Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers & Release Date(Tae Shik vs. Sung Jin Woo)

Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers & Release Date(Tae Shik vs. Sung Jin Woo)
Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers & Release Date(Tae Shik vs. Sung Jin Woo)

Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers & Release Date(Tae Shik vs. Sung Jin Woo)

Latest news about Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers & Release Date. We may expect more fights in Solo Leveling Ep 8, along with Sung Jin Woo’s typical moments of leveling up. The fallout from Sung Jin Woo’s murder of Hwang Dong Suk was the topic of this episode.

In addition, it appears that Hwang Dong Soo, his brother, intends to murder the incident’s surviving survivors. Along with the system, we also heard about some more unique powers and perks that Sung Jin Woo had acquired.

Jin Ho also called Sung and asked for assistance. If Sung could aid Jin Ho, he would receive a contract for a staggering 3 billion yen. As if this weren’t enough, we also witnessed Sung Jin Woo asserting that he would receive two awards if he finished the daily exercises twice.

Though it was by a very narrow margin, he did manage to defeat the Demon Castle guard and obtain the key to the Demon Castle. After obtaining a new key, Sung Jin Woo leaves the gate, realizing his mistakes.

Sung Jin Woo’s adversaries and newer hunters will be introduced in the upcoming episode.

  • A strange individual asks a hunter for assistance at the beginning of the chapter.
  • This enigmatic individual desires that the hunter murder some of the prisoners in a dungeon in addition to the witnesses to this offense.
  • The individual who accepted this was shown to be a B-Rank Hunter.
  • In addition, he enjoyed murdering people and belonged to the Hunter’s Guild Monitoring Department.
  • Song Chi Yul reappears in the meantime; this time, he receives a request to finish a D-Rank Dungeon.
  • Joo Hee and his more experienced comrades from the Double Dungeon period were reunited with Sung Jin Woo.
  • Hunter Tae Shik and a few other criminals will accompany them on this raid.
  • Everyone appears to agree that Song will lead this raid.
  • There are three routes in this gate, but everyone deals with the goblins there.
  • Tae Shik requests that the group divide because the dungeon is simple.
  • Sung Jin Woo chooses the boss route after spotting it.
  • Tae Shik exhibits a violent desire and joins the gang.
  • However, Kim Chul witnesses Tae Shik mercilessly slaughtering the offenders.
  • Sung Jin Woo, on the other hand, detects an intense desire to kill and goes back to the original route.
  • Sung interrupts Tae Shik’s attempt to surprise assault Joo Hee.
  • Kim and others were already taken care of by Tae Shik.
  • As Kim apologizes to Sung Jin Woo for that day, she passes away.
  • Sung Jin Woo is invited to remain by Song, who promises to take care of Tae Shik.
  • Joo Hee also gives Song a physical damage boost for this battle.
  • Now, how are Sung Jin Woo and the other hunters going to get out of this situation?

Solo Leveling Ep 8 Release Date

Since it was revealed that the episode of Solo Leveling that airs next week would be a recap, the eighth episode will air on March 2. Two more weeks will pass until we see one of the most anticipated manhwa bouts.

The latest episodes will be released at 8:30 PM IST, and they should be updated in less than an hour on both official and unofficial websites. Only a few areas on Crunchyroll are available for us to view Solo Leveling.

These are the significant story aspects and Solo Leveling Ep 8 spoilers. Visit this page to read some of our other content-based Solo Leveling articles. 

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