How to watch Lupin the Third anime: explained Complete watch order


How to watch Lupin The Third Anime

How to watch Lupin the Third anime: explained Complete watch order

We are now discussing how to watch Lupin the Third anime in its entirety. One of the first anime series, Lupin the Third has produced several films, TV shows, OVAs, and specials, all of which feature the titular protagonist engaging in numerous adventures. Prior to attempting to steal from his clients, Lupin, a thief, sends them caution cards. Usually, his dependable buddies help him complete his task.

It might be difficult to determine the proper watch order for the Lupin the Third franchise because it debuted in the early 1970s. The series is simple to understand since it has a loose canon and a more episodic structure. The anime series that have been produced throughout the years, which serve as the franchise’s primary source of narratives, will be the subject of the next watch order.

The complete anime series Lupin the Third and the ideal viewing order

1. Lupin the Third anime (1971)

The first Lupin the Third series is, of course, the best place to begin. This short-lived series, which debuted in 1971 and had just 23 episodes before ending the following year, yet attracted a sizable fan base that allowed the franchise to continue. So, for newbies, it’s a very nice place to start.

The story’s basic formula is mostly made up of Lupin’s magnetic personality, his traditional friends like the assassin Daisuke Jigen, his love interest Fujiko Mine, and the pursuit of Heiji Zenigata VII. Although the series has some out-of-date components (it was created in the early 1970s, after all), it’s a wonderful place to start if you want to learn more about Lupin the Third. Read More about Lupin the Third anime.

2. Lupin the 3rd part II (1977)

The first Lupin the Third anime series, which had a number of repeats despite concluding in 1972, was so well-liked in the late 1970s that a second, 155-episode series was produced in 1977. This is often regarded as the original adaptation of the franchise, or at the very least one of the most cherished. Although there are significant tone alterations, this one keeps most of the original series’ essential components. Since this version focuses a lot more on humor and pop culture allusions than the 1971 original did, it is considerably more approachable to a wider audience.

3. Lupin the Third AnimePart III (1984)

When it comes to the franchise’s series, the third delivery is a little debatable. It was created in the middle of the 1980s, more than ten years after the original anime’s debut, and it received harsh criticism for its shoddy animation and sometimes absurd stories, stretching the limits of how humorous the series could be. Although Lupin the Third is a series with a lot of humor, it also has a lot of heart, and this series lacked it. Although everyone is free to form their own opinions about a series, many people believe that this one is the poorest in the franchise.

4. Lupin III: The Person Known as Fujiko Mine (2012)

It is not unexpected that Fujiko Mine is a fan favorite as she is Lupin’s most often occurring love interest. She gets her chance to shine in this 2012 series: An anime that paid a lot more attention to her past and development completely centered on her experiences before meeting Lupin and the group. The subjects and tones are far more varied in Monkey Punch’s original manga from the 1960s, which he also wrote and illustrated. This makes the spinoff feel like a return to the original material. It also makes the series much more serious and sensual, making it one of the more intriguing additions to the Lupin the Third franchise.

5. Lupin the 3rd Part anime IV: The Italian Adventure (2015)

After the 1980s, the Lupin the Third franchise went for a long time without having an anime series. There was the Mine one, which was undoubtedly fantastic, but it was a spinoff. The episode from 2015 is the one that truly thrust the series into the spotlight. This 26-episode animation has a highly distinct and dynamic feel because the majority of the episodes are set in Italy and San Marino. The animation is also excellent, which adds to the overall appeal of the experience.

6. Lupin the 3rd Part V: Misadventures in France (2018)

Although it must be mentioned that this one depends somewhat on what transpired in the previous part in Italy, each Lupin the Third anime series has been independent of the others and may be seen as stand-alone works. In that sense, there are many parallels between the European backdrop, the animation, the storytelling approach, and the character designs. The fact that the storyline in this section is much more concentrated and has many more blockbuster components, putting the emphasis on the action, maybe one of the largest distinctions. It may be claimed that this anime is the finest example of how much Pulp magazines influenced this genre.

7. Lupin the 3rd Part VI (2021)

The first half of this title, the most recent anime version of the series and one of its most ambitious in terms of plot, demonstrates how Lupin handles being pursued by Sherlock Holmes when the latter suspects the former of killing Watson. The protagonist’s hunt for a lady who could be his mother receives a lot of attention in the second half.

The characters are represented accurately by the superb animation. It includes 25 episodes, has a good pace, and has a lot of intriguing story developments. One of the more intriguing Lupin the Third animes available.


Final thoughts

One of the most significant franchises in the manga and animation industries is Lupin the Third. It has been running for more than 50 years across a variety of media platforms, consistently delivering the fundamental ideas and characteristics that have made the brand what it is. Additionally, Lupin and his friends will undoubtedly return in some capacity. I hope you enjoyed How to Watch the Watch Lupin the Third anime in Watch Order.

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