Top 15 Main Characters In Berserk (According To Manga, 2024)

Top 15 Main Characters In Berserk (According To Manga, 2024)
Top 15 Main Characters In Berserk (According To Manga, 2024)

Let’s start reading about the Main Characters In Berserk Author and illustrator Kentaro Miura is the guy behind the well-known manga series Berserk, which delves into topics associated with extreme dark fantasy. The story of Berserk abruptly shifts into the observation of grotesque, murderous animals as it progresses.

The main character of this manga, “Guts,” goes on adventures and faces challenges while pursuing retribution on a well-known nemesis. This manga’s setting, which is reminiscent of medieval Europe, has a terrifying breed of creatures who devour human flesh.

This manga has had a remarkable and significant global development, and it has also become incredibly popular all over the world. The manga, despite its popularity, has a complex plot that reflects its somber themes.

 To get enormous abilities in return for the lives of their loved ones, the inhabitants of this made-up world transform into demonic creatures known as “Apostles.” The characters from this critically renowned manga series, Berserk, will be discussed in this article. We shall learn more about the distinctive and captivating past of these important personalities in this post.

Top 15 Main Characters in Berserk

01) Guts

The story’s whole plot centers on this individual named “Guts.” The main character, Guts, plays his part brilliantly, and the readers are moved to pity by his horrific past.
Guts has a lone warrior persona and is frequently seen as a merciless and unrelenting mercenary. Despite being a very interesting character in the series, Guts struggles with sensitivity and self-reflection due to his early experiences. As the narrative progresses, Guts discovers his purpose and exacts retribution on Griffith, the main antagonist.

02) Casca

One of the important characters in the series is Casca, who was formerly a young, ungrateful peasant girl from a far-off mountain town. As the lone female member of the original Band of the Falcon, she grows into a formidable fighter after joining the group.

She also supports her organization in a variety of conflicts. Both Casca’s demeanor and looks defy the stereotype that is frequently applied to unfeminine behavior. She stands out from the other female characters because of this approach to character design, which makes her a favorite among fans.

03) Griffith 

Among the most formidable characters in the Berserk series is without a doubt, Griffith. He is portrayed as the main adversary of the show, the target of Guts’ retaliation. As it draws near, the story reveals Griffith’s wicked plans and how, out of a desire for great power, he betrayed Guts and his group.

The series’ main and core topic emerges from this treachery. An important manga event called the Eclipse transforms Griffith from a completely good person into a remarkable and strong person when he strikes a sacrifice agreement.

04) Puck

The first person Guts befriended when he was still the Black Swordsman was Puck. Puck is characterized as an elf from the Pisky race, which is descended from the ancient wind spirits.
The author created Puck, who is frequently seen as a component of dramatic events or, more simply put, a comedic relief. Unlike Guts, Puck cultivates an aura through his lighthearted encounters. Puck’s superhuman healing powers appear to be able to heal others, which helps Guts along the way.

05) Judeau

Judeau’s primary reputation stems from his respect and allegiance to Griffith. Judeau, a member of the Band of the Hawk and an accomplished warrior, is frequently observed acting as a scout or planner.

In addition, following the catastrophic Eclipse incident, his character undergoes a significant transformation that gives him a fresh viewpoint. Judeau may also be observed growing romantic emotions for Casca, one of his group members. His affection and concern for her do not waver, even in the face of knowing that she is more committed to helping Griffith.

06) Rickert

Another well-known member of the “Band of the Hawk” is Rickert. He is presented as this band’s youngest member. Rickert, the blacksmith, is frequently presented as a helpful figure in contrast to the other group members.

Despite his limited role in the series, he deserves recognition for his support and devotion to his band for the greater cause. Rickert is one of the lucky ones who has made it through the horrific events of the Eclipse.

07) Serpico

When he was first shown, Serpico was a young, accomplished swordsman who worked for a woman by the name of Farnese. His primary attributes are his fighting prowess and the plans he makes to trick his adversaries.

