Top 10 Daddy Characters in Anime

As we search for Daddy Characters in anime, be ready to explore the world of degeneracy. In the unlikely event that you’re still unsure about the meaning of the term “daddy,” go check up Speedwagon from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures or perform a fast Google search to learn more.

Let’s begin by enumerating the Top 10 Daddy characters in anime now that everyone is in agreement. This content will continue to be secure for work use.

 Top 10 Daddy Characters in Anime

This list will only include one character from each anime series to avoid including every Jujutsu Kaisen or One Piece character. Let’s get ready—or drop down on our knees—for the list of the top 10 Daddy Characters in Anime figures without further ado.


10. Shigure Soma – Fruits Basket

Shigure is purely imaginary, so that’s why we’re talking about him. As usual, avoid males who are similar to him. Now that everyone has been alerted, let’s talk about Shigure. Shigure had a bad feeling from the beginning, which he toned down with jokes. He was cruelly in love with a lady and envious, behind the surface a terrible mastermind who was strangely twisted.

He was also really handsome and hot in a fascinating way. Somehow, his cunning methods were also alluring, and the clothes he wore only served to accentuate his charm.

9. Shoei Barou – Blue Lock

Barou would have been the ideal father figure if he were a few years older. Barou has maintained his integrity and firmness of character throughout the entire series. He gives new things a shot, but not obnoxiously or obstinately (like he did lately in the manga). However, as soon as he learns that it won’t help him move closer to his objective, he swiftly reverts to his previous practices.

In addition to being a king due to his powerful personality, he is a true father. He could be able to control you and never give up. He receives a thousand additional points since, despite his excessively erratic energy on the field, he enjoys cleaning and maintaining organization.


8. Jotaro Kujo: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

Prepare to fall in love with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures poster guy. Jotaro is renowned for being cool and a badass, yet he’s also compassionate above all of that. In addition to being tall and muscular, he shoos women away and treats them rudely. It would be remiss of us not to bring up his intellectual brilliance.

Anyone who fails to understand Jotaro’s purpose for being here needs to be ora-ora-ed with all the details. If we include Jotaro, Star Platinum, and The World in the mix, then No, we shouldn’t, as the planet isn’t prepared for the celestial union just yet.

7. Charlotte Katakuri – One Piece

The instant Katakuri ate donuts, everyone’s reservations about him becoming a father were dispelled. His love of doughnuts and his mouth did not warrant bullying. Not only did he have a stunning drip and a towering build, but he also had to be helpful and nice to make things worse (at least for our hearts).

His protective attitude toward his younger brothers, which is a reflection of his caring, is really charming. What a kind soul (who could also be domineering)!

6. Osamu Dazai – Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai is the greatest father because of his enigmatic demeanor, his voice acting, and the nuanced aspects of his persona. He’s charming yet obnoxious. In case he is lacking something, his physical attributes are likely to compensate for it. Apart from that, he’s a well-written character that epitomizes the gray area and tragedy.

It gets increasingly difficult to resist being connected to him as you get to know him more. He’s a goof, but he’s got boss skills and an endless supply of cha-rizz-ma.

5. Sosuke Aizen – Bleach

The weirder, the better, as they say. The ostensibly decent Aizen and the real Aizen are equally enticing, which is perplexing. Even if his depravity and god complex are obvious warning flags to avoid him, how can you avoid “The Sosuke Aizen”? A guy cannot be as shrewd, naive, troublesome, attractive, and smart as Aizen all at once and yet get the daddy check. He most likely always intended to be one.


4. Hatake Kakashi – Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto is a nice man for hiding Kakashi’s face behind the mask since Kakashi without a mask is the same as dead. But to be honest, Kakashi in the mask is just as good. His kind smiles often carry a hint of regret from his history. His transformation from a mischievous teenager to a responsible adult is very remarkable.

In addition to giving guidance to the Young Team 7, Kakashi never stopped pushing ahead despite all of the defeats and obstacles. In addition to being a wonderful man, he removed his mask during a filler episode, which puts us back at the beginning: Kakashi without his mask is our only hope for survival.


3. Uzui Tengen – Demon Slayer


If you wanted to be one of Tengen’s brides when he was initially presented, raise your hand. His disdain for everything during his introduction in the entertainment district storyline gave the impression that he was a superficial guy, although a lively and attractive one. Uzui Tengen reinvented himself as something more than just the most appetizing eye candy, going from disdain to caring and desperation to save everyone, including his wives and subordinates.

He finished a character arc portraying a range of emotions and taking on the parts of a wonderful spouse and a trustworthy hashira in only a few episodes. Demon Slayer isn’t popular either, and the Sun rises in the West every day if Uzui Tengen doesn’t define the daddy anime character.

2. Erwin Smith – Attack on Titan

Have you finished yelling since you saw Erwin’s name? If so, let’s enumerate all the qualities that make him what he is or was (ugly weep). To begin with, it’s quite an accomplishment to be on this list after beating the short king and the flawless captain Levi. Erwin has done it all—standing erect and powerful while everyone else goes insane, carrying the burden of sins and obligations but still making time for your desires.

1. Nanami Kento – Jujutsu Kaisen

After putting his tie over his hand and rolling up his sleeves, Nanami transforms into the most daddy of all the dad figures. We must set some boundaries here, or Nanami’s stunning beauty will kill us all. He’s a calm guy, except for the sunken cheeks and the gorgeous golden tie with the leopard pattern. 

 He also counterbalances Gojo’s eccentric and insane ways. During work hours, his sense of duty always comes through, and his detest of working extra brings out the best in him.

He doesn’t spend more time on screens since doing so might be harmful to our hearts. After all, how long is it acceptable for someone to leap about, cry, and yell at an imaginary character?

 After all of that, it seems a bit insulting to return to his look, but since Erwin is our friend, he would probably see through our good intentions and ignore it. Thus, in terms of looks, he has elegant features and stunning eyes, which are accentuated by his noble build. Did you find all of it to be very fatherly?

Conclusion of Top 10 Daddy Characters in Anime

The fawning simply stops at that point. Now that the list has come to an end, let’s return to the pointless world of imaginary guys. 



Thoughts: When Buddy Daddies was announced, the entire anime community assumed it was gay-only SPY x FAMILY. Their premise does have something in common. Two people in espionage-like occupations adopt a precocious child, and the story follows their everyday crimes afterward.






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