Top 10 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

Top 10 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak
Top 10 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

Top 10 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

If you’ve been searching for manga similar to Martial Peak, stop waiting. I’m going to provide you with some fantastic manga that are comparable to Martial Peak in this post.

The plot of Martial Peak centers on Yang Kai, a young man from a strong martial family. The narrative takes place in a martial arts universe where power defines a person’s worth and everyone aspires to attain higher cultivation levels. As I write this, there are currently over 1200 chapters in this manhua.

Let’s now examine the list of manga that are comparable to Martial Peak.

10. Return of the Immortal Cultivator

Although he is from a branch family in the country, the manga’s protagonist comes from a wealthy family. He was sleeping in the wilderness one day when a portal opened up in front of him, drawing him into and transporting him to another realm. He trains extremely hard to return to his family, and he eventually succeeds in becoming an immortal in that realm. He loses all of his power when he uses it to open a doorway that allows him to rejoin his family.

Because five years in his native world were equivalent to one thousand years in the fairy realm, there was a significant difference over time between the two worlds. Upon his return to his family, he assumes responsibility for them and begins to make changes in his life. It’s a decent cultivation manga that is similar to Martial Peak. Please Think About Checking It Out!

9. Peak of Martial Arts Manga Martial Arts Reigns

Ye Ming, the manga’s protagonist, is the main subject of the narrative. When he was a youngster, his mother and father were slaughtered, and his family did nothing to get revenge. He began intense training in the hopes of exacting revenge on his parents, but his family members ruined his meridians, turning him into a waste who was despised by everyone who saw him.

He was attacked by an elderly guy one day as he was walking down the street, attempting to take possession of his body. As a result of such a deed, the elderly guy suffers a great deal and gains possession of all his riches. Similar to how he alters his life in the manga Martial Peak, he helps himself with those treasures. This time Martial Arts Reigns is at the peak of martial arts manga.

8. Turn The Tide is a god of martial arts manga

Similar to other martial arts comics, in which the strong are held in high regard while the weak are tormented. In this manga, the same situation is repeated. The main character begins in a rural area where several people predominate. The family put all of its resources into him because he was the leader of the household. But despite all, he never advanced and remained at the same place.

One day when he was getting cursed by everyone a spirit came out from his body. This spirit was the reason for his not showing any progress in martial arts. Now that the spirit is guiding him, he embarks on his martial arts quest. It is a great manga like Martial Peak. Do consider checking it.

7. Against The Gods is  the god of martial arts manga

The protagonist of martial arts manga never once demonstrated any growth in his or her cultivation. However, his family gave him a lot of support, until one day an unforeseen event occurred, leaving him with no alternative but to leave the house. His brother tainted his drink, causing him to pass away. He subsequently reincarnates in another universe, pursues medical training, and ultimately perishes. He finds himself back in his former life soon before being poisoned after passing away.

He wants to go back in time and alter every event that transpired after being granted another shot at living. He begins training in martial arts and mending his meridians.

6. Soul Land

The main character of this comic reincarnates into a different planet, more akin to a reincarnation manga. The main character was a world-class intellect in a former life. He was able to acquire knowledge that the entire group was unable to. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to learn any of these things because he was an outsider in the group. He gave up on life after discovering everything there was to know since he had nothing else to do.

He is reincarnated as the son of a blacksmith after passing away. Every person on this planet has a spirit, and that spirit determines each person’s worth. After waking a garbage ghost, the MC embarks on his adventure in this strange universe.

5. Spirit Sword Master

The main character is weak at first, but since this is his second life, he can use his memories as a trick. He begins training nonstop in the hopes of growing stronger. In his family, he was the sole resident. When he was a little youngster, all of his family members were slaughtered. He makes all the preparations necessary to exact his retribution and preserve the lives of everyone who is still alive with the aid of his former life’s memory.

It is an excellent cultivation manhua with a plot that is reminiscent of Martial Peak. He continues to train, attains better outcomes, and aids in the development of others.

4. Apotheosis

The narrative centers on Luo Zheng, who, following his father’s abduction, was kept like a slave by his family. He finds a book his father left behind one day. Nine dragons, including a cauldron, enter his body once he opens the book. The dragons are now assisting him with his cultivation. He can leave his family and begin a new life with its assistance.

It is among the best cultivation manga, published concurrently with Martial Peak. Both of them feature several chapters, and the main character in each of them begins weakly and gradually gets stronger.

3. Swallow the whole world

In this manhua, the main character is slain after being deceived by his brother. His spirit eventually found a new body and he came back to life after several millennia. He intended to get retribution for what had occurred to him after opening his eyes. However, a lot of time passed and he was unable to locate them or even determine where his wife was.

He is now abandoned to the world and harbors deep animosity. Although it is young, the manhua only contains a small number of chapters. All in all, I would strongly advise giving it a try; it’s a fantastic manga similar to Martial Peak.

2. God of Martial Arts

This manga, as its title implies, is mostly concerned with martial arts. In the realm of martial arts, the manga’s main character transformed into a cultivator’s body. He was the head of the sect’s son and had a weak spiritual foundation. Because he was frail, his cousins would often beat him up. His life has radically changed now that the MC has taken control of his body. From the rubbish, he becomes a powerful planter, praised by everybody.

Martial Peak is a well-known manga with a large global readership. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend that you do so.

1. Star Martial God Technique

The main chapter of this manga, like many martial arts comics, comes from a poor background. However, by coincidence, he meets the minister’s daughter who looks after him in the cult. The protagonist encounters the blue carp fish that subsequently transforms his life when he goes back to live with his family. He is now embarking on a new path and building his family’s reputation.

Like the martial peak, this popular manga/manhua likewise exists. Millions of people read this manhua every day throughout the world. The author of Tales of Demons and Gods is also the author of this manhua.

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