The Ultimate LoGH Watch Order and Guide (2024 Update)

Few television shows have attracted as much cult following and critical praise as Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LoGH). Anime experts view this expansive space opera as a hidden gem, despite its lack of recognition among the general public. It is a thought-provoking masterpiece that addresses important subjects like morality, political philosophy, and the price of war.

Here’s the easiest way to start the LoGH series, if any of this sounds like your thing:


Legend of The Galactic Heroes: Watch Order

Reinhard-von-Lohengramm-in-LoGH-1988 | Image Via Youtube


The following films and television shows are must-see when seeing LoGH (either the 1988 or 2018 version):

The Sea of Stars, the prequel film, is my conquest.
The first few episodes of the main series are included in a special version called Overture to a New War.
110 episodes make up the main OVA series of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. the main body of the narrative. has allusions to both the first and second films, but it can stand alone just fine.

The Chronological Order

Yang-Wen-Li-in-LoGH | Image Via Youtube


  • (Side Stories/Gaiden 1, episodes 1-4) Valley of White Silver
  • (SS/G2, episodes 19–22) Those Who Duel/Duelist
  • (Side Stories/Gaiden 2, episodes 1–14) Spiral Labyrinth
  • (SS/G1, episodes 9–12) Disgrace
  • (SS/G2, episodes 23–26) Those Who Recapture/Survivors
  • (SS/G1, episodes 5-8) Morning’s Dream, Night’s Song
  • (SS/G1, episodes 13-24) A Hundred Billion Stars, Hundred Billion Lights
  • (SS/G2, episodes 15-18) Those Who Revolt/Mutineer
  • My Conquest is the Sea of Stars
  • The Main 110-episode OVA series
  • Golden Wings (Optional)
  • (SS/G2, episodes 27–28)  The Third Tiamat Battle
  • Overture to a New War

This arrangement seems to be rather obvious. If you’re having trouble deciding, it’s usually advised to view the releases in chronological sequence. Almost anything may go wrong when using it. The only drawback is that because the Gaiden series requires you to move between arcs, this arrangement might become a little confusing.

The Modified Watch Order

  • My Conquest is the Sea of Stars
  • Overture to a New War
  • The Main 110-episode OVA series
  • Golden Wings (Optional)
  • A Hundred Billion Lights (24 episodes) and A Hundred Billion Starts (28 episodes) of the OVA Though they are supposed to be seen only after the main series, both of them take place before the first film. It’s really up to you, but it’s definitely worth the time.

The majority of fans suggest this version, as it is a little less complicated.

LoGH New Adaptation Watch Oder

The watch order for the new 2018 adaptation is rather simple if you’re interested in seeing it:

  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These
  • Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Seiran 1
  • Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Seiran 2
  • Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Seiran 3

What is LoGH about and what sets it apart?

On the surface, LoGH tells the story of a great galactic conflict between the democratic Free Planets Alliance and the dominating Galactic Empire. But fundamentally, it poses a serious question: Is an ethical dictatorship preferable to a corrupt democracy?

The show doesn’t advocate for simple solutions. Instead, it uses nuanced individuals who are battling for what they think is right to give strong arguments on both sides. There are simply people motivated by their beliefs to defend their homes; there are no definite heroes or villains.

Is LoGH like Star Wars or Star Trek?

While it is impossible to ignore parallels to Star Wars and Star Trek given the series’ depiction of interplanetary conflict, LoGH offers a degree of moral complexity and realism uncommon in the genre.

LoGH is significantly more serious and political than Star Wars, which is an epic sci-fi adventure.
Although LoGH doesn’t even choose a side in the main struggle, the tone here is more reminiscent to the Dominion War plotline from Star Trek.
This isn’t a classic adventure epic in the sense of the hero’s journey. There isn’t an undisputed leader. This compelling drama explores the gray areas that arise when ideologies collide throughout the galaxy and follows people entangled in the complexities of war.

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LoGH New Adaptation vs. Original Version: Which is better?

The Original (1997–1988)

Started as an animated series in 1988, Legend of the Galactic Heroes spanned 110 epic episodes, movies, and spinoffs. This beloved original is well known for its meticulously complex world-building, which employed a “slow burn” approach to let the plot grow gradually.

The 1988 version was unique in that it was narrated in the form of a documentary, with animated historians offering background.

But for viewers who enjoyed the measured pacing of shows like Monster, LoGH’s meticulous development is just excellent storytelling. The 1988 original series has more than 100 episodes, films, and OVAs, so it is undoubtedly an investment, but if you like politics and thrillers, it is definitely worth it.

The New Adaptation (2018)

“Die Neue These,” the 2018 version, is a good place to start for those who are more time-conscious when seeing LotGH.

  • Die Neue These has breathtaking modern animation with CGI spacecraft and an updated yet still vintage-inspired look, even though it loses some of the story flair of the 1988 original.
  • Although the inventiveness of the previous adaptation may be missed by fans of the original, Die Neue These’s graphics remarkably capture the cosmic majesty of LotGH.

We have to give the 1988 original Legend of the Galactic Heroes adaptation a little advantage over Die Neue These in the age-old argument, but we nevertheless urge all fans to take on both adventures.

The original’s deliberate, measured tempo also gives LotGH’s intricately nuanced drama room to breathe and grow naturally over time. You lose yourself in the magnificent tapestry that is being weaved; after all, as they say, good things come slowly.

Nevertheless, we totally appreciate the allure of the simplified rendition of Die Neue These. Not everyone has the luxury of focusing on a single epic for more than 100 episodes. Furthermore, it’s possible that the stunning new animation captures LotGH’s cosmic combat more vividly than the 1988 images did. Follow Us Pinterest

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