Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga Ranked

Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga Ranked
Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga Ranked

Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga Ranked

We’ve ranked the Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga for you in today’s post. These psychological romance comics are guaranteed to set the mood, especially since the Halloween season is almost over.

Manga about psychological romance frequently tackles sinister subjects like poisonous love, betrayed trust, or horrible acts. Some of them leave us with realism, even though the majority do finish up with character growth.

Additionally, we’ve added some psychological romance horror comics that will definitely make you shiver. Let’s go right into the Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga, ranked. 

Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga –

This manga’s story revolves around a peaceful coastal village where the residents dwell. We are introduced to two middle school pupils, Koume Sato and Keisuke Isobe.

Following her crush’s heartbreaking rejection, Koume begins a “friends with benefits” relationship with Keisuke, whom she had previously rejected. This causes a sense of comprehension and camaraderie to blossom.

But when their emotions began to blossom, they quickly found themselves in a difficult situation.

14. Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita –

Kimi ga Uso Tsuita is Last on my List of Best Psychological Romance Manga Saki Kudou detests liars in particular and has had severe trust difficulties ever since her father abandoned the family. She keeps this rule dear to her heart even as a high school student and stays away from those who tell lies.

She chooses to contact her mother for assistance, nonetheless, after feeling deceived by her friend’s cancellation of arrangements. Her mother and she soon have an accident that kills her mother and gives her superhuman abilities.

She can distinguish the truthtellers from the liars thanks to her skill. As a result, she finds that more people than she initially believed are liars around her.

13. Inochi –

Within the family, Nobara and Kotochi are identical twin sisters with different personalities. As a result, Kotochi lives with her mother and Nobara with her grandma.

Despite leading different lives, the two decide to trade places for a day. However, Nobara chooses to step in for her to honor their grieving mother after this causes Kotochi to become enamored with her.

But even after their conversation, Nobara’s existence remains shadowed by the fact that the deceased sister wasn’t meant to be Kotochi.

12. Hadashi de Bara wo Fume –

Six people make up Sumi Kitamura’s parentless family, of which she is the second oldest. She is frequently left to take care of them because her older brother simply gambles and frequently travels out of town.

On a day like this one, her siblings are stolen from her without warning, and she has to pay money to bring them back. She is prepared to sell herself and even marry a wealthy man for their benefit.

We then meet Soichiro Ashida, a guy who will pay her to marry him and set her on a different course in life.

On a day like this one, her siblings are stolen from her without warning, and she has to pay money to bring them back. She is prepared to sell herself and even marry a wealthy man for their benefit.

We then meet Soichiro Ashida, a guy who will pay her to marry him and set her on a different course in life.

11. Conductor –

Kuchiki is a gifted flute player who experiences nightmares regularly due to selective amnesia from a horrific previous occurrence. She is so compelled to see Matsuzaki, a counselor, who aids in the gradual regaining of her memories.

Ishikura, an inspector, is investigating a case involving a mummified body without a head, on the other hand. However, as their paths collide, they must ascertain Kuchiki’s role in the crime.

10. Akuma to Love Song –

Maria Kawai is a straightforward, attractive student who transfers to Totsuka High School from St. Katria, a Catholic school for girls. Here, she states unequivocally that she was expelled for acting violently against a teacher and that she transferred.

She manages to make two friends, Yusuke Kanda and Shin Meguro, despite her bluntness, and they try to help her fit in with society. She eventually proves that she can sing, and pretty expressively at that, despite her several failures.

Through their songs, she and her pals seek to make her more amiable to everyone.

9. Bitter Virgin –

Daisuke Suwa is a well-known womanizer among the female students at his school. Here, though, she says she has no interest in the quiet Hinako Aikawa, whom he calls a “sweet virgin.”

But one day he finds himself in a precarious circumstance that forces him to hide in a church confessional. At this point, Hinako shows up and starts spilling some of her most painful and dark secrets.

Daisuke chooses to make friends with and assist her right away after seeing how awful this is for her. Will his sympathy, however, stay precisely that?

