Top 10 Anime Like Golden Boy [2024 List]


Top 10 Anime Like Golden Boy [2024 List]
Top 10 Anime Like Golden Boy [2024 List]

Top 10 Anime Like Golden Boy [2024 List]

An anime like Golden Boy Part-time worker extraordinaire Kintarou Ooe travels the roads and alleys of Japan on his beloved Mikazuki 5, seeking work wherever he can. He gains information and experience from his travels that are not possible to learn in a classroom, like the delicate nature of a young woman’s heart and political corruption. Kintarou attempts to hold down his numerous odd occupations, however undignified, while pursuing his spirit of knowledge with nothing but the broad road in front of him—not to mention the many beautiful ladies along the route. Who knows what could occur as he gains experience from every assignment he undertakes? One day, he could even be able to save the entire planet.

10. Anime like Golden Boy City Hunter

As the City Hunter, Ryo Saeba patrols the streets of Tokyo. Alongside his partner Kaori Makimura, he maintains the cleanliness of the city as a “sweeper”. The City Hunter is hired by people to use Colt Python to solve their risky problems. Kaori has to use her handy 10-kilogram hammer to restrain Ryo from pursuing women while he’s not working on a case.
There are 51 episodes of City Hunter, which has concluded its run. It is sometimes referred to as City Hunter.

9. Gintama is a very funny anime like Golden Boy

Extraterrestrial invaders known as the Amanto occupied medieval Japan after invading Earth. This leads to the outlawing of swords and, consequently, to the disdainful treatment of Japan’s samurai.
The heart of a samurai is still there in Gintoki Sakata, despite his love of sweets and his employment as a yokozuna, which may surprise some. He has three companions in his jack-of-all-trades career: their large pet dog Sadaharu, Shinpachi Shimura, a youngster with spectacles and a big heart, and Kagura, who has an umbrella and an apparent bottomless hunger.

These odd tasks are not always easy, of course, what with their numerous run-ins with the law, ragged rebels, and assassins, which often result in amusing but unpleasant outcomes.
Whoever said being an errand boy was simple?
Gintama has 201 episodes and is no longer on broadcast. Other names for it include 銀魂, Yorinuki Gintama-san, Gin Tama, and Silver Soul.

8. Green Green

Japan’s rural countryside is home to the all-male boarding school Kanenone Gakuen. Even though all-male schools are not new, it may be extremely challenging to live when there are no female pupils in the vicinity. The school board has decided to attempt a co-educational merger with the closest all-girl boarding school to support the mental well-being of all parties concerned. The girls are wondering about how fascinating school life may become if there were more males around, while the lads of Kanenone are overjoyed at the possibility. The girls have been asked to remain at Kanenone for a month as a test before any important choices are made.

Green Green centers on Yuusuke Takazaki and his mischievous roommates, known as the Baka (Idiot) Trio, and their skill in interacting with females without coming out as total marionettes. The moment the school bus carrying the girls pulls up, though, things go wacky, hormonal, and crazy. Specifically, Yuusuke is highly confused when a girl by the name of Midori Chitose jumps off the bus and embraces him right away. Is he a born ladies’ man, or is there a past between them that he is unaware of?

Green Green, which aired for twelve episodes, is now complete. Other names for it are Guri Guri, Green Green TV, and グリーングリーン.

7. Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou

With a slightly above-average IQ, Takashi Kamiyama is your normal well-mannered high school student. He is courteous, distant, and pacifistic. But would the typical high school student enroll in the notorious Cromartie High School, which is regarded as a haven for the most violent offenders in the country?

It would seem so, as Takashi does just that, albeit for reasons he would like not to share. The “hard-boiled rabbit in a den full of hungry lions” will never have another boring day, though. And how could he, with gorillas, annoying robots, and punks with mohawks all about him? And did you see Freddie Mercury coming down the hallway on a horse?

The 26 episodes of Cromartie High School have concluded their broadcast. Another name for it is 魁!! クロマティ高校, Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou

6. Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

The philosophical Kino’s Journey, which is based on a popular light novel series by Keiichi Sigsawa, uses the time-tested theme of the road journey as a means of self-discovery and universal truth. The series, which is profoundly contemplative and more stylish than zero, chronicles the existential escapades of talking motorbike Hermes and skilled marksman Kino as they explore the globe and discover a great deal about themselves. Kino’s voyage is imaginative, thought-provoking, and occasionally unsettling. It is chronicled in an episodic format, with a focus on mood rather than action or storyline, but both are nonetheless heavily included.

With thirteen episodes, Kino’s Journey has concluded its broadcast. Other names for it include Kino’s Travels: The Beautiful World and キノの旅 -the Beautiful World-.

5. Colorful

Men’s escapades and experiences when they stare, peep, glance, gawk, and glare at women in an attempt to catch a glimpse of their bras, knickers, and occasionally cleavage. At most, a few average men and the ridiculous results of their behavior after them.
Colourful, which aired for sixteen episodes, is now complete. Other names for it are: カラフル, Colourful

4. Grand Blue

Iori Kitahara moves out on his own and into a coastal village, where he makes an unexpected collegiate debut. A new chapter in his life begins, one that is full of hijinks with a group of adorable bastards and diving with gorgeous chicks! Expert on idiots Kenji Inoue and natural authority Kimitake Yoshioka provide a fantastic story about college life full of drunken shenanigans!

Twelve episodes of Grand Blue Dreaming have concluded their broadcast. Other names for it include Grand Blue and ぐらろぶる.

3. Prison School

Five young men became the first male students at the esteemed Hachimitsu Private Academy, which was formerly exclusively for females. However, the females don’t think the same of their new classmates. Kiyoshi and his buddies do their hardest, but the females ignore them with a cold shoulder. Therefore, there is no better way to cope with rejection than to snoop a little. Their plot unravels around bath time when they happen to sneak a peek at the females, and the Underground Student Council discovers them. Disregarding all justifications, the USC imposes a ridiculous sentence of incarceration! The lads are required to live in the school’s prison system for a month and do demanding, laborious, and tiresome chores.

But their biggest concern isn’t even the work.

It will need more than just willpower to get through the next month, especially because the women of USC have their own hidden goal, given the severe discipline of a stiletto heel and the stinging snap of a riding crop.

The 12-episode Prison School television series has concluded. Another name for it is 監獄学園〈プリズンスクール〉, Kangoku Gakuen.

2. Junk Boy

Ryohei Yamazaki, 23, is just thinking about having sex. And Ryohei finds it easy to attract women with his honey-voiced, sweet-talking manner. However, none of them are exactly what he wants—none of them are flawless. Then he seduces a hot magazine’s attractive editor into giving him a job. The field of journalism will never be the same.
Junk Boy has one episode that has concluded its broadcast. It is sometimes referred to as The Incredible Gyoukai Video Junk Boy (ゴャンクボーイ).

1. Great Teacher Onizuka is the anime-like golden boy

A former motorcycle gang boss, Onizuka is now pursuing a noble goal of becoming the world’s best teacher—all for the sake of getting to know attractive high school ladies. Alright, so he has changed considerably.
Onizuka’s objective is, however, thwarted by severe administrators and a group of vicious miscreants who would stop at nothing to force the new instructor to leave. Ideal, since Onizuka’s tactics are not available in any instructional handbook; he doesn’t give a damn about the age gap between him and a high school girl, nor does he care about the distinction between legal and unlawful acts.

Great Teacher Onizuka has finished airing and it has 43 Episodes. It is also known as グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ, GTO

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