Top 20 Mermaid manga you should read right now. [2024 List]

Mermaid manga
Mermaid manga

Top 20 Mermaid manga you should read right now. [2024 List]

What is the essence of this mermaid manga? a hybrid species with half-fish (typically lower body) and half-human (usually upper body). Merman is the term for a male mermaid, though they go by many other names.

 Here is a list of Mermaid manga that you should start reading right away.

20. Seto no Hanayome

A mermaid saves a little boy from drowning, but mermaid law dictates that both parties must be slain if a human discovers the mermaid’s real appearance. He has to wed her to resolve the issue. Can they, however, prevent her secret from being discovered?

The number of chapters includes three bonus chapters.

The side table “Senjou no Merry Christmas” (瀬戸組〈せんじょう〉のメリークリスマス) is included in Volume 5.

The side tale “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo” (時をかける少女) is included in Volume 12.

Volume 13 contains the side tale “Mission: Impossible 2” (M: I-2).

With 79 chapters, My Bride is a Mermaid has concluded its publication. Other names for it include 瀬戸の花呁, SetoYome, and The Inland Sea Bride.

19. Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid

Choa is a mermaid unable to swim! Dejected, she exchanges the sea for a set of human legs. However, the high school swim team star discovers her secret and allows her to disprove her family by giving her free mermaid swimming lessons!

Chapters of Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid are now available for purchase. It’s Also Called: Mermaid Swim Lessons

18. Hoetjipsajangui Cheotsarangeun Ineoimnida this is mermaid manga

A mermaid captured the restaurant owner’s heart at first sight!

Because of his severe look, Hae-Beom is sometimes confused for a mobster. Sang-A is a mermaid who was a client that assisted Hae-Beom. Hae-Beom gives a selfless kiss to Sang-A, who needs human saliva to grow legs. Every day, once a day.

All Sang-A needs are legs. But will he ever like me?

With eleven chapters, the book The First Love of the Sushi Restaurant Owner is a Mermaid has just been released. Hoetjipsajangui Cheotsarangeun Ineoimnida is another name for it.

17. Ningyohime no Gomen ne Gohan

Following her fish friend’s capture and transformation into a delicious dinner, Mermaid Princess Ela travels to land to grieve his departure and assist his transition into the afterlife. If only the narrative ended there. Accompany Ela as she explores the delights of seafood.

With 41 chapters, The Mermaid Princess’s Guilty Meal has just been published. Known by another name, too: 人魚姫のごめんねごはん, Forbidden Fish is the Cutest!

16. The Ningyo Series is a good Mermaid manga

Although this is Rumiko Takahashi at its darkest, the three-volume story nevertheless features some of her signature romance and humor. According to legend, a human can get perpetual life by consuming the flesh of a mermaid. But is that a benefit or a drawback?Yuta and Mana, immortal lovers, journey around Japan while yearning for a regular existence for ages. They see other travelers who have eaten mermaid flesh in an attempt to become eternal. However, the potent ingredient has varying effects on individuals. Mana and Yuta are among the fortunate ones.

Some are destined to perish or change into a vicious monster known as a “lost soul.”

With sixteen chapters, the Ningyo Series is now complete. 庺魚シリーズ, Mermaid Forest, Mermaid’s Gaze, Mermaid’s Scar, Ningyo no Mori, and Mermaid Saga are some more names for it.

15. Nagisa no Saameido

After his parents perished in an accident, Wataru is a lonely little child. One maid, Kosame, has been at his side since he was a young child for whatever reason. This is an enduring love story that takes place in a distinctive fishing community on the coast with rows of boathouses!

Chapters of Shark Maid of the Shore are presently available for purchase. 㸚のサーメイド, Nagisa no Shark Maid, Nagisa no Sāmeido, and SharMaid are some more names for it.

14. Abyss Azure no Zainin

Merpeople have existed 4,000 meters below the surface of the ocean for countless millennia, far from human discovery. But when a mermaid’s best friend develops feelings for a human, her entire world is flipped upside down.

Chapters of A Sinner of the Deep Sea are presently available for purchase. Other names for it include Sinner in the Seabed, Sinner of the Azure Abyss, and アビスアジュールの罪人.

13. Mina Soko ni Ite

It’s believed that a man-eating mermaid has been lowered to the bottom of this town’s lake.

The mermaid still travels the town today, looking for a friend, and she makes the residents uneasy.

A story from today about stupid females who drown in crystal clear water.

Chapters of Mina Soko ni Ite are presently available for purchase. Other names for it are: みなそこにて, Since all of the females are immature, At the Water’s Bottom

12. Okisaki-sama to Ningyohime no Ohanashi

When a self-centered princess finds a wounded mermaid, she chooses to treat her—but not out of altruism—because she plans to sell the mermaid when she recovers and makes money! The mermaid oddly doesn’t appear to mind at all. After some time passes, the princess informs the mermaid that she has changed her mind.

With one chapter, The Story of the Princess and the Little Mermaid is now complete. お妃様と人魚姫のお話, Tale of a Princess and the Little Mermaid, La Storia della Principessa e della Principessa Sirena are some more names for it.

11. Utakata no Minato

The narrative of the sea is universally known, but that of the deep water is unknown.

Despite having grown up in a harbor town, “Minato Wadatsumi” regrettably suffers from a severe phobia of fish.

