Togashi’s Decision to Reveal the Ending of ‘Hunter×Hunter’ Haunts Fans


Togashi’s Decision to Reveal the Ending of ‘Hunter×Hunter’ Haunts Fans

Due to Togashi’s health concerns, Hunter× Hunter has had many hiatuses. The Succession Contest, the manga’s continuing storyline, has been going strong for almost ten years! The mangaka has been attempting to publish new chapters lately, but his schedule has been erratic because of his ongoing back discomfort. Togashi has made the decision to provide unexpected information, and the announcement has fans giddy.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the manga author of “Hunter X Hunter,” disclosed that he has four ideas for how the lengthy series may conclude. Next, he displayed the fourth unfinished conclusion.

The manga creator made it clear that this was a fallback in the event that he passed away before completing the manga. Togashi states that this is how it ends:

Years later, in a continuation of the manga’s opening sequence, we witness Jin, a little girl, capturing a gigantic Lake Lord. Jin, in contrast to Gon, catches this monster in order to persuade her mother to quit pushing her to become a hunter. The little girl adds that because she doesn’t want to make her loved ones wait, she could never live like her grandfather, Gon, and other Hunters. The conclusion also shows that Gon, one of the few kids who grew up with him, is now a well-known and strong hunter, and he is married to Noko.

The episode concludes with a bird soaring over several locales, showcasing a plethora of new people who are most likely offspring or descendants of the series’ principal protagonists. Togashi also aims to provide a gratifying conclusion. He thinks that readers’ responses to endings A and C would be, respectively, 80% favorable, equally split, and 90% negative.

Out of all the conceivable endings, Togashi personally liked option C, despite the barrage of abuse he would receive from supporters. Fans are extremely grieved by the author’s terrible decision. This continues to emphasize how serious his condition is. Fans are voicing their concerns and want nothing more than for Togashi to be well. Supporters also think that if the writer dies, he is not required to disclose the conclusion.

About Hunter x Hunter

A Shonen anime series called Hunter x Hunter is based on the same-titled manga.
The narrative is around Gon, a small child who goes on adventures after learning that his father was a renowned hunter rather than a dead man. Rather than giving up, Gon makes the decision to emulate his father and become a legendary Hunter.

Being a Hunter is not an easy profession, and Gon must pass a test in order to be recognized as an official hunter. Along the way, he finds friends, and they all have to support one another through any challenges.

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