Fallen Heroes Arc from Shield Hero, A Quick Overview


Fallen Heroes Arc from Shield Hero
Fallen Heroes Arc from Shield Hero

Fallen Heroes Arc from Shield Hero, A Quick Overview

An overview of the principal themes of the Shield Hero – Fallen Heroes arc Anticipated is the Fallen Heroes Arc, one of “The Rising of the Shield Hero”‘s best storylines. The narrative arc centres on what transpired after the Spirit Turtle incident, during which Naofumi is looking for the three other heroes who have disappeared.

The story arc is focused on Ren and Motoyasu’s character growth as they struggle personally and face their weaknesses. This autumn, The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 will debut, and it ought to cover the Fallen Heroes Arc. This arc is one of the finest in the series, in my view; yet, my favorite arc is only second to the first arc. I am thus quite eager to watch it in the anime.

Here is a complete disclaimer before I start the actual arc: everything I am about to say is based on the LN and is my opinion. The anime often follows its own path, thus the tale may develop slightly differently. The anime may also have several cuts, as we witnessed in season 2. Last but not least, this post is exclusively for kooky people like me who enjoy spoilers. So, a warning for commoners: spoilers.

Now that the lengthy disclaimer has been read and understood, let’s return to a random article. The Fallen Heroes Arc from the Rising of the Shield Hero is the topic of discussion today. I’ll offer a quick synopsis of the arc before discussing why I find it to be so excellent. The overview can be longer than you anticipate because the arc is so lengthy. Let’s begin, then. Read more about Fallen Heroes Arc from Shield Hero

Overview of Fallen Heroes Arc from Shield Hero


There is mayhem all throughout as a result of the Spirit Turtle storyline. Although it was costly, Naofumi and the crew were able to halt the turtle. The other three heroes are also not present, and their stats are far worse than they were previously. After lending a hand a little in the reconstruction, Naofumi starts looking for them.

It doesn’t take him long to run into Motoyasu, but he uses his teleportation ability to get away from Naofumi. When Naofumi is pursuing Motoyasu, he encounters Ren, who is sad since his group of friends perished in the tortoise tragedy. Like in the first arc, Like in the first arc, Melty is the bitch that she is & appeals to Ren’s hero complex by accusing Naofumi & Motoyasu of torturing her. Motoyasu confesses that his friends deserted him due to his incapacity. As she attempts to comfort him, his melancholy causes him to become fascinated with Filo, which causes Naofumi to leave him alone. 

After obtaining his own copies of two of the Cursed Series weapons, Ren goes on to become a bandit leader. He makes many unsuccessful attempts to kill Naofumi. Eclair eventually defeats him in a duel. In addition, Motoyasu has access to two Cursed weapons of his own. After defeating Ren, he flees in Filo’s carriage.

When Ren wakes up in Naofumi’s town, he tells the story of how Malty tricked him and abandoned him. He wants to work for Naofumi and offers his apologies. This arc in the LN is concluded with Ren joining Naofumi. The Wrath Dragon and Justice arcs continue the events from this arc. The official buildup to the conclusion of this arc has begun. Since I don’t know how far the anime will go, I’ll just stop here for simplicity. But naturally, Itsuki and Motoyasu join Naofumi for the decisive conflict in the end. Of the three heroes, Itsuki’s case is arguably the most complicated. 


Of course, this arc’s best feature is its cast of characters. Even though I despise Malty, the return of her to a sleazy enemy position aids this storyline. She is the most despicable opponent by a wide margin. Ren and Motoyasu further exhibit their flaws as people as they reveal their Cursed weapons. In this arc, we witness both of them at their very lowest, which results in some intriguing character moments.

By the end of the story arc, Ren has finally come to terms with his shortcomings and is prepared to move on after being deceived by Malty. Up to his party’s demise, he used to regard everything as a game. He held himself responsible for their demise, which made him vulnerable to Malty’s tactics. You get a completely new perspective on the characters after reading the Fallen Heroes arc. Aside from Naofumi, the other three are greedy, selfish, and thoughtless, and they are suffering much as a result of this arc. Despite all the three stooges (or at least two of them) have done, this storyline manages to elicit a little amount of pity from the viewer.

Why do I think this arc works?

This arc works well because it makes use of Shield Hero’s advantages. The grim and gritty tale, the very genuine struggle of a person who was wrongly accused after being resurrected. excellent character development, too. This arc primarily lacks showy combat and large, intimidating enemies. This is a pretty brilliant use of the new Curse weapons, even using them to advance Ren and Motoyasu’s character growth. 

If the anime is able to offer Season 3 that type of mood and a decent translation of the Fallen Heroes Arc, Season 3 will be a smash for sure. I seem to remember that Motoyasu (or someone else?) was seated amidst some ruins with a grey background in one of the initial teaser images for Season 3. Given that this arc in the source material is rather wonderful, a lot will rely on how successfully Kinema Citrus adapts the LN. It remains to be seen how well it adapts to the anime.


For now, that is all. I’m hoping Kinema Citrus performs this arc justice. I really love the Fallen Heroes arc, and I hope more people realize that Shield Hero lives on even after the Turtle narrative ends. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. I’m going to leave right here. See you!! I hope you like my article on Fallen Heroes Arc from Shield Hero.



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