Top 10 Main Characters in Vagabond, 2024


Top 10 Main Characters in Vagabond, 2024

Top 10 Main Characters in Vagabond, 2024

The manga revolves around the late 16th century Sengoku era in Japan and explores the protagonist, “Miyamoto Musashi,”‘s quest for swordsmanship mastery and self-discovery. However, the series takes a different approach when it comes to the antagonist—since the antagonist itself doesn’t exist—and instead depicts historical events and the samurai way of life through breathtaking art and narrative. Based on the novel “Musashi” by Eiji Yoshikawa, Vagabond is a manga series about epic martial arts in Japan.

Top 10 Main Characters in Vagabond

10) Yoshioka Denshichiro

Although Yoshioko Seijuro’s elder brother is the head of Yoshioka Swords School, Denshichiro, Yoshioko’s younger brother, oversees and runs the school.

His samurai honor is something he never lets go of. After Denshichiro and Musashi battle in the Rengeion temple and the former is killed, Ueda and seventy other students from the school assault Musashi.

09) Baiken Shishido/Tsujikaze Kohei

Kohei is a mysterious and extremely talented swordsman. Being Tsujikaze Tenma’s younger brother, he had a sad past that shaped his life and contributed to the larger themes of loss and the implications of being a warrior. As a result, he has a pessimistic view of life.

Because of his desire for vengeance, Kohei’s actions and interactions with Musashi have additional depth, which heightens the drama of the tale.

08) Ito Ittosai

As the chief pupil of Kanemaki Jisai, Ittosai is a great swordsman who can slice a gun in two. He eventually defeats Jisai.

Although he wasn’t used to teaching the skills of the sword and frequently put his students in peril, he was also Sasaki Kojiro’s mentor. Ittosai’s primary motivation was to have his abilities recognized, and this goal gave rise to several rivalries, one of which was with Musashi.

07) Yagyu Sekishusai

Head of the Yagyu clan and a master of the Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu school, Sekishusai is an amazing swordsman. Even when Musashi was ill and asleep, he could repel his onslaught due to his exceptional combat skills.

Musashi was intimidated by this. Later, he took on the role of mentor to Musashi, teaching him both martial and philosophical concepts to help him become a great swordsman.

06) Inshun Hozoin

Hozoin is a monk from Yamashiro Province who is descended from a goshi (country samurai). He is skilled in the Hozoin spear method, which is distinguished by its special skills and emphasis on accuracy, making him a dangerous foe in battle.

His adherence to the Hozoin temple’s ideology and training, as well as his focused and disciplined demeanor, are evident. Hozoin converses with Musashi and other characters on the nature of fighting, achieving mastery, and the philosophical underpinnings of martial arts.

05) Takuan Soho

Currently residing in Miyamoto Village, Takuan is a Zen Buddhist monk at the Shippoji Buddhist temple. He functions as Otsu’s older brother and tutor as well as a friend to Musashi. Takuan instructs Musashi in martial arts and spirituality.

He is essential to Musashi’s development from a reckless and impetuous fighter to a more virtuous and well-behaved warrior. His views center on a peaceful society, and he thinks that individuals may only follow the way of the sword by committing to virtue and humility.

04) Otsu

Musashi’s childhood buddy and love interest Otsu is introduced. Even though she is engaged to Matahachi Honiden, she still has affection for Musashi. Better character dynamics result from the interactions between her, Musashi, and Honiden being more complicated due to this intricate triangle.

Otsu gives the narrative consistency and an emotional anchor by serving as a source of emotional serenity and stability during Musashi and Honiden’s tumultuous trip.

03) Matahachi Honiden

Honiden, a boyhood buddy of Musashi, used to look up to him since he was a coward and lacked courage. Honiden travels with Musashi, but following the Battle of Seigakhara, their paths part ways.

Unlike Musashi, who is self-disciplined and ranks third, Honiden represents the manga’s more human, imperfect elements. He is the one with repercussions and battles with love and devotion.

02) Sasaki Kojiro

Kojiro is a well-known swordsman who is deaf and skilled in the “Tsubame Gaeshi” method. He is the most notable adversary of Miyamoto Musashi in the manga, however, Kojiro is lighthearted in contrast to Musashi’s somber demeanor.

As a result, the disparate character traits and life philosophy contribute to a fascinating dynamic. Kojiro is second on the list because he is a symbolic counterpart to Musashi and is committed to battling only those who have committed their life to the sword.

01) Miyamoto Musashi is top Main Characters in Vagabond

Musashi was very rebellious and impulsive in his young days; his ambitions mainly centered around wanting to surpass his father, “Shinmen Takazo,” who played an essential role in shaping Musashi’s outlook on life initially.

However, Musashi’s perspective on life drastically altered as he got older and engaged in more battles; he realized that taking the lives of others was not the answer. Despite his inability to avoid murder and death, he makes a valiant effort to cease fighting till the end.

Musashi stands out and deserves the top spot because of his intellectual explorations, evolution as a person, and attitude toward life.

CONCLUSION of Top Main Characters in Vagabond

Every character in the historical manga Vagabond is true to life and is seen from the viewpoint of the lead character. Legendary characters appear like God in Vagabond, yet most character encounters make each one more true to life and larger than life.

Some characters, on the other hand, are more relatable and human. Our protagonist, Musashi, is increasingly guided in his quest for morality, self-awareness, and swordsmanship by each character he encounters or meets. I hope you like the Top Main Characters in Vagabond. Please follow us on Pinterest

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