8. After School Nightmare –

Mashiro Ichijo is the epitome of a kind and compassionate guy. But despite their outward masculinity, Mashiro is unable to identify as either male or female.

The school is forced to wish to vanish as Mashiro’s secret is suddenly disclosed to them. Here, a nurse leads Mashiro into a basement where they engage in some gaming.

The goal of this game, which is set in the world of dreams, is to locate a key that will cause memory erasure for the finder. In addition to grappling with their gender identification, they are also troubled by two romantic interests, which further complicates matters.

7. Battle Royale –

Each year, a class is chosen at random and left to struggle to survive in a desolate place. This year, Class B at Shiroiwa Junior High is selected to play a game called The Program, which has just one survivor in the end.

All of the kids in The Program have to struggle to survive since they are all given metal detonative collars. Shuuya Nanahara, on the other hand, intends to leave the island and terminate the game with outside assistance because she has no intention of doing so.

6. Shigeshoushi –

As an embalmer at a church, Shinjuuro Mamiya assists families in preserving the lives of departed loved ones. He looks elsewhere for comfort since his line of work leaves him feeling empty.

He is therefore hesitant to act on his love sentiments for Azuki Natsui even when they arise. We then explore the idea of protecting life and saying appropriate farewells to the deceased while still living.

5. Aku no Hana –

Aku no Hana is an average Psychological Romance Manga Unsociable and a closeted pervert, Takao Kasuga has a major crush on Nanako Saeki. As a bookworm, all he can do is wish to gaze her longingly from a distance.

But as fate would have it, he discovers her recently changed workout attire and takes it. But if it means getting discovered by Sawa Nakamura, is it truly luck?

Furthermore, Sawa’s arrogant demeanor suggests that she has evil intentions for him that would only make him feel worse about his own actions.

4. Ghost Hunt –

Mai Taniyama and her pals had long been told stories about a neighboring dilapidated school building that is said to be haunted by spirits. So, to make sure, they go there intending to tell ghost stories.

When they arrive, though, they find themselves interfering with the proprietor of Shibuya Psychic Research’s inquiry. We subsequently encounter Kazuya Shibuya, who coerces Mai into collaborating with him and handling paranormal matters among several others.

3. Gakuen Alice –

Mikan Sakura thinks she’s the greatest of friends with Hotaru Imai. She quickly follows Hotaru as she departs for Alice Academy in Tokyo.

Alice Academy is a school for gifted individuals known as “Alices,” and it undoubtedly conceals a troubled background behind its inflexible hierarchy. Even though Mikan gets in, she is ranked lowest, which results in a lot of bad encounters.

But when she and her new friends discover the sinister truths about the institution, they quickly find themselves a part of something far greater.

2. Mars –

Mars is my Best Psychological Romance Manga When Rei Kashino asks Kira Aso for directions to a hospital, he gets a sketched map with a doodle in the corner instead of the directions he was looking for. Later, the two become classmates and, as a result of certain events, develop a strong relationship.

Kira agrees to be Rei’s model when he asks her to paint the rough outline on his map instead of drawing it herself. As a result, the two become close via their shared dark pasts and creativity.

1. Watashtachi no Shiawase na Jikan –

The lack of will to live intertwines the lives of Yuu and Juri Mutou in this manga. Due to the tragedy of her troubled background, Juri has grown to despise her mother. Conversely, Yuu is condemned to death for eradication.

Juri’s aunt Monica, a religious member, is the one who brings the two together by insisting they meet. Will they decide to alter their opinions, though, given that they have a profound knowledge of one other in addition to a shared wish?

We now come to the end of our post, which ranked the Top 15 Psychological Romance Manga.

The manga titles listed above are certain to be intriguing because they have been arranged based on their MAL scores. For that reason, we’ve given you the greatest psychological romance comics.

To help you fill up your reading lists, we’ll be returning soon with more articles similar to this one on the Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga Ranked. Thus, make sure to be alert, focused, and excited about them. I hope you like My Top 15 Best Psychological Romance Manga Ranked. Follow Us

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