Recap of Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 16: Will Rudy be able to communicate with Norn after his difficult reunion with his sisters?

Last week in Mushoku Tensei Season 2, Rudeus assisted Nanahoshi with her study. She was disheartened by her several failed attempts until Rudy and his buddies joined her in her investigation. While Paul’s letter prepared Rudeus for his reunion with his sister, Rujierd arrived as a welcome surprise. As soothing as Rujierd’s presence may have been, it also triggered some terrible memories.

Rudeus has come a long way, not only accepting Rujierd’s idea about Eris but also stepping up for his next task. We witness him struggling to be a decent older brother to Norn and Aisha. With that, let’s go over the latest happenings in his life with a Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 16 recap.


Recap of Mushoku Tensei Season 2, Episode 16

Mushoku Tensei Season 2, episode 16, opens with Rudeus catching up with Rujierd. When asked, Rujierd informs Rudeus that he spent two years in a deep forest in the southern area until Paul requested him to accompany Norn and Aisha.

He also met Roxy, who was horrified to learn that Rujierd is a Superd. Rudy recalls the moment Roxy taught him about Superds. As Rudeus runs out of topics to discuss, Rujierd brings up Eris.


Rujierd Brings the Past Along

Rudeus reluctantly informs Rujierd about Eris leaving him, claiming that they are not a good match. Rujierd calmly listens to him but points out that Rudy may have misinterpreted her and that she probably did not dislike him. Rudy mulls it over for a few seconds before closing his eyes and recalling his years of pain.

Rujierd informs him that he will be departing the next day, but begs him to speak with Eris if he ever sees her again. The next morning, Rudues wakes up to discover Rujierd and Badigadi standing together. Worried, he goes to them, but Badigadi departs. He inquires whether everything is well, to which Rujierd replies that he did not expect to encounter Badi there.

Rudy lets out a breath of relief. As Rujierd prepares to go, Rudeus invites him to remain for breakfast. While saying farewell, Norn requests that Rujierd accompany her since she does not trust Rudeus. Rujierd tells her that Rudy is not unfaithful and begs Sylphy to look after Rudeus and his sisters.


Rudeus assumes a new responsibility.

After Rujierd leaves, Rudeus inquires Norn and Aisha about attending the University of Magic, since Paul had requested that he send them there. Aisha indicates her willingness to look after Rudeus, although Norn is typically unresponsive to his requests. She even becomes upset with him when he says it’s simple to get into Magic University if you have money, even if you fail the test.

Aisha shouts at Norn, telling her to be courteous to Rudeus. Rudeus asks them both to take the university exam. After Norn departs furious, he encourages Aisha to be fair to Norn because she is doing her best.

Later, Rudeus describes their conversation with Sylphy. He tells her that Aisha wants to be the maid, and he’s concerned if it’s the right thing for her. Sylphy reassures him that Aisha will be fine but asks him to focus on Norn.


Aisha starts working as a maid as Norn prepares to attend university. She finds it difficult to make acquaintances at the university. Linia and Pursena, on the other hand, play a trick on Rudeus by bringing him a bag of underpants. Princess Ariel approaches him and inquires about the situation, as well as whether he is dissatisfied with Sylphy. He becomes uncomfortable and admits that it is all a joke.

Princess Ariel teases him some more, and he goes to Linia and Pursena to urge them not to play such pranks on him. As Norn looks over at them during their talk, Linia and Pursena threaten her. Rudues explains that she is his sister, and he instructs them not to harass her behind his back.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 16 concludes with Norn missing her courses and sitting in her bed.


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