Serpico has a unique attitude; he usually maintains his composure in the face of other characters from the Berserk series who may be viewed as emotionally charged or who act without thinking things through. Because the readers appreciate his character, he becomes a significant character in the narrative.

08) Farnese

When Farnese was first presented, she was a noblewoman who was connected to the Vandimion family, one of the wealthiest and most powerful houses. At first, she was a member, but now she was the head of an organization known as the Holy Iron Chain Knights, whose mission was to find heretics and otherworldly beings.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that in addition to being Serpico’s mistress, she also considers him to be her half-adopted brother. This aspect of her romance with Serpico gives rise to a complex side story.

09) Schierke

Schierke, a key character in the series, is portrayed as a witch who lives in the magical realm known as the Astral World and practices rituals and magic. Her character soars to new heights, and when she meets Guts on his adventure, she gains notoriety.

Schierke gives Guts and his group access to her magical powers, which include the ability to control elements, call spirits, and cast spells. She quickly establishes herself as one of the main characters thanks to her acute comprehension and command of her magical talents.

10) Zodd

Zodd’s massive presence evokes awe and dread in equal measure. He is an apostle who is unshakable, immortal, and blessed with extraordinary strength and the ability to regenerate. Most opponents cannot equal Zodd’s combat skill, which is further increased by his massive apostle form.

He can recover from severe injuries. He has fought for generations, making him a skilled warrior with a cold-blooded, cruel fighting style. Known as “Nosferatu Zodd,” his unrelenting pranks incite terror.

11) Skull Knight

the person who identified Guts as Struggler, the Berserker suit’s former owner. He declared that he was a “foe of the Inhumans.” He is an eternal entity who led Guts on the correct road and assisted him in some situations.

However, as he noted, Guts is a struggler who must give up everything. Despite being a well-known figure, he lacks the strength to stand up to all of the apostles by himself.

12) Void

God Hand is a group of five people, with Void serving as their leader and most notable member. A common portrayal of the Void is that of a faceless, mystical, metaphysical being. He is essentially the embodiment of all that is evil about the Godhand beings.

It becomes increasingly clear as the series progresses that both the God Hand and the Void are in charge of influencing people’s destinies. The series’ characters suffer as a consequence of this; the Eclipse is obvious.

13) Slan

Slan is a member of God’s Hand, a collective of five powerful demonic spirits, and one of the five mystic beings. In addition, she is the sole woman in this group. Slan’s intense desire for Guts is in addition to her character, which refutes Femto’s claim that she is the apostle of lust.
She may take on many alluring and celestial shapes since she is an ambassador of lust.

14) Grunbeld

Grunbeld is portrayed as an apostle and a demonic being formed by sacrifice agreements. Grunbeld was a remarkable warrior with amazing combat abilities before he changed into an apostle and began working under God’s Hand.

Before Grunbeld became an apostle, he was a well-known fighter. In addition, he goes by the moniker “Hawk of Darkness,” which is associated with his function as an apostle under God’s Hand.

15) Irvine

Irvine, who is described as looking like a centaur, is an apostle for God’s Hand. He is a skilled archer with lethal precision who is well-known for using a big bow. After leaving the Band of the Hawk, he went on to become an apostle.

Creator Kentaro Miura gives readers a sneak peek by delving into the darker facets of the book through his character. Irvine’s position as an Archer Apostle presents the main characters with fresh difficulties.

CONCLUSION Top 15 Main Characters In Berserk (According To Manga, 2024)

In conclusion, it is reasonable to say that these are a few of the most well-known and often appearing characters in the Berserk manga series. The list also offers a preview of the characters’ abilities and motivations.

These well-known figures have not only gained enormous and unusual popularity due to their power, but their individual stories also play a crucial part. I hope you like the Top 15 Main Characters In Berserk (According To Manga, 2024)

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