(Female and Female) List of 15 Tanned Skin Anime Characters

(Female and Female) List of 15 Tanned Skin Anime Characters
(Female and Female) List of 15 Tanned Skin Anime Characters

(Female and Female) List of 15 Tanned Skin Anime Characters

We are introduced to Anime Characters with Tan Skin Despite having originated in Japan, anime’s cast of characters is not exclusive to that country. Characters

from anime may be found in a wide range of racial and national backgrounds.

There are a lot of dark and black anime characters, even if the majority of them have pale complexion. To create a list of anime characters with tan skin for this article, we selected those who already had tan skin.

We have selected fifteen characters from various anime series for this list. We’d like to warn you ahead of time that some of the stuff there contains spoilers. With that out of the way, let’s have a look at the list of 15 anime characters that have tan skin.

15 Anime Characters with Tan Skin

1. Hayase Nagatoro is a Hot Tanned Skin Anime Character

Anime: Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

Hayase Nagatoro from the anime is the first character on the list with a tan complexion. She initially meets the quiet and reserved Senpai during her first year of study at Kazehaya High School.

Nagatoro is infatuated with her upperman, who is regularly made fun of and intimidated. Although she presents a carefree exterior, she is actually beginning to feel something for him.

Nagatoro is a sporty, gregarious girl. She is medium height and has a strong, athletic frame. She has long, black hair and brown eyes. Her complexion has turned olive due to her outdoor interests.

2. Archer

Anime: Fate series

Rin Tohsaka is looked after by Archer, an Archer-class servant, during the Fifth Holy Grail War. EMIYA is the actual identity of Archer. Unlike the other servants, he is not a real Heroic Spirit.

He is actually Shirou Emiya, who, upon coming into contact with the World or Alaya, transforms into a Heroic Spirit and swears to defend the world as a Counter Guardian.

The way Archer looks is very different from who he really is. As an adult, he manifests as a Heroic Spirit. His hair is white, while Shirou’s is reddish brown. Archer is taller, stronger, and has tanned skin than Shirou.

3. Daiki Aomine

Anime: Ku Roko’s Basketball

The star player and power forward for Touou High School’s basketball squad is Daiki Aomine. He used to play for Teiko Junior High and is a member of the Generations of Miracles.

He was Kuroko’s friend and the bright spot that contrasted with Kuroko’s darkness. He initiates a challenge to Kagami, demonstrating his exceptional talent.

Aomine is an extremely tall basketball player. He stands at a height of 6’3.5″. He has short blue hair, blue-grey eyes, and tan complexion.

4. Sphintus Carmen

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Aladdin’s roommate and friend Shintus Carmen attends the Magnostadt Academy. He is also from the Kingdom of Heliohapt, descended from a poor noble dynasty. Sphintus possesses poor magic when he starts in the 4th Kodor and improves to the 1st Kodor. His specialty is magic for healing.

Sphintus is a handsome young man with white hair, green eyes, and tan skin. His pet snake, Kukulcan, is typically around his neck.

5. Muru Muru

Anime: Future Diary

The servant of Deus ex Machina, the God of Time and Space, is called Muru Muru, or just Mur Mur. She works mostly with Deus to supervise and score the Survival Game. She comes out as innocent and funny, but in the conclusion, her true nature is shown. She is one of the main antagonists in the show.

Despite having a childlike appearance, Muru Muru has a wicked and twisted mentality. She has tanned brown skin and beautiful, light lavender hair. Her eyebrows are lavender, her eyes large and purple with a black dot in between.

6. Camilla Pareto

Anime: The Asterisk War

The head of the Ferrovius (Lion’s Faction) and an Arlequint Academy student is Camilla Pareto. She has made two puppets as part of her research on combat, along with Ernesta, another researcher. Camilla lost her arm and leg in the war, and her lost parts were replaced by Ernesta’s puppet technology.

Camilla is a serious-looking teenager. She has long, sandy-blonde hair and reddish-brown eyes. Her skin is tanned, complementing well with her light-colored hair.

7. Heiji Hattori

Anime: Detective Conan

Heiji Hattori is listed as the eighth anime character with tan skin. Heiji, like Shinichi, works as a high school investigator. He is from Osaka and speaks the Kansai accent. Heiji is Shinichi’s opponent, but when he learns of his situation, he helps the guy maintain his masquerade as Conan.

