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Teka Todoroki Guide
Teka Todoroki Guide

Teka Todoroki Guide

Let’s Start Teka Todoroki Guide My Hero Academia was initially recommended to me by a friend years ago. He informed me that although the school serves superheroes rather than wizards, the series is similar to Harry Potter. At first, I was apprehensive because a lot of anime series with similar ideas had already been released, such as Ao No Exorcist. I was interested as to why it got so famous, so I watched it despite my reservations.

I’m a fan of the series now, though. The characters are the reason the program appeals to such a broad audience. It was their likable personalities and similar hardships that drew me in. It is not a “generic” Shonen battle anime; instead, each battle is rife with intense feelings and internal struggles.

The Todoroki Family is one of my favorite characters in the program. There’s so much drama around this specific family that at times I question whether the program should be dubbed “Keeping Up with the Todoroki.” It is jam-packed with several components, such as dominating parents, alienated family members, and mental health issues.

My Hero Academia, like every other well-known anime, gave rise to countless fan fiction on the internet. A lot of individuals started making “OCs,” or original characters, that communicate with the Canon cast and are shared with other fans.

Teka Todoroki, who is purported to be Enji’s mother, is one of the most prominent OCs. She was called “toxic” and “narcissistic,” and it was because of her that Enji developed into the person he is now. Naturally, to spice up the story, fans wanted to introduce another individual who might increase the tension within the family.

Teka Todoroki Guide Bottom Line Up Front

The creator of Teka Todoroki, Ackers, is an original character. It indicates that she is not as integrated into the Canon cast as we had hoped. This doesn’t stop her from gaining admirers; she is unquestionably on my radar.

Because of her peculiarity of turning her hair into lava, Teka is frequently referred to as the “lava woman.” As per the creator’s account, she is the grandmother of Toya, Natsuo, and Fuyumi, having been the mother of Enji Todoroki. She is characterized as a self-centered narcissist; the author even referred to her as a “toxic” individual.

Who is Teka Todoroki ?

Teka Todoroki is the grandmother of Toya, Natsuo, Shoto, and SPOILER. She is the mother of Enji Todoroki, also known as Endeavour. She goes by the moniker “Lava Woman” because of her peculiar ability to change anything into lava, even her hair.

She is characterized as hot-headed, egotistical, and careless. It’s entertaining to watch Teka interact with her husband and kid until you see that Enji’s behavior is a result of Teka’s terrible parenting. If you watch the show, you are aware of the dramatic emotional fallout from Enji’s acts.

Teka is an original character created by Ackers, an artist. This indicates that despite her popularity giving the impression that she is, she is not a member of the series’ canon characters.

Teka: Appearance, Personality, Quotes and More

Appearance of Teka Todoroki Guide

Teka is without a doubt a stunning woman. Teka is undoubtedly an exception to the rule that one’s outside look does not necessarily represent their inner nature. I could tell just by looking at her that the girl had an attitude and that you should avoid trying to get close to her.

Teka is also renowned for being quite hot-headed. Her lava hair is what makes her stand out the most. Lava, you heard correctly. If Teka and you ever get into a fight, your hands will burn before you can take her hair—that is if she doesn’t kill you first.

Her hair will turn black obsidian from the lava when she’s not utilizing her quirk. Who wouldn’t find obsidian hair unpleasant when they go to sleep? Perhaps that’s why she’s constantly grumpy? Teka’s lava hair looked great against her icy blue eyes. Her gaze completed her B-word resting expression. She seemed menacing and icy as a result. Her gaze had the same soul-piercing power as her son’s.

If I were a villain, I would think twice before attacking her since it seems like she would never think twice about using her oddity to turn me into barbecue. Because of her attractiveness, we occasionally forget that Teka is much older than she looks; after all, Enji was 45 years old when he made his television debut.

The developer claims that she is much younger than her kid since she is using a unique medication that prevents aging at age 36. You could even think she’s his kid based on the fanatics! Teka is 67 years old, but if you know what’s best for you, it’s best not to let her know that.

Personality Teka Todoroki Guide

Teka has a serious attitude issue. Being a successful model, Teka surrounded herself with luxury at an early age. She has a very high opinion of herself and feels that she embodies perfection as a result. Unless you drive a Rolls Royce, she is also extremely distant and aloof, never allowing anybody to get near to her.

No matter how much she claims to detest affection, Teka is still capable of loving someone since she is human, even though she is fundamentally cruel. Teka could have accepted Yoshino’s invitation to a date just because he is a millionaire, but he soon warmed up to his strange demeanor.

After a while of trying to understand her feelings, Teka gave in to them and wed him. Teka did not, however, approve of all of Yoshino’s pastimes, as seen by the burning of the Hentai T-shirt he planned to wear to an anime convention.

