on a second season and a movie. Although the leakers stated that both projects were in development, there haven’t been many updates from these sources since.

A formal confirmation during Jump Festa 2024 would be a good idea since it could reveal both the second season of Chainsaw Man and a movie. As seen by shows like “Blue Lock” and “Spy x Family,” there has been a recent trend in the anime business where sequel seasons have been confirmed concurrently with movie releases. Viewers may expect “Chainsaw Man Season 2” to premiere in the middle to late stages of 2024 if it follows suit.

Though anticipation for the possible announcement is high, questions remain about Studio Mappa’s previous scandals. The studio has been criticized by both animators and viewers for persistent problems in the current season of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” which include reports of a difficult work climate and strict project deadlines.

There have been requests for improved working conditions as a result of allegations made against Mappa’s CEO that he is taking on more projects than the studio can manage.

Despite the concerns, Studio Mappa has revealed their forthcoming project roster, which includes sequels like “Hell’s Paradise Season 2” and “Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skills,” as well as original works like “Bucchigiri?!” and “Lazarus.”


A question remains as to whether Studio Mappa will take on the obligations of “Chainsaw Man Season 2” given the challenges they continue to face with their present projects. On December 17, during Jump Festa 2024, all eyes will be on the Chainsaw Man panel in search of answers.

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