Top 15 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days

Top 15 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days

Top 15 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days

Let’s Star talk about the Top 15 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days Sakamoto Days is a manga series from Japan that Yuto Suzuki wrote and drew. The following sums up the main storyline of this series: The main character, Taro Sakamoto, runs into problems after he gives up his previous career as a renowned assassin.

Sakamoto Days’s combination of humor and action has won praise from critics. This article discusses and features fifteen of the series’ most notable characters. We will also be delving into the identities of the recurring characters and investigating them through the series’ storylines.

Top 15 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days

15) Amane Yotsumura

To put an end to the JAA’s fury, Amane Yotsumura, a formidable assassin and the son of the Order’s former founder, joins Kei Uzuki’s gang. He thus becomes more and more hateful of JAA and his father as the story goes on.

He believes that his father killed his mother, and he is now out to get revenge on him. Put another way, he is a vindicator who wants to kill his father to get revenge.

14) Satoru Yotsumura

Exiled from the JAA, Satoru Yotsumura is fighting to destroy them to get revenge for the humiliation they inflicted upon him. Strangely enough, he was one of the first members of the Order, a JAA subgroup.

Furthermore, he has the position of honorary retired professor at Japan Clear Creation (JCC). Even though Yotsumura is a former founding member and a skilled assassin, he still comes across as a loving father who would kill his wife to protect his son.

13) Gaku

Another extremely strong figure in the series’ assassination universe is Gaku. He is good friends with Slur and joins forces with the other members of Kei Uzuki’s squad to assist him in toppling the JAA.

Though Gaku is generally a cool-headed individual, he can become a vicious monster, as demonstrated by his act of killing JAA members without hesitation or regret. During bouts, he is so calm and collected that he begins munching on snacks.

12) Kumanomi

One of the main characters in the series is Kumanomi. She was raised at the Al-Kamar orphanage as an orphan before she developed into a proficient assassin. She becomes increasingly well-known and becomes acknowledged as an enemy after joining forces with Slur.

She decides to topple the JAA alongside Slur. Kumanomi’s penetrating stare is often used to intimidate people, as seen in the scene in which she uses a single, savage glare to silence both Gaku and Slur.

11) Obiguro

One of the main characters from the Sakamoto Days, Obiguro, is shown as a lethal assassin. As she commits herself to Taro Sakamoto’s murder, her persona begins to take on more intriguing aspects. She made her debut in Chapter 9, which allowed her potential to be revealed to the audience.

She is thought to possess superhuman strength in addition to her karate talents, which help her defeat her opponents. It’s believed that she moves at the same speed as Shin, but if she hadn’t held back, she could have easily defeated him.

10) Osaragi

Among the series’ intriguing characters is Osaragi. Her portrayal of a character is both remarkable and unusual. She is a new member of the Order, a branch of the Japanese Association of Assassins (JAA) limited to very experienced assassins.

Osaragi has a juvenile mannerism that is evident in both her behavior and her acts. She can, however, kill a serial murderer with a 180-kill kill streak since she is an extremely talented assassin.

09) Rion Akao

Rion Akaoo, an old friend of Taro Sakamoto and Nagumo, is a key character in the narrative. During their time as JCC students, these three became good friends. According to how she is portrayed in the anime, Rion is a laid-back girl who enjoys having fun.

Rion may be humorous and easygoing, but she is also one of the most formidable assassins. The tale takes a new turn because of Rion’s death, which Taro and Nagumo verify was a murder carried out by Slur.

08) Nagumo

According to how he is depicted, Nagumo is an old buddy of Taro’s and a part of the JAA’s “Order.” In addition to having a laid-back manner, Nagumo is portrayed as having a broad, unwavering smile on his face at all times.

Despite this, he is one of the organization’s strongest members and can become a cold-blooded killer. When Nagumo visited Taro to inform him of the reward set on his head, the audience was first exposed to Nagumo.

07) Apart

Because of his past deeds, Apart is regarded as the main adversary in “Death Row Prisoners Arc”. If we set aside his ruthless murdering, he is a rather endearing guy despite being the antagonist.

His portrayal in the series as a guy who seeks out strong personalities is a reflection of his childhood experiences with desertion by his parents and loneliness. He labeled Taro and company odd even while they were sitting with him and treating him like a normal person.

06) Kei Uzuki

An adversary from the Sakamoto Days named Kei Uzuki is portrayed as a ruthless killing machine. Throughout the whole series, his only goal is to topple the “Japanese Association of Assassins” (JAA).

Everyone in the gang he is a member of, the “Order,” fears him due to his superior fighting abilities. Moreover, he is called “slur” or occasionally “X” due to the large “X” symbol that he leaves at the scene of a crime after killing someone. This deranged treatment of Uzuki’s persona establishes him as a prototypical archenemy.

05) Kanaguri

Kanaguri’s persona is shown as both an Order member and an undercover agent for Kei Uzuki’s group. It’s common knowledge that Knaguri is the most obnoxious antagonist in the series. Once one gets a sense of his demeanor, it may be convincing.

In addition to his reputation as a cold-blooded killer, Kanaguri is renowned for his passion for cinema. He claims that it is not worth living in the present when he is not shooting. What distinguishes him from the others is his unwavering dedication to his passion.

04) Shin Asakura

Taro Sakamoto’s former partner and student is Shin Asakura. Shin was the first person ordered to kill Taro when he resigned from his position. Shin’s life drastically changes as a result of this, as his attempt to assassinate Taro Sakamoto was unsuccessful.

Shin is sentenced to death as a consequence, but to his amazement, Taro Sakamoto steps in to spare him from execution. Following this incident, Shin’s personality undergoes a significant transformation; like Taro, he decides to move in with Taro’s family and gives up his career.

03) Hana Sakamoto

One of the main characters in the series is Hana, who is the daughter of Aoi and Taro Sakamoto. Hana Sakamoto is depicted as a pupil in elementary school.

As adorable as her name—which means “flower” in Japanese—Hana is a charming figure. Even though she is the daughter of the major characters in this novel, not much is known about her, yet she is still loved by the readers and is appreciated by the audience everywhere she goes.

02) Aoi Sakamoto

Taro Sakamoto, the series’ primary character, is seen to be married to Aoi Sakamoto. It is also possible to argue that Aoi is the sole reason Taro gave up his assassination duties and instead led Taro to a quiet and devoted existence.

Aoi has a highly alluring personality and is regarded as a lovely and devoted family woman. She shows no signs of worry about living with her spouse, even though she is aware of his reality as a top-tier hitman. She is essentially a strong woman and a bold person.

01) Taro Sakamoto is no. 1 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days

The primary character of the series is Taro Sakamoto, an ex-hitman who is widely known for his extraordinary fighting abilities. Even though Taro is an expert assassin, he still has feelings for a girl named Aoi.

He decides to give up his assassination career and spend the rest of his life with his family after being married to Aoi. This means that he must deal with a lot of dangers, which disrupts his peace of mind. Taaro is sometimes seen as a peaceful individual, but when his family is in danger, he becomes very angry very quickly.

CONCLUSION about Top 15 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days

To sum up, “Sakamoto Days” offers an intriguing plot and a world of assassins. Because of their appearance and backstories, these characters have won the audience over.

To provide each individual with a unique viewpoint, the series gives them a unique storyline and method of presentation. Through its depiction of a world full of heightened violent aficionados, the series has effectively amassed a sizable fan following, and everyone agrees with Yuto Suzuki’s design. I hope you like the Top 15 Main Characters In Sakamoto Days.

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