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Your Name Anime is a very popular anime that was released in the year 2016. Your Name Anime Writer Makoto Niitsu, who is known by the name of Makoto Shinkai. Anime Lovers, you are welcome. All of you are enjoying watching Anime but you do not know its writers, that is why today we will talk about the Makoto Shinkai Writer of “Your Name” Anime.


Introduction of Your Name Anime Writer Makoto Shinkai


Your Name | Image Via Youtube
Your Name | Image Via Youtube


Makoto Shinkai is a film maker and a novel writer. Inka was born on 9 February 1973. Makoto Shinkai is working on film and anime features with Comics Wave Films. He started his career by making a video game in 1996. He got recognition as a film producer in the year 1999. Recently released 3 films Your Name, Weathering with You and Suzume are the highest earning films in Japan. He also created many video games


Your Name | Image Via Youtube
Your Name | Image Via Youtube

Other Than Your Name film by Makoto Shinkai

  1. The World Be Enclosed – 1998
  2. Other World, -1998
  3. She and Her Cat -1999
  4. Voices of Distant Star – 2002
  5. Minna No Uta – 2003
  6. The Place Promised in Our Early Days – 2004
  7. 5 Centimeters Per Second – 2007
  8. Children Who Chase Lost – 2011
  9. Someone’s Gaze – 2013
  10. The Garden of Words – 2013
  11. Your Name – 2016
  12. Weathering – 2019
  13. Suzume – 2022


We also talk about the Your Name anime.

Your Name anime is a Japanese anime that aired in Los Angeles on July 3, 2016, and in Japan on August 26, 2016. In this story, a student named Totomori lives in a rural town in Japan. Who is bored with her life and wants to be a boy from Tokyo in her next life. Suddenly, he is a boy from the future who lives in Tokyo, his soul starts changing and his body starts changing. Bhavishya’s son lived in 2016 and Itamori lived in 2013. These two are living each other’s lives by changing their souls. Then both of them fell in love with each other. To know the complete story, watch and enjoy Your Name Anime Complete.

Your Name | Image Via Youtube
Your Name | Image Via Youtube

Where to watch Your Name anime

Your name can be seen on the platform from Anime Streaming Platforms. I suggest a few platforms which is the official website. Your Name anime can be watched on Netflix, and Crunchyroll, which is an official site. Apart from this, there are many other platforms as well.

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