Heiji is an intelligent man with a pleasing appearance to match his keen mind. He’s tall, brown, and has blue-green eyes. He seldom ever makes an appearance without Kazuha, his childhood friend.

8. Hibana

Anime: Fire Force

Hibana is Special Fire Force Company 5’s captain. The two nuns who are still living are her and Iris. She is a Third third-generation pyrokinetic Scientist. Her pyrokinetic ability allows her to create flames in the shape of flowers using a fan or her hands. Clematis

Hibana is a stunning woman of twenty years old. She has a curvy shape and tanned skin. Her hair is very light pink, and her eyes are blue with pink, flower-shaped pupils.

9. Umiko Ahagon

Anime: New Game!

The head programmer of Eagle Jump, a video game developer, is Umiko Ahagon. She is a rigorous professional who dislikes correcting other people’s errors. Umiko keeps airsoft guns in her workstation and adores the military. She also finds her last name to be quite offensive.

Umiko is a stunning twentysomething girl. She has long brown hair and is tanned. Her short, thick brown eyebrows frame her blue eyes.

10. Phil

Anime: The Promised Neverland

Phil is an orphan who, unaware of the awful conditions surrounding them, resides at the Grace Field House with other orphans. Since Phil is just four years old, he is regarded as a low-quality meal. He still ranks among the top scorers and among the sharpest, though.

Phil is a charming and kind youngster. He has a tanned skin and a childlike, plump face. He has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Phil never stops smiling, even before he finds out about their situation.

11. Reg

Anime: Made in Abyss

Riko discovers Reg, an amnesiac robot, at the first tier of the Abyss. In honor of her former dog, Riko gives him the name Reg. Because of his prosthetic body, he is not affected by the Curse of the Abyss. People start referring to him as “The Treasure of the Deep” as a result.

Despite being a robot, Reg looks like a little boy. He has dark hair and brilliant eyes, and he wears an enigmatic helmet. He has two symmetrical red marks on either side of his chin, and his skin is tanned.

12. Arumi Asahina

Anime: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Sasshi’s best buddy is Arumi Asahina. She grew up with Sasshi, having spent their early years frolicking in the retail arcade. Her father and grandfather own a French restaurant inside the shopping mall. But since the company is about to collapse, the family is moving to Hokkaido.

Arumi, a 12-year-old girl, is lovely. She has two braids in her brown hair and a tan skin. She also has thick eyebrows and reddish-brown eyes.

13. Soma Schicksal

Anime: God Eater

Soma Schicksal comes in at number thirteen on our list of anime characters with tan skin. Soma is a God Eater group veteran. He swings it like a heavenly spear with a Buster Blade. Soma is a quiet individual who doesn’t socialize much with others. He has a very high survival rate since he regenerates fast.

Soma is a teenage girl of eighteen. He has a tall, tanned physique, platinum blonde hair, and blue eyes. Soma’s Indian mother and German-Caucasian father are responsible for his chocolate complexion.

14. Canaan

Anime: Canaan

Canaan is a Shanghai-based mercenary. Her community was devastated in a Middle East battle, and she was the only one who survived. Siam, an ex-mercenary, trained her and gave her the name Canaan before deciding to save her life. She is now seeking revenge on Alphard Al Sheya for betraying Siam.

Canaan is a young woman with a trim, athletic build. Her skin is tan, her hair is platinum blonde, and she has gray eyes. Her deeper skin tone makes a stunning contrast with her lighter hair.

15. Ymir

Anime: Attack on Titan

Eren’s fellow 104th Training Corps recruit is named Ymir. She and Krista both enlist in the Survey Corps after graduation. Since Ymir is the Jaw Titan and was formerly a member of Marley’s team, he is aware of the reality about Titans and the world outside the walls.

It turns out that Ymir is older. But she’d stopped aging after spending many of those years as a Mindless Titan. At the moment, she has the severe characteristics of an adolescent. She has freckles behind her cheeks and a tan complexion.

Although there aren’t as many anime characters with tan skin as there are with light complexion, these ones certainly know how to pull off the tan appearance. Both big and small characteristics may be found in the above list, and each is unique and exquisite in its own right.

Here is where we’ll end. Please remember to check out our other fascinating lists of manga and anime if you enjoyed this one. (Female and Female) List of 15 Tanned Skin Anime Characters

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