When Minato encounters a fish out of water one day, it completely transforms his life.

With twenty-three chapters, Minato of the Foam is now complete for publication. Another name for it is ウタカタノミナト, Utakata no Minato.

10. See you later, Mermaid

Tatsumi Higaki and Kazushi Kimijima find themselves staying at the same inn after meeting in a beach village while traveling alone. In return for Tatsumi’s assistance in a previous sticky situation, the amiable Kazushi extends an invitation to a drink to the reflective man. Gradually, Kazushi learns the reason for his new acquaintance’s anxiety. When Tatsumi reveals his darkest secret—and along with it, his greatest fear—what will he do?

I’ll see you later. The book Mermaid includes six chapters and has just been published. Other names for it include: See you later, Mermaid; シーユーレイター、マーメイド; The Mermaid

9. Kimi to nara Hadashi

Kimi to Nara Hadashi, which consists of one chapter, has been published. Other names for it include 君となら裸足。, Hadashi to Nara Kimi

8. Ryuu no Kawaii Nanatsu no Ko

a collection of seven tales centered on lifestyles where imagination and reality collide. Both ancient and contemporary landscapes have peculiar conditions caused by dragons, mermaids, ghosts, and so on. A 2013 Manga Taisho Awards nominee.

There are seven chapters in the recently published book, The Dragon’s Seven Adorable Children. Other names for it are: Seven Little Sons of the Dragon, 竜のかわいい七つの子, Ryuu no Shoutou, Ningyo Kinryoku, Watashi no Kamisama, Ookami wa Uso wo Tsukanai, Kanenashi Byakuroku, Ko ga Kawaii to Ryuu wa Naku, Inutani-ke no Hitobito, わたしのかさは, Kui Ryouko Sakuhinshuu 2, 九井瑒子作品瓆2 竜のかわいい七つの子, 人歚禁漁区, 子がかわいいと竜は泴く, 犴簷家の人〦 挼は嘘をつかない, 竜の小塔, 金なし白祿

7. Dragon’s Crown

The main focus of the manga, which takes place mostly in the Kingdom of Hydeland, is the search for the fabled Dragon’s Crown. Seeking riches, an enigmatic group of magic users with connections to the top echelons of the government have utilized their sorcery to connect abandoned buildings, perilous mazes, and several other locations.

Notably, there is an additional epilogue chapter.

6. Noah wa Hakobune

They gave me the moniker “merman.”

Chapters of Noah’s Ark are now available for purchase. Another name for it is ノアは方舟, Noah wa Hakobune.

has completed publication and has fourteen chapters. Another name for it is Dragon’s Crown.

5. School Ningyo

To find their true love, the two girls go mermaid hunting. has a rather unusual cast of mermaids.

The book School Mermaid, which comprises 32 chapters, is now complete. Another name for it is スクール人魚, School Ningyo.

4. Angel no Oka

The fairy tale “Angel’s Hill” tells the turbulent tale of Luna, a mermaid princess.

Luna violates the regulations of Angel’s Island, so she is placed inside a seashell and sent out to sea. After being saved by people on a ship, she is bought and sold as a slave. She is mistreated and experiences memory loss. The son of the wealthy Kusahara family, Eiji, then appears. After saving Luna, he brings her to Japan. Unexpectedly, Akemi, Eiji’s younger sister, and Luna have an identical appearance. Due to her twisted nature, Akemi randomly transforms into Luna.

Due to her twisted nature, Akemi randomly transforms into Luna. Eiji and Akemi are abducted and brought to Angel’s Island. There, a female shaman named Pyoma almost offers Akemi as a sacrifice. Eiji meets Luna’s elder sister Soleiu in the meantime, and the two of them become entangled in the island’s mysteries.

The source is

Angel’s Hill, which comprises seven chapters, is now complete. Other names for it are Angel’s Hill, Enzeru no Oka, and エンゼルの丘.

3. Mermaid Boys This is a very fantastic manga (mermaid manga)

When the inquisitive prince of the mermaid realm, Naru, comes upon Nami, a human girl, he falls in love with her right away. He searches for a witch to transform into a human since he longs for her love! But he needs to give “something” back to get this form.

Chapters of Mermaid Boys are now available for purchase. Another name for it is マーメイド・ヽーイズ, Mermaid Boys.

2. Ningyo no Koe

Autumn 2018, received an honorable mention in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon Seasonal Manga Awards.

Ranju wants to give her voice so she can communicate, but how can she do that? Ranju has taken to nurturing a pet mermaid.

With one chapter, The Voice of a Mermaid has concluded its publication. Other names for it include 人魚の声, Ningyo no Koe.

1. Tensei Ningyo Hime wa Awa ni Natte Kietakunai is ranked top in my mermaid manga list

An everyday college student was reborn into the realm of “The Little Mermaid,” a fairy tale she had read as a child. Because she didn’t know the prince at all, she didn’t like him. However! She is going to do all in her ability to capture the prince’s love if she is to live and not turn into a pile of foam! I wish not to pass away!

The two-chapter book, The Reincarnated Little Mermaid Does Not Want to Disappear as Foam, has been published. 転生人魚姫は泡になって消えたくない, Tensei Ningyo Hime wa Awa ni Natte Kietakunai are some more names for it. I hope you like the Top 20 Mermaid manga you should read right now. [2024 List]

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