( Kingdom 758 raw) Kingdom Chapter 758 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date

Kingdom 758 raw
Kingdom 758 raw


( Kingdom 758 raw) Kingdom Chapter 758 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date

At last, Kingdom  758 Raw has picked up speed as we learn more specifics about the enigmatic guy in Han. While reading the
book, Ei Sei remarks on how wonderful it is to learn how to run a nation within the law.
He also expressed a desire to speak with the author, to which Shou Hei Kun responded that both he and he are still young. He goes on to state that the author is Kanpishi and that he is a member of the Han royal dynasty.

Shou Hei Kun decides to give gifts to Han because he believes it would be wise to welcome this man to Qin. Shin, Tou, and Rokuomi arrive at Han’s Guanghyung gate.

They are permitted to enter Han after a brief introduction. Every civilian emerges to welcome and witness this messenger. Although Tou claims that Han could never attack alongside him, Shin believes that Han is capable of doing so.

Since other nations would then support Qin, Qin would be able to attack Han with all of their power. Han only remained among the seven states because of their intelligence, even though their army was the weakest.

Tou discusses the background of the Threejin and appears to have anticipated it. At that moment, a lady leading an army requests them to go back, stating that Kanpishi will not accompany them to Qin.

Even after Rokuomi clarifies that they are an official emissary, she refuses to move. Tou adds that to achieve it, she would have to cut him. Han’s troops and Rokuomi prepare to battle, but someone intervenes.

The female warrior Nyung is stopped by the appearance of General Rakuakan. The three of them learn that Nyung is the Princess as he meets them kindly. Everyone in the palace seemed to be skeptical about this encounter.

As Shin watches everything, Rakuakun and Tou are having a regular conversation. It appears that another man in a mask is standing next to Rokuomi. Shin is approached by another General, who stutters a lot and claims he wants to talk to him.

He asks him if humans are good or wicked from birth as they discuss Shin. Recalling Shou Hei Kun’s talk, Tou realizes that this man is Kanpishi, the one who stutters a lot. The second General states that Shin’s response will determine if the operation is successful, and the chapter stops there.

( Kingdom 758 raw) Kingdom Chapter 758 Spoilers-Predictions

It seemed like the moment they walked in, their meeting may be over. Everything will depend on Shin’s response to Kanpishi. Kanpishi also seems to have selected Shin after reviewing his past.

Furthermore, we are aware that Han finds the concept of meeting with Qin objectionable. The Princess came here right away to inform them of this and to request that they depart for that reason.

The fact that Kanpishi served as the Princess’ tutor lends further credence to this. Additionally, he had a keen interest in the Royal Palace.

Given that many people are opposed to Kanpishi’s meeting with Qin, he may also be partly to blame for Han’s wisdom. Furthermore, it appears that a few of them had conjectured that Qin would arrive to capture Kanpishi.

This brief encounter between Shin, Tou, Rokuomi, and the Princess might validate their conjectures. We still don’t completely understand Han’s goals or how successfully they plan to take advantage of this circumstance.

Even though they haven’t seen the Han King yet, Shin has already encountered difficulties. Tou and Rokuomi appear to be taken aback by this circumstance as well since it might once more place Qin in a disadvantageous position.

Tou was explicitly informed that bringing Kanpishi to Qin was of utmost importance and that he had to do it regardless of the consequences. But because he is now with the other General Rakuakan, he is unable to even assist Shin with this matter.

( Kingdom 758 raw) Kingdom Chapter 758 Release Date

The release date for Kingdom Chapter 758 is set for May 22. It appears that the Kingdom will take yet another hiatus the following week, and we are also in the dark regarding the title.

A week before the chapter’s release, the raw scans and spoilers should be sent. Please return to this page as we will be providing the complete spoilers as soon as they are released.

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