Teka truly wants to make Yoshino happy in her way, and her affection for him is sincere. To achieve Yoshino’s longtime desire to be a father, she even went so far as to allow herself to get pregnant, even if it meant sacrificing her dream of competing for Miss Universe.

Teka’s heart was left with a void after Yoshino’s death that would never be filled, not even by four further weddings. I am aware that Teka despises kids since one of her illustrations depicts her kicking a small child. She occasionally referred to her son Enji as a “rat” and a “demon,” demonstrating her distaste for him. She is not a hands-on mother; instead, she was happy to play the part of “milk supplier” while her husband took care of the mothering.

Because of her negligence, Enji and Teka are not quite close. Because Enji is her kid, she puts a lot of pressure on him to do well and to be on top of things. Their relationship became so tense as a result that throughout his wedding, Enji never glanced at her. Since her kid is all that Yoshino left behind before passing away, even though Teka would like to forget him, she is unable to do so.

I agree that she is a terrible person and a terrible mom who bears some of the indirect blame for all the issues the Todoroki Family has had in the future. Even her creator, who refers to Teka as “toxic,” acknowledges that she is by no means a kind person. But a lot of people enjoyed her because, I think, she’s a really fun person to watch.

Fans’ love and hate for the same figure is perfectly acceptable since it demonstrates how multifaceted and deep the character is.

The creator meant for this to happen since 100% Evil people aren’t always the most entertaining to watch, and Mary Sue is just plain dull. Being human, we are all aware that not everyone thinks well of us, and that’s alright.

Quotes Teka Todoroki Guide

Teka is thoughtless and unafraid to express her opinions. She is a contentious figure because some find amusement in her, while others detest her for being a callous and heartless mother.  She seems to be a really deep and well-rounded character in my opinion. I’ve found a few quotes that can help you understand her:

“It might be a very cold day in hell before I see my spouse donning this!” Besides, having me means you don’t need Hentai.

“I gave up yesterday; there’s no use in continuing if I’ll be a cow by then. Furthermore, it’s just another pointless crown, so whatever. You also mentioned that becoming a father was your life’s ambition, so I assumed.

“Aw, tenderness. Thank you not at all. I’m going to remain as long as there’s milk.

“You know, the last time I saw him, it was at his wedding. He made it very evident that he didn’t want me in his life any longer and he didn’t even look at me once.”

“I usually don’t give a damn about anything, so this is weird.” Even after all these years, during which I taught myself to forget him, nothing has changed. I remarried anticipating someone, someone, someone, ugh, after all those times.

“Someone once said that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. That reminds me of them. Whoa, man. The truth of that struck me as being so real. The only thing he left behind was our kid Enji, and loneliness accompanied the anguish. I regret giving birth to Enji. Had I not discovered love. I regret meeting you. Yoshino.

Teka is essentially humanized in the final remark. She may still be cold-blooded and unrepentant, but her love for Yoshino was evident. Even if Teka mainly goes on dates due of his money, it is amazing to watch their relationship grow.

For a shallow character like her, the final comment also demonstrates that she is accepting the repercussions of her choices and is now feeling them, which is a highly mature thing.

Abilities: Lava Quirk of Teka Todoroki Guide

Teka is a well-known model rather than a professional hero, therefore you can’t just treat her like one. Like many of the show’s characters, Teka is born with a peculiar ability that lets her control heat and turn anything into lava at a whim.

Her hair is composed of molten lava, which is how her quirk generally shows up. Upon deactivating her quirk, her hair will turn obsidian and chilly. As with the other characters in the series, Teka’s quirk has flaws as well. The heat from the lava is so great that everything around her will burn even if the lava does not hurt her.

She had to wear a fireproof hair cap while she slept and made sure all of her clothing was fireproof since she didn’t want to burn her spouse.

Teka’s persistent backache is another flaw in her peculiarity. The primary source of heat and a reactor for Teka is her spine. If it becomes too excessive, she may experience organ failure in addition to deterioration of her spine. This does not, however, stop her from setting things on fire when she gets angry.

Due to her hot-headedness (get it?), it’s really simple to enrage Teka for no apparent cause. Since she’s not a superhero, she typically uses her quirk for other purposes, like heating up the bathtub to wash her hair. She was envious of people who were not worthy of her lava, and those who do so will be sent hurtling upwards.

Relationships Teka Todoroki Guide


When they first meet, Teka ignores Yoshino, viewing him as just another male who wants to have sex with her. It was only after she spotted him driving a Rolls Royce that Teka decided to go on a date with him. But as they got to know one another, Teka started to like his oddball demeanor, which baffles her a lot because she’s never really concerned about other people.

After growing to truly love Yoshino, Teka is prepared to give up her job to realize Yoshino’s desire to have a child. Knowing that Yoshino passed away at a young age was heartbreaking since the two were truly destined to be together.

Teka was wedded four times after Yoshino passed away, but none of them brought her the same level of happiness as Yoshino. There were moments when the impact of his death on her left her feeling so alone and guilty that she wished she had never met him.


