One Piece Day 2023: New Opening and Closing Gear 5

2023’s One Piece Day: Gear 5, 


A fresh beginning and conclusion The yearly celebration of the premiere of Eiichiro Oda’s renowned series, One Piece Day 2023, surpassed all expectations.

The event, which was broadcast live around the world from the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center, revealed several incredible developments. The announcements covered new opening and finishing songs, the unveiling of the upcoming anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s Monsters one-shot, and the entire trailer for the next live-action series scheduled to stream on Netflix. They also covered the official teaser of Luffy’s Gear 5 form and its debut date in the anime. Fans of One Piece undoubtedly appreciate the noteworthy attention that the series will get shortly.


All the exciting news revealed during the event for One Piece‘s 26th 2023 anniversary explained in detail

In One Piece manga chapter 1044, Luffy’s Devil Fruit—then thought to be the Paramecia-class Gom-Gom Fruit—was actually a Mythical Zoan, the Human-Human, Model: Nika. Luffy’s heartbeat altered when Kaido knocked him out, and he began to undergo Gear 5’s new metamorphosis.


In a mind-blowing turn of events, Luffy assumed the form of Nika, the fabled Sun God revered as the “Warrior of Liberation” for his capacity to spread joy while defending the freedom of people around him. The Gear 5 form, like the original Nika, allowed Luffy to do fantastical acts once it was released.


This change was appropriately labeled “the most ridiculous power in the world.” In addition to gaining physical strength well beyond that of the previous Gears, Luffy also developed powers that allowed him to manipulate both living beings and inanimate objects, even extending the rubbery nature of his body to the environment.


The World Government classed the Nika-Nika Fruit as a Paramecia and altered its name in an effort to hide the threat represented by the reality-shaping skills that would come with a hypothetical Devil Fruit Awakening because it was afraid that this power may ever awaken again. As a result, even when Luffy’s appearance changes in the Gear 5 form, he can still fight freely and literally by using his mind.

Gear 5 will make his anime debut in episode 1071, scheduled to premiere on August 6, 2023, it was revealed on the One Piece Day. Additionally, a small teaser was displayed to give fans a preview of how the famous transformation would appear in the anime version.


Beginning in August 2023, brand-new music and graphics will be released.


With their captivating soundtracks and animated graphics, anime programmes’ opening and outro segments are crucial components. One Piece’s adaptation by Toei Animation is no different. Fans will always have good memories of the various themes that have been included in the translation of Eiichiro Oda’s masterwork, including the legendary We Are! and Memories.


The concluding events in the realm of the samurai will have another introduction as the Wano arc already had three introductions—Over the Top, Dreamin’ on, and Paint. Fans were even more shocked to learn that Megumi Ishitani will be directing the new opener.


There is no question that the new opening will look fantastic given Ishitani’s extraordinary ability, which One Piece fans have already had an opportunity to admire thanks to her fantastic work on episode 1015. The One Piece anime will also soon get a new closing tune after an absence of 17 years.


In episode 1071, the new beginning and new conclusion will both make their debuts. Read More about One Piece Day 2023: Gear 5 New Opening and Ending


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Ryuma’s story will be animated

will have an anime adaptation, it was revealed at One Piece Day. Although the show’s premiere date has not yet been announced, viewers may now see a brief teaser trailer.

In this case, it is guaranteed that “Sword God” Ryuma would act as the story’s major protagonist. Surprisingly, the Ryuma from One Piece is the same character that appeared in Monsters. He had no idea that the powerful samurai was revered as “King,” the most formidable combatant in the entire globe.

All of the pirates and World Nobles who attempted to conquer Wano were successfully repelled by Ryuma, who lived in a bygone age several centuries before the current narrative of One Piece. Ryuma was even likened to the legendary Joy Boy, demonstrating his enormous power.

Even decades after his passing, Ryuma is still regarded as “Wano’s Greatest Hero,” despite the fact that the country has warriors of the caliber of Oden Kozuki. Ryuma, a man of great honor and rigorous adherence to his own personal code, passed away unharmed and left behind his sword Shusui, which he had transformed into a Black Blade using his very potent Haki.

In addition to his physical prowess, Ryuma is well-known among One Piece fans for sharing a remarkable similarity with Roronoa Zoro, another formidable fighter. The only visual distinction between the two is the color of their hair; otherwise, they are almost visually identical. Read more about One Piece Day 2023: Gear 5 New Opening and Ending


Zoro in Ryuma’s story

Zoro once came upon Ryuma’s body, which had been reanimated as a zombie who was considerably less powerful than the original but still rather strong. Zoro received the sword Shusui from Ryuma after defeating the undead, which he used briefly before giving it back to Wano.

Zoro is frequently thought to be the second coming of Ryuma, just like Luffy is the reincarnation of Joy Boy. The spectacular sword slash that Ryuma performed in Monsters served as the inspiration for two of Zoro’s best techniques, the One Sword Style: Dragon Blaze and the King Of Hell, as well as the Three Sword Serpent: Dragon Damnation.

The name of the planned anime adaptation, Monsters: Ippyaku Sanjo Hiryu Jigoku, which is the same name as the Haki-enhanced technique that the green-haired swordsman used to defeat the Lunarian surviving King, serves to emphasize the relationship between Zoro and Ryuma. I hope you like One Piece Day 2023: Gear 5 New Opening and Ending

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