Episode 18 of JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 is briefly delayed due to studio controversy.


JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 Episode 18
JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 Episode 18

Episode 18 of JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 is briefly delayed due to studio controversy.

The anime world was shocked to learn recently that fans of “JUJUTSU KAISEN” would not be getting Season 2, Episode 18, which was upsetting news. JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 Episode 18 was supposed to premiere tomorrow, November 23, but there was an unforeseen postponement. Fans are now excitedly awaiting its November 24 release.

The announcement—which was made through the official “JUJUTSU KAISEN” account—explained that the original timetable for Japanese TV channels is being followed and that the delay relates only to the distribution on streaming platforms. The devoted fan base has responded to this one-day delay on streaming services in a variety of ways.

Behind the scenes, the hold-up seems to be linked to current disputes about the working conditions at Mappa Studio. The studio’s animators have expressed openly how difficult it is to meet deadlines and rigorous timetables, which strains the atmosphere at work. In fact, a few animators have expressed their unwillingness to work with Mappa going forward.

Although the delay for JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 Episode 18 is small—it lasted just one day—fans have expressed worries about the crew members’ general well-being. There have been suggestions that a longer break for Season 2 may provide the group a much-needed rest.

Even while viewers are reluctant to see their beloved anime delayed indefinitely, there is a general consensus that recognizes the difficulties the animators confront.

Because of the studio’s circumstances, there has been conjecture on the possibility of more delays for the next episodes. The latest setback is thought by some to be a sign of further disruptions to the manufacturing schedule.

It is still hoped that more details on the fate of the remaining episodes of Season 2 will be revealed following the airing of JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 Episode 18. After Episode 18, there are just five episodes remaining in the season, and fans are nervous about Mappa’s ability to overcome the obstacles and finish the season without any more setbacks.

The anime community is waiting impatiently, believing that the studio will be able to get beyond these obstacles and release the remaining episodes of “JUJUTSU KAISEN” Season 2 on schedule. Fans are urged to check back for updates and developments in light of this uncertainty. The anime fandom, which is renowned for its unshakable support, is anxiously anticipating the resolution of Mappa Studio’s present problems.

Source: JJK Official Website

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