Tragic Wizard King of Black Clover, Julius Novachrono


Tragic Wizard King of Black Clover, Julius Novachrono

The Tragic Story of the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, One Body, Two Souls!

A number of the most underappreciated hidden treasures in the Shonen anime genre include Dr. Stone and The Case Study of Vanitas, among many more. The major three Shonen anime series of the new generation now include Black Clover.

The show has mediocre animation but a compelling premise with surprises. Watch Black Clover all at once if you like magic and shonen! The show is back with a movie that debuts on June 16th after a two-year break (how fantastic is that?!). Black Clover stands apart in part due to the way its characters are written.

The individuals are interesting and engaging because they are veiled in mystery, gloom, and uncertainty. We’ll be concentrating on Julius Novachrono today as an example of one such individual. So, if you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about the tragic king of the Clover Kingdom, settle down and keep reading!

Black Clover’s 28th Wizard King

Initially in the series, Julius was presented as a jovial, tall, blonde man who generally seemed cool and collected. Additionally, he was the sole individual to endorse Asta’s goals. But as the program went on, more information about his persona came to light. His role as the 28th Wizard King, his magic, and all else he champions.

Julius had visions of building a safe and compassionate magical realm outside of Clover Kingdom. The character’s appearance seems to have been influenced by Erwin, the legendary commander of Attack on Titan. They did, however, make some changes, making him a little more jovial and less serious.

Julius’s Journey in Black Clover

Julius was from the Kingdom of the Spades. He was extremely ambitious and cared deeply about those around him. From an early age, he was enthralled with magic. He was driven by this fixation to the Clover Kingdom, where he settled in with a noble family.

Later, he joined the Deer Squad of the Magic Knights. Following in the footsteps of his idol, Zara Ideale, Julius aspired to become a captain like all the other heroes in the Shonen genre. William, Morgen, and Yami were among the individuals Julius aggressively sought to join the Magic Knight Squad.

This reflects his dedication to advancing the use of magic in the Clover Kingdom and helping the people represented. Julius put a lot of effort into the series to end the continuous battle between the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms, despite the fact that he himself was not immune to strife.

One Body, Two Souls

But the authors of Black Clover were concealing one of the story’s most surprising narrative twists under all that glittering magic and upbeat demeanor. At birth, Julius Novachorono had two souls. His physical form served as a container for not one, but two souls. One belonged to him, while the other belonged to his brother Lucius Zogratis, who was his complete opposite.

When Otakus discovered that Lucius had a relationship with Julius, the dynamic of the plot significantly changed. After learning this information, Julius’s personality changes drastically. In the anime, his position underwent a significant alteration.

His interactions with the other characters likewise evolve over time. After going through this transition, Julius comes to terms with and embraces his devil-possessed body, which causes Julius to lose his role as the Clover Kingdom’s defender and savior.

The Devil Devours the King Alive

By establishing a character that was at first eager and determined but subsequently revealed a shocking and dark side to their nature, Black Clover effectively illustrated this plot thread. The figure, who was previously a supporter and proponent of safe magic, has changed into a demon that can pose a serious threat to Asta and the Clover Kingdom.

Julius’ transition is startling and unnerving since his evil doppelganger truly consumed his soul rather than merely switching bodies with him. Whether Lucius will finally give up and permit Julius to return is still a mystery. Or what if Astaroth, Julius’ evil twin and time demon, has consumed him and he has vanished forever?

Lucius & His Plans Against Humanity

Astaroth, one of the three lords of the Underworld and the most powerful Qliphoth demon is a guest of Lucius. Astaroth, also known as the Time Devil, wants to use the demons’ ability to give people eternal bodies.
Lucius wants to kill weak people and then resurrect them as stronger creatures. His nefarious goal is to produce an army of immortal zombies that will submit to him. Black Clover gave a justification for how Lucius subtly flipped and ate Julius.

Two spades are overlapping on a grimoire that Lucius owns, with one spade facing straight and the other upside down. The program claims that a spade symbol denotes death. An inverted spade, then, suggests rebirth or resurrection, which is what Lucius wants most.

Devil, Human & the Contract of Immortality

Julius and Lucius share identical forehead tattoos, therefore it is conceivable that they are magically bonded to coexist in harmony. In particular, Lucius has a black sun mark on his right side of the forehead and Julius has a blue star on his left temple.

It’s likely that Lucius learned that Julius was hosting Astaroth and then employed forbidden magic to enter into a contract with her on an equal footing. Thus, it is likely that Lucius alone has Astaroth, the devil, rather than the other way around (mind-boggling) where the demon possesses Lucius.

End Note

In Black Clover, aside from the conflict between Lucius, Julius, Astaroth, and Asta, we think Julius is a sad figure. He is not in control of his own body and lacks free will. He serves as a vehicle for the devil and other evil people to spread mayhem.

Julius and the citizens of Clover Kingdom are in a tragic circumstance since their wizard king is essentially a ticking time bomb that might bring about their destruction. What do you think will happen—Julius will live again, or Lucius will possess Astaroth and seize control?

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