When Is Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Coming?

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2
Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

When Is Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Coming?

Right now, “Domestic Girlfriend Season 2” is being discussed. The anime series Domestic Girlfriend, commonly referred to as Home na Kanojo, was created by Diomedéa, a Japanese animation studio that also makes Aho-Girl and Ahiru no Sora. The first series is a collection of manga of the same title that Kei Sasuga created and drew. The anime adaption, which was announced on June 12, 2018, broadcast between January 12 and March 30, 2019, on the local Japon networks MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, AT-X, and ATV. The series, which was licensed by Crunchyroll, attracted viewers from all around the world. The second season of the show is currently causing viewers to worry: will it return, when will it premiere?

The first season of the series, which has an excellent opening and music, was released in 2019, and it has now been more than two years.  Let’s remember about the series before digging into the secrets of the second season.


Natsuo Fujii is madly in love with his instructor Hina. Natsuo goes somewhere with his classmates to forget his affection for him and encounters a weird girl named Rui Tachibana. Rui begs Natsuo to do him a favor and depart together in secret after a series of bizarre happenings. But because he has no idea how to get to Rui’s residence, Rui invites Natsuo, to go with him.
This desire is not motivated by love but by the want to have this sensation. 

However, Natsuo now has a new challenge to deal with as a result of this tragedy. Because his father chose to marry, Natsuo will have 2 half-sisters. He recently discovered that the sisters are Hina and Rui! Now he will live with his favorite teacher for the first time. He finds himself in an unexpected love triangle and begins to mature.


Diomedéa or any anime-related firm has not yet renewed the Domestic Girlfriend for a second season as of September 3, 2022, at the time of writing. We’ve been keeping an eye on the anime’s official web page and Twitter feeds, and the only recent focus has been on Blu-ray disc advertising. No plans have been made or announcements made regarding a second-season renewal. Until a public declaration is made, we are free to speculate on the possibilities of a second season. We examined the anime’s current popularity as well as the manga series Domestic Girlfriend, which serves as its exclusive source material and unique content.

A fan inquired Kei Sasuga, the original manga’s author, regarding the second season last year. The response is one that will irritate some fans. Sasuga, sadly, lowers future prospects by stating that there are no plans for a second season at the moment. 

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Official Announcements Plus Release Date

The last episode of Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 aired on March 31, 2019, and it’s been about three months since we’ve heard anything from the series’ creator/studio.

Unfortunately, no official announcement or release date for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 has been made. On Twitter, a fan inquired about Sasuga’s plans for a second season.

In response to this query, he stated, “I have no plans for a second season.” It’s upsetting to hear, but if profits, popularity, and other variables are positive, someone other than him might be eager to take it.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Material Information

Domestic Girlfriend is the anime version of the same-named Japanese manga series. Kei Sasuga, the mangaka, wrote and drew it. The manga started appearing in April 2014 and was updated through June 2020 (final chapter 276). The series is divided into 28 volumes, which are also referred to as Tankobon volumes.

Volumes Release Date in English
Volume 1   April 11, 2017
Volume 2 May 9, 2017
Volume 3 June 13, 2017
Volume 4 July 11, 2017
Volume 5 August 22, 2017
Volume 6 September 12, 2017
Volume 7 October 03, 2017
Volume 8 October 17, 2017
Volume 9 October 31, 2017
Volume 10 November 14, 2017
Volume 11 November 28, 2017
Volume 12 December 12, 2017
Volume 13 December 26, 2017
Volume 14 January 9, 2018
Volume 15 January 23, 2018
Volume 16 March 27, 2018
Volume 17 May 22, 2018
Volume 18 May 28, 2019
Volume 19 July 30, 2019
Volume 20 August 27, 2019
Volume 21 September 24, 2019
Volume 22 October 29, 2019
Volume 23 January 14, 2020
Volume 24 April 14, 2020
Volume 25 June 16, 2020
Volume 26 August 11, 2020
Volume 27 October 13, 2020
Volume 28 February 9, 2021

However, how many books did Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 cover? Did it use up all of the available resources? Is there enough content left for a new sequel? Although no official statements have been made, this fact is unquestionably in our favor. Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 has only covered the first eight volumes of the manga.

As a result, the source material has not been depleted. Assume the second season of the anime spans the same number of volumes as the first, which is eight. Nonetheless, there is more than enough content for two more seasons of the anime. There are currently 20 untapped volumes.

Expected Plot Of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

We can estimate the plot for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 assuming the creators pick up Volume 9. We’ll watch how Rui makes her move to get closer to Natsuo in the following season.

Regardless of whether she succeeds or fails. We’ll also learn more about Hina. What happens to her after she is fired from her job?

What becomes of her? Is she able to find another work, or is her future permanently ruined? All of this will be explored in the second season, and we will almost certainly find out who wins the swinging ball ‘Natsuo’ at the end of the story.

Domestic Girlfriend Reviews And Ratings

While anime-related issues are essential, manga ratings are also crucial. The manga has received rave reviews. 4.6 stars on Amazon, 3.9 stars on Goodreads, and 5 stars on Barnes and Noble.

Isn’t it appealing? While the manga has received favorable reviews, the anime is not far behind. Users on MAL scored it 6.7 out of 10, while IMDb rated it 7.1 out of 10.

While there are countless anime with higher ratings, this one isn’t awful either. However, it is understandable that it may not motivate the sequel’s developers.

Conclusion about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

We examined every area, and with the exception of social media presence and sales, all other factors are in our favor.

The nicest part is that we don’t have to worry about the source material. There is an abundance of supply. As a result, we should expect to hear about the sequel in late 2023 or early 2024.
There is no need to worry because a 3-4 year delay is common in anime. Let us all hope for the best. I hope you get information about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

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