Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 watch online Tenjiku Arc


Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 watch online Tenjiku Arc

Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 watch online Tenjiku Arc

Fans of the well-liked anime series “Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 1 watch online: Tenjiku Arc has finally arrived. This post will go over all the important information you need to know about Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 watch online, including where to watch it, how to watch it, how many episodes there are, and when it will be released. The first episode of this much-awaited season premieres today. Now, let’s get going.

The news that Disney+ will be the exclusive streaming service for the upcoming season of Tokyo Revengers is sure to please fans who have been waiting impatiently for its debut. Given that Disney+ also owned the exclusive license for the second season, this decision is hardly shocking. Although Crunchyroll first offered the anime’s first season, Disney+ later purchased the rights to the second season and carried on the collaboration for the third.

Official announcement in Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1

It has been announced on the official Tokyo Revengers website that, except in mainland China, the third season of the show will only be available globally on the Disney+ subscription service. While the phrase “global” may prompt concerns around accessibility, it’s crucial to remember that Disney+ isn’t accessible everywhere.

On the other hand, Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 watch online ought to be accessible onDisney+ in nations like Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore if they adhere to a similar distribution schedule as the second season.

The series was formerly accessible for Indian viewers on Disney+Hotstar; however, availability may differ, so please double-check with a local subscription provider. On the Disney+ platform, fans can anticipate new episodes every week, with simulcasts happening on the same day as the Japanese release.

More specifically, tonight at 11 am Pacific time, only three hours after the program airs on Japanese television, the Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 will be accessible on Disney+. It’s important to remember that Disney+ is a paid membership program; free access is not available.

Disney has acquired the exclusive rights to Tokyo Revengers, meaning the third season will sadly not be accessible on any other major streaming services, such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, or any other. But fans will be informed as soon as there are any developments on the series’ availability on other platforms.

 some common questions

Is Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers coming to Crunchyroll?
Unfortunately, Crunchyroll won’t have the new season available.

Will Netflix release Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers?
No, Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers won’t be available on Netflix.

Will the Muse Asia YouTube channel host Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 1 watch online?
No, it’s not on the Autumn 2023 schedule of Muse Asia.

About Tokyo Revengers: Written and drawn by Ken Wakui, the Japanese manga series is the basis for the anime series Tokyo Revengers. The first season of the show, which ran for 24 episodes, debuted in 2021.

In 2023, a second season with thirteen episodes premiered. Regarding Tokyo Revengers season 3 episode 1 watch online, Tenjiku Arc, the precise number of episodes is yet unclear. With studio LIDENFILMS handling the third season’s production, viewers of the show can expect more exciting experiences.

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