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Midoriya Izuku is an anime character from the anime My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia is a Japanese anime series that was first released in Japan on April 3, 2016, and was later released in other countries, such as the United States of America and India. People have liked this anime very much, so today we will learn about the popular characters of this anime, so stay till the end to know everything about Midoriya Izuku.


Who is Midoriya Izuku in My Hero Academia?

Midoriya Izuku lives in a world where every person gets some power, which is called quirk, but Midoriya Izuku is born without any power, and even after growing up, Midoriya Izuku does not get any power. He wanted to become a very good hero to help the world and people, but it was not possible without power. Midoriya Izuku was a very courageous, good-hearted, and strong-willed boy. Due to his courage and strong will, the No. 1 Hero, All Mighty, has focused his attention on himself. Along with training him, All Mighty gave him his power by feeding him one of his hairs. If you want to watch this anime completely, then you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Netflix.


Who is Midoriya Izuku | My Hero Acadmia | Image via Youtube
Who is Midoriya Izuku | My Hero Acadmia | Image via Youtube

Midoriya Izuku Powers

One For All

The power that Midoriya Izuku has received from the Almighty is one for all. One for All is a very powerful quirk that requires a lot of physical strength to use, and its use causes the tearing of muscles. Midoriya Izuku from One for All gets very high speed and a lot of power. One for All is slowly getting bigger and bigger, which gives him scope to get even more power. One for All had collected many types of powers within itself, which are now coming out. Izuku’s new powers are as follows:.


Smokescreen was already present inside Deku, but with time it has come out, and due to its association with One For All, Smokescreen has become even more powerful. By using smokescreen, Deku can generate smoke, which creates confusion for the enemy. Deku can spread the smoke very far, but it is necessary to control it. If it is used in excessive quantity, then it can be harmful for Deku as well.

Danger Sense

Danger Sense: As its name suggests, it can sense the surrounding danger in advance and can warn itself and the people around it of any danger. It is exactly like the spider sense.


Float Quirks gives Midoriya Izuku the power to fly in the air, but it can only fly at normal speed. When combined with One Fall All, its speed increases significantly.


Who is Midoriya Izuku | My Hero Acadmia | Image via Youtube
Who is Midoriya Izuku | My Hero Acadmia | Image via Youtube


Blackwhip Quirks Many ropes come out from inside Midoriya, and as it combine with One for All, it become stronger, Midoriya is constantly training with, and Blackwhip is getting stronger. We can say that Blackwhip is Midoriya’s most powerful quirk or power.

Fa Jin

Fa Jin, like all the other Quirks, is also becoming stronger by joining forces with One for All. Fa Jin helps Midoriya increase strength and speed


Transmission quirks are capable of changing the speed of any vehicle. This quirk was not that powerful, but due to being passed down from generation to generation, it has become quite powerful and can change the speed of even very large objects. If you want to watch My Hero Academia, go to Netflix and Crunchyroll.




Question: How many seasons are there in my hero’s academia?

Answer: Currently, there are 6 entire seasons of My Hero Academia.

Question: Who has a crush on Deku?

Answer: In My Hero Academia, it is revealed that Ochaco has a crush on Midoriya Izuku.

Question: Who is Midoriya’s wife

Answer: There is no concrete evidence as to whom Midoriya Izuku will marry, but it is speculated that Midoriya will marry Uraraka.

Question: Did Deku kiss Uraraka?,

Answer: No.

Question: In my hero academia, who is deku’s dad

Answer: Midoriya Izuku’s father’s name is Hisashi Midoriya.

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