It would be an understatement to say that Enji and Teka’s relationship is not ideal. The Todorokis are a dysfunctional family solely as a result of her upbringing. Teka was just a mother for Yoshino, therefore she never truly enjoyed her role as a mother. She gladly accepts her role as a milk provider.

Enji was a very negligent child when she was younger. When she gets irritated with him, she frequently refers to him as a “rat” or a “demon.” Despite being a comedic piece, the comic highlights the detrimental effects of her neglect and indifference to Enji’s growth. I’m hoping for a more dramatic exploration of these “moments.”

Because of Teka’s narcissism, she held her son to an extremely high standard, which put a lot of strain on Enji. That Enji would eventually reject her and become resentful of her was not surprising.  Since Teka knows that Enji doesn’t want her in his life, she informs her second husband that he never glanced at her or her grandchildren.

Interesting Trivia about Teka

She is an Original Character

Teka is an original character created by artist Acker, commonly referred to as “OC.” Although she is enjoyable and engaging, she is not a member of the “Canon” cast.

Although there are many other OCs on the internet, she is the one who gained recognition among the show’s viewers. If you want to see more of Acker’s mishaps, you can find her comics on Patreon and her Tumblr account.

Teka Todoroki She Married Five Times

With a kid, Yoshino and Teka have a happy marriage. Regretfully, Yoshino passed away too soon, leaving Teka and Enji alone with their disordered selves. Teka wanted to be married and get divorced four times to make up for the loss, but none of them were able to win her over as much as Yoshino.

Her relationship with Enji was broken as a result of her persistent dating. When Enji beat up her lover for attempting to take his father’s position, it was clear how much her carelessness and indifference had cost her. Given that Enji is closer to his father than his mother, this was extremely heartbreaking. Teka and Enji never truly got along due to his mother’s mistreatment.

Years later, Teka comes to understand how much she truly cares about Enji, but she chooses not to pursue reconciliation because she thinks it is too late. Since Teka deserves to make amends just as much as Enji does, I hope the designer will provide us with a suitable resolution and reconciliation between the two characters.

She is a Famous Model

At just 19 years old, Teka was already a well-known international model, so she was surrounded by wealthy and attractive men who wanted to be with her.  For this reason, Yoshino’s cheeky request for a date caught Teka off guard as he rejected Yoshino as just another weird man who wanted to have sex with her.

When Teka noticed Yoshino driving a fancy automobile, she decided to rethink her mind about blocking his phone. Like Teka, I would say “yes” if someone in an opulent automobile asked me out on a date.


Question: How did She Control her Powers?

Teka’s unique ability is to generate enough heat from her spine to control the transformation of objects into lava. Teka’s vulnerability is that her spine is failing from the extreme heat, therefore she will always have back discomfort.

Not to add her ‘pleasant’ disposition, it is extremely risky to approach or embrace her due to the heat of her lava-colored hair. Yoshino injured himself because he wanted to embrace her even though she had made sure everything she had was fireproof so it wouldn’t burn.

I respect Yoshino for never having abandoned her (except from the time of his death) despite her very distant nature and peculiarities. Perhaps since no one would ever be willing to be with her like Yoshino, that is why she is so upset by his passing.

Question: What is Her Relationship with Enji?

In response, Teka and Enji do not get along. I believe it’s obvious that your son doesn’t want you there if he never glanced at you on his wedding day. Teka never tried to stay in contact with him for decades since she knew it. Not even her grandkids are familiar to her.

This is where I start to feel sorry for Teka. Although I acknowledge that she was to blame for her son’s neglect and poisonous behavior, at least she was aware of what she had done. Teka is a wonderful illustration of a flawed parent; her character is a breath of new air because it is uncommon, particularly in the Shonen series, to examine parents’ regrets.

Question: How Old is Teka?

Answer: Teka used a specific medication to slow down her aging process, therefore even though she is 67 years old, she still looks 36. Though I’m not suggesting that Midoriya’s mother is in horrible form right now, if that medication is canon, perhaps we might see her in all her splendor.

Teka Todoroki Guide: Conclusion

Although Teka is an imperfect human, it’s acceptable. In my opinion, parents ought to be shown as flawed individuals who make several mistakes as well. Even though we are all aware of Enji’s flaws, we yet want him to gain the affection of his kids.

Characters with flaws have an additional challenge to conquer, which adds to the complexity and entertainment value of their interactions with other characters. One of the series’ main themes is that it is incredibly motivating to watch individuals overcome their imperfections and grow into better versions of themselves.

Although I am aware that Teka is not a canonical character, the artist deserves praise for creating an engaging character who would fit right in with the show.  Teka is a strong, independent lady who must cope with the fallout from her negligence. She serves as a great counterpoint to her son and gives Enji a lot more empathy than he now has. I hope you like the Teka Todoroki Guide.

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