Top 17 Manga about Unrequited Love you should read right now. [2024 List]


Top 17 Manga about Unrequited Love you should read right now. [2024 List]
Top 17 Manga about Unrequited Love you should read right now. [2024 List]

Top 17 Manga about Unrequited Love you should read right now. [2024 List]

What is the essence of this Manga about Unrequited Love? At least one character harbors love and affection for another, while the other does not reciprocate.

This is the basis of all love polygons and love triangles.

The list of Unrequited Love manga that you should read right now is provided by us.

17. Positively Yours

The BFF she had a crush on and her other BFF are now dating, much to Hee-won’s dismay! Hee-won, who is sad, chooses to indulge himself once and find comfort in a dashing stranger. It started as a fulfilling one-night fling, but now it’s more: she’s expecting! When fate puts them back together, the stern Doo-joon is resolved to follow the correct path and wed her. But in all honesty, they’re strangers! However, their bodies have become quite familiar with one another. What should this soon-to-be mother do?

Now complete for publication, Positively Yours is comprised of 82 chapters. Another name for it is: I have a baby.

16. Here U Are

As part of his assignment to receive the immigrants, Yu Yang ends himself assisting the imposing and gregarious Li Huan—the sort of guy who will stop at nothing to make himself unpopular. However, as they get to know one another more, he finds out that the giant is not all that horrible of a guy.

Note: Contains 20 more chapters.

There are 157 chapters in this fully published book, Here U Are. Another name for it is: You are here, You are here.

15. Yours to Claim

Jooin never experiences anything crazy. He’s just another typical college kid who avoids attention by keeping his head down. In contrast, Yahwi is incredibly attractive, and quite well-liked, but also rather cruel. Why, therefore, has the hottie on college shown interest in an absolute nobody? Those lethal stares make it difficult to care that there must be a hidden agenda. Will Jooin’s desires make him a slave? Or maybe he’ll turn into the master himself.

14. Namsachin-ui Beobchig

Jay, a guy, wanted to talk to his buddy about their mutual interests. As Jay was ready to admit to his crush on someone, Jiwoon, Jay’s friend, who was truly crushing on Jay, was hoping Jay would come clean. When Jay questioned her about her infatuation, Jiwoon tried to duck the issue and gave him a hazy description, which led to a misconception that his crush was actually towards Jay’s friend Seohyun. However, she was astonished to find that Jay’s crush was someone else.

She and Jay are only close friends; they don’t have a sexual relationship. Jay kindly approaches her and attempts to help her fulfill her “crush.”At school, let the romance drama commence!

Chapters of Namsachin-ui Beobchig are presently available for purchase. Other names for it are Boy-Friend’s Rule, 男闺蜜准则, and The Law of Friendship with a Male.

Chapters of Yours to Claim are now available for purchase. Jooin’s Circumstances, Las circunstancias de Jooin, The Master’s Circumstances, 츻人的秘密, 슙仁的ऄ境, 抙英的샅纋, and Ju-in-ui Sajeong are some other names for it.

13. I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child

Elan, the royal knight, views the masquerade festival as an exceptional opportunity to unwind and have fun. However, her enjoyable evening swiftly transforms into a terrifying morning as she awakens next to the merciless Emperor Kylart. Elan flees, hoping he hasn’t seen her disguise, knowing how brutal he can be to needy women. However, while she carries out her tense responsibilities of protecting the emperor, she begins to have unsettling health issues. She finds out she is pregnant after seeing the doctor! Worse, there are rumors that Kylart is still searching for the enigmatic woman he encountered during the festival night.

When she can’t even manage her incessant cravings and morning sickness, will Elan be able to keep her secret private from the entire palace?

Chapters of the book I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child are available now. Another name for it is: I gave birth to the child of the tyrant.

12. Kieta Hatsukoi

“Aoki… I had no idea that was how you felt about me.

Aoki is infatuated with Hashimoto-san, the person seated beside him. But as he took the rubber out, he saw his classmate Ida’s name inscribed on it… (sobs). Ida also witnessed him using the rubber. Please don’t tell me he misinterpreted! It’s a little corny, but this is how the tale of them giving their all for their first love starts.

My Love Mix-Up!, which comprises 36 chapters, has been published. 消えた初恋, Kieta Hatsu Koi, Vanishing My First Love, and Faded First Love are some more names for it.

11. Bandeusi Happy Ending

The day Yeon-Woo’s phony marriage ended, her spouse passed away. Bereft of hope, Yeon-Woo is granted the opportunity to travel back in time 100 days! Their’ marriage has only begun as she fights to keep her spouse Seon-Jae alive. This is the tale of a late-blooming relationship when a person’s life is in jeopardy.

“This time, I will make sure we have a happy ending!”

Happy Ending in Need, which comprises 112 chapters, is now available for purchase. Surely a Happy Ending and Must Have a Happy Ending are some more names for it.

10. Okaeri Aureole

gregarious and bright Since they were little children, Kazu and the solemn Moto have been buddies. They knew and understood each other quite well throughout high school, even though they drifted apart and made friends with various groups of individuals. But Kazu gradually begins to see Moto as more than simply his friend.

Greetings again, Five chapters make up the full publication of Aureole. It is sometimes referred to as Okaeri Aureole, おかえりオーレオール.

9. Unmei wo Shinjinai Kare ga Iu ni wa

Destined love is dull. Kousuke, a student at the university who sees the red thread of fate, experiences unfulfilled love. He kept that emotion to himself, though, as he was aware that the two “red threads of fate” had nothing to do with one another. However, Yuka learns about Kousuke as a potential love partner when she is informed one day by a fortune teller that “the fateful partner is nearby”.

A mature person whose love is dictated by destiny is shown in Unmei wo Shinjinai Kare ga Iu ni wa. Chapters of the book What He Who Doesn’t Believe in Fate Says are presently available for purchase. 運命を信じない彼が言うには, Unmei wo Shinjinai Kare ga Iu ni wa are some more names for it.

8. Boku ga Otto ni Deau made

“Boku ga Otto ni Deau made” (Until I Meet My Husband), a manga adaptation of Nanasaki Ryousuke’s essays about him and his spouse becoming the first homosexual couple to marry in Japan.

Until I Meet My Husband, which consists of 12 chapters, has completed publication. It is also known as Boku ga Otto ni Deau ma, 僕が夫に出会うまで.de

7. Itsuwari no Freja

Although Freya considers herself to be a straightforward village girl, her perfect existence is upended when she becomes entangled in the fallout from a cunning Sigurdian scheme. She looks a lot like her nation’s adored Prince Edvard, who is lying there awaiting his poisoning.

Without its king, Sigurdian violence will soon spread over Tyr. Freya is now required to assume Prince Edvard’s position and command his brave warriors in the realm’s defense!

Chapters of Prince Freya are presently available for purchase. Another name for it is 偽りのフレイヤ, Artificial Freja.

6. Raising a Bat is ditto like the Manga about Unrequited Love 

Senior in high school Min-kyum was expelled from his family and is now on his own to protect himself. His new home is located in an impoverished area that has had several unexplained attacks where victims have suffered bite scars on their necks and indications of blood loss. Following her move-in, Min-kyu goes to eat. Then, for some reason, awakens at home to find odd markings on his neck. He tries to brush it off, but his new schoolmate’s desk appears eerily similar and pale.

Note: There are an extra eighteen (optional) scenes in this series.

With 86 chapters, Raising a Bat has been published. コウモリの飼育方法, Bagjwisayug, My Pet Bat, 囚爱, and Bat Breed are some more names for it.

5. Dos Obake ga Nekasete Kurenai

Yuuji has a history of falling in love with straight men, and the person he is presently in a relationship with is getting married. As if things couldn’t get any worse, he is sexually assaulted by a so-called “sexual ghost.” Yuuji is the victim of this sort of ghost, which is claimed to exclusively haunt those who are sexually unsatisfied. What will happen to poor Yuuji when the ghost Kousuke admits that he has feelings for him?

There are chapters in Dos Obake ga Nekasete Kurenai, which are presently being published. Other names for it are: ドSおばけが寝かせてくれない, Do S Obake ga Kurenai Nekasete, Do S Obake ga Kurenai 2 I can’t sleep because of the evil spirit, ドSおばけが寝かせてくれない2.

4. Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae dake ka yo

Amatsuyu Kirasagi receives an invitation to go out alone from his childhood buddy Himawari and the stylish upperclassman Cosmos. He approaches each of them individually with triumph, expecting to hear their confessions. However, Himawari and Cosmos admit to Amatsuyu that they both like his companion. While fighting this lonely war, Amatsuyu notices that another female is staring at him. She’s a sullen girl with braids and spectacles. Amatsuyu discovers that he despises her as she always directs her sarcastic remarks just at him and takes pleasure in his problems. However, as it happens, she’s the only one who genuinely finds him endearing.

ORESUKI: Do you think you’re the only one who adores me? Has 42 chapters and has been published. Other names for it include: 俺を好きなのはお前だけかよ, Ore o Nano Suki wa Omae Dake ka yo, Ore o Suki na no wa Omae dake ka yo Orewo Sukinanoha Omaedake kayo, Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae dake ka yo.

3. The World Where I Belong

The suicide attempt of a high school kid is thwarted by an odd female possessing even more unusual abilities. With 69 chapters, The World Where I Belong has been published. Another name for it is The World Where I Belong.

2. Nanoni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru.

Kisaragi Maaya, sixteen. Her life’s first love declaration was met with total rejection. She pledged to “never confess to someone again” until the day that she accepted the popular Chigira-kun’s proposal to “heal each other’s broken hearts” when he was working in the library with her. As she receives daily healing from Chigira-kun, Maaya begins to feel a desire for intimacy. However, all this is doing is consoling each other’s wounded hearts. Even though she can’t possibly fall in love with Chigira-kun—!?

There are chapters in Nanoni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru, which is presently being published. Other names for it are なのに、千輝くんが甘すぎる。, Na no ni, Amasugiru Chigira-kun ga Even so, Chigira kun is overly charming.

1. 10nyeonjjae Chaineun Sokkupchingu is ranked in the Top 17 Manga about Unrequited Love

When someone confesses their affection to someone and is rejected, they often try to move on. They don’t remain friends, for sure. Except if you’re Yui and Shiho. The two have spent the last 10 years attending the same schools and were born on the same day. In another small game they’ve been playing, Shiho admits his affection for Yul, and Yul encourages him to give it more effort. What was the outcome? Shiho is now a model student, and he is well-liked by all the girls. However, since the two have begun attending high school together, it appears that there may be more players in the small “game” they’ve been playing. The laws are swiftly evolving. Is there still room for Shiho and Yul’s relationship to grow?

With 86 chapters, 10 Years in the Friend Zone is now complete. Another name for it is 10nyeonjjae Chaineun Sokkupchingu. I hope you Like the Top 17 Manga about Unrequited Love you should read right now. [2